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We connect expert witnesses with attorneys and government entities to win legal cases.


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Start by telling us what type of expert you are looking for and we’ll search for you – free.

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√    We respond in as little as 1 hour.
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√    Medical Experts to Technical Experts and every type in between.

Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works
What type of experts do you have?
We have every type of Technical Experts including:

We have every type of Medical Experts including:


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How long does it take?
Our service is fast, we respond in as little as 1 hour Monday thru Friday 8:00 – 5:00 pm PT or the next business day for requests submitted outside business hours.

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How much does it cost?
Our service is quick, easy & free to locate, request, search, recruit & have an initial qualifying call with any expert in our database.

The Expert pays us a percentage of their regular hourly rate for the services we provide them:


  • Promotion of the Experts’ Qualifications & Services
  • Include redacted CV & category listings on our website
  • Coordinate Initial Qualifying Conference Call between Attorney and Expert
  • Administration of the Consulting Agreement
  • Administration of the Invoicing & Billing

Work with the most Qualified Experts

We offer two quick ways to connect and work with our network of Experts for your legal cases.

You will get:

√    Highly qualified Experts in over 90 skill sets
√    Review CVs and talk with them for free
√    All Experts are vetted for quality
√    We quickly respond in as little as 1 hour


We’ll help you find an Expert that meets your qualifications to help you win your case. Or, we’ll recruit one for you – all free .
View CVs of Expert Witnesses on our website – free. Select an Expert to schedule a free initial conference call and you pick the right Expert that’ll help you win your case.

Qualify the Expert Over the Phone and Continue Working Together

Once you you’re happy with the Expert, you can begin working with the Expert together.

√    Speak with the Expert initially for free
√    Qualify Expert and check for conflicts
√    Review case overview, Expert’s fees & availability

Frequently Asked Questions - How it Works
How fast can I speak with the expert?

When you contact us, we immediately reach out to the Expert to coordinate a free initial conference call between you and the Expert.

Typically, an expert can be available immediately, within the hour, or within a day or so.

Both parties benefit because:

  • This call is free
  • As the Attorney, you can discuss the Expert’s qualifications
  • Perform conflict checks
  • Identify time constraints & scheduling conflicts
  • Indicate discovery materials available & gaps
  • Ascertain historical expert witness experience
  • Obtain references from Expert’s prior clientele
  • Determine suitability of Expert to provide opinion
  • Identify Hourly rates are
  • Determine next steps

*Calls generally are 10-15 minutes in duration

When do I start paying the expert?
How retainers, billing & invoicing work:

  • The initial conference between the Expert and the Attorney is free.
  • Expert determines the amount of retainer required based upon initial conference call.
  • Retainers are sent to our office.
  • Discovery material is sent directly to the Expert.
  • Billable time typically starts when records are received.
How much does the expert charge?
The initial conference call between the Expert and the Attorney is free and rates vary as each Expert sets their own hourly rate.

  • Rates vary for each expert depending on a number factors.
  • Rates are set by the expert.
  • Experts pay us a percentage of their regular hourly rates.
  • The Attorney does not pay extra for our service.

So, why us?

Litigate Your Case With Ccc Experts

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1000’s of highly-qualified medical and technical experts for just about any type of case.

We’re Trusted in Over 10,000 Legal Cases

Since 1995 we’ve worked with 1,000’s of attorneys in medical malpractice, personal injury and government cases.

We’re Fast – Search for free.

We respond in less than 1 hour. We’ll search for you or search CV’s on our site – both are free!


Our support representatives are here to help you have the upper hand litigating your case. Request our support to find an expert for you, search our expert witness directory or, give us a call.

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