Expert Medical Profiles of Medical Expert Witness Professionals

Medical Expert Witnesses Providing court testimony listed by title from Anesthesiologists to Allergists, from Orthopedic Surgeons and Urologists to W-Ray Imaging Radiologists

Medical Expert Witnesses in this directory provide opinion and testimony in all types of state and federal civil cases like Medical malpractice, wrongful death, long term injuries as a result of failure to meet the standard of care. In litigation, professionals like Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and medical administrators attempt to assess the case to reconstruct the damages or event by providing witness testimony, graphical exhibits to opine in a compelling way to the jury.

Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Naturopathy Addiction Medicine Psychiatrist Alcoholism Alcohol Abuse Adult Pediatric Otolaryngology
Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner Hematology Oncology Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse Physician Assistant Aesthetics Brazilian Wax Skin Care Nail Care Massage Allergy Immunology Mold Health Exposure Anaphylaxis Food Allergies Water Damage
Allergy Immunology Pediatric Infectious Diseases Medical Allergy Asthma Dermatology Immunology Breathing Anatomic Clinical Forensic Pathology Anatomic Clinical Pathologist
Anesthesia Pain Management Sedation Surgical Awareness Anesthesiologist Comprehensive Pain Management Anesthesiologist Anesthesiologist General Anesthesia Epidural Spinal Nerve Blocks Cardiac Adult
Anesthesiologist Neurobiology Anesthesiologist Pain Management Anesthesiology Board Certified Anesthesiology Epidural Intrathecal Morphine Issues
Anesthesiology Internal Medicine Radiology Surgery Anesthesiology Pain Management Pulmonary Mechanics Anesthesiology Surgical Awareness

Bariatric Gastric Surgery
Behavior Therapy Bioethics Medical Decision Making Informed Consent Biomechanical Engineer Biomedical Engineering
Board Certified General Surgeon Board Certified Hospital and Healthcare Executive CEO COO EVP Experience Board Certified ObGyn Medical Board Certified Osteopathic Physician Medical
Board Certified Pulmonary Pediatric Breast Disease Hernia Abdominal Surgery Medical

Cancer Melanoma Dermatopathology Skin Pathology Dermatologist Cancer Pediatric Pathology Standard of Care Causation Damages Personal Injury
Cardiac Electrophysiologist Cardiologist Echocardiography Arterial Vascular Ultrasound Nuclear Cardiology Physiology Cardiology Internal Medicine Cardiology Internal Medicine Geriatrics
Cardiology Internal Medicine Hospital Administration Cardiology Internal Medicine Physician Assistant Interventional Cardiology Cardiology Nurse Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist Anesthesia Critical Care Cardiac Thoracic Coronary Artery Bypass
Cardiothoracic Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery Cardiovascular Disease Cardiology Cardiac Electrophysiology Heart Rhythm Cardiovascular Radiology Medicine Pediatrics Medical
Cardiovascular Thoracic Cardiac Surgery Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery Certified Cardiovascular Disease Internal Medicine Anesthesiology Certified Chiropractic Physician
Certified Clinical Perfusionist Certified Life Care Planner Certified Medical Device Technician Certified Midwife Nurse
Certified Midwife Oncology High Risk Labor Delivery Certified Midwife Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Labor Delivery Certified Nurse Midwife Practitioner Certified Nursing Midwife
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Medical Esthetician Certified Prosthetics Orthotics Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Medical Certified Registered Nurse Anethetist Medical
Certified Sexual Assault Examiner SANE A Nurse Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Medical Certified Surgical Technologist Chemical Engineer Products Processes
Chief Nursing Officer Certified Integrated Nurse Surveyor Child Abuse Pediatrician Infectious Disease ADHD Developmental Learning Disabilities Chinese Herbal Medicine Chiropractic
Chiropractic Manipulation Under Anesthesia Chiropractic Medical Chiropractic Rehabilitation OrthopedicsTherapeutic Medical Chiropractor Biomechanics Medical
Chiropractor Chiropractor IMEs Impairment Ratings Functional Capacity Evaluation Chiropractor Manipulation Disk Herniation Stroke Adverse Reactions Overutilization Chiropractor Med Mal Soft Tissue Spinal Neurology Biomechanics
Chiropractor Rehabilitation Services Chronic Pain Management Clinical Adult Psychotherapy Clinical Family Medicine
Clinical Forensic Psychologist Clinical Forensic Psychology Clinical Forensic Toxicology Clinical Neuropsychology
Clinical Pathologist Clinical Pharmacology Elderly Care Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Psychology Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Psychologic Clinical Psychologist Clinical Registered Pharmacy Clinical Sexologist
Colon Cancer Surgeon Medical Colon Rectal Surgery Abdominal Trauma Gallbladder Colorectal Cancer Medical Colonoscopy Bariatric Surgeon Board Certified Computerized Tomography Coordinator Radiologic Technologist CT Registry
Contact Dermatology Allergic Skin Disease Medical Correctional Director of Medicine Correctional Medicine Director Correctional Nurse
Correctional Prison General Forensic Psychiatry Corrections Healthcare Nurse Corrections Registered Nurse Cosmetic General Implant Dentistry
Cosmetic Hair Transplantation Surgeon Cosmetic Medical Dermatology Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Liposuction Body Sculpting
Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Criminal Psychology Critical Care Gastric Bypass Nurse Practitioner

Daubert Clinical Psychology
Dental Device Manufacturer Dental Director Dental Hygiene Dental Implant Oral Surgeon
Dental Implant Endodontic General Dentistry Dental Implantologist Maxillary Dental Management Dentist Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Dental Facial Prosthetics TMJ
Dentistry Temporomandibular Joint Disorders TMJ Trauma Dental Malpractice Dermatologist Mohs Micrographic Surgery Cutaneous Oncology Dermatology Cosmetic Laser Surgery Pediatric Adult Dermatology Physician Assistant
Diagnostic Interventional Radiology Diagnostic MRI CT Scan Radiologist Diagnostic Radiologist Diagnostic Radiologist Nuclear Cardiology Radiation Safety
Diagnostic Radiology MRI CT Dietitian Registered Clinical Nurse Dimensional Imaging Radiologist Director of Nursing Mental Health Addiction Emergency Services Nurse
Doctor of Pharmacy Doctor of Physical Therapy Doctor Physical Therapy Doctor Physical Therapy: Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Ear Nose Throat Physician Assistant Ear Nose Throat Electrical Engineering Diagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine Electrophysiology
Emergency Family Medicine Medical Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner Emergency Dispatch Coordinator Emergency Family Wilderness Medicine
Emergency Medical Director Emergency Medical Services Medical Technician Emergency Medicine Board Certified Emergency Medicine Cardiovascular Care Venous Thrombosis Critical Care Pulmonary Embolism Medical
Emergency Medicine Flight Physician Medical Emergency Medicine Medical Director Emergency Medicine Medical Emergency Medicine Physician
Emergency Medicine Physician Emergency Medicine Quality Assurance Bad Faith Paramedic Liability Emergency Medicine RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Emergency Medicine Trauma Critical Care
Emergency Medicine Venous Lymphatic Physician Emergency Medicine: Treatment Active Labor Act Emergency Physician Medical Emergency Physician Prehospital Care EMS Toxicology Burns Pain Management
Emergency Room Nurse Triage Medication Errors Discharge Instructions ER Critical Care Emergency Room Nursing Standards Emergency Room Supervisor Nurse Critical Care Transport Emergency Room Trauma Correctional Medical Surgical Nurse Practices Standards
Emergency Trauma Nurse Endo Vascular Operating Room Registered Nurse Medical Endocrinologist Adrenal Pituitary Lipid Calcium Bone Disorder Endocrinology Metabolism Diabetes Internal Medicine
ENT Otolaryngology Environmental Health Safety Toxicology Environmental Toxicologist Epidemiologist
Esthetician Skin Care Nail Care

Family Aerospace Sports Medicine Combat Casualty Care Military Surgical Family Internal Medicine Geriatric Medicine Board Certified Family Medicine General Practice
Family Nurse Practitioner Laser Asthetics Home Health Care Family Nurse Practitioner VA Healthcare Administration Family Practice Physician Assistant General Medicine Family Practice Physician Assistant PA SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
Family Practice Physician Family Practitioner FDA Food Pharmaceutical Drugs Cosmetic Industries Consultant Fertilizers
Firefighter Paramedic Foot Ankle Orthopedics Medical Forefoot Mid Foot Rear Foot Ankle Reconstruction Surgery Medical Forensic Anatomic Pathologist Toxicology Occupational Medicine
Forensic Behavioral Social Worker Forensic Chiropractic Forensic Chiropractor Forensic Clinical Anatomical Pathology
Forensic Clinical Psychologist Forensic Clinical Psychology Forensic Neuropsychologist Forensic Nurse Examiner Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Medical Expert
Forensic Nurse Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Forensic Pathologist Forensic Pathology Medical Examiner Forensic Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychiatry Medicine Forensic Psychologist Forensic Psychology Physical Sexual Trauma Forensic Psychology Sex Offender Criminal Risk Assessment Malingering Eyewitness False Confession
Forensic Toxicology Drug Abuse Medical

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastroenterology Hepatology Medicine General Adult Psychiatry
General Dentistry Endodontics Cosmetic General Dentistry General Forensic Psychiatrist General Internal Medicine Geriatric Hospice Palliative Care Addiction Medicine
General Laparoscopic Surgery General Medicine Registered Nurse General Ophthalmology General Pediatrics Childhood Physical Sexual Abuse Toxic Exposures
General Surgeon Colorectal Surgery General Surgeon Laparoscopic Vascular Surgery Phlebology Ultrasound Venous Insufficiency Vein Care Medical General Surgeon Surgical Oncologist Bariatric General Surgery Trauma
General Surgery Vascular Bariatric General Vascular Laparoscopic Surgery Geology Geophysics Gerontologist Eldercare
Gerontology Quality of Life Changes in the Elderly Guardianship Nursing Home Gynecological Surgeries Complications MD Gynecology Obstetrics
Gynecology Reproductive Specialist Medical Doctor

Health Care Consultant Hospital Administrator Health Care Law Health Care Management Executive
Health Care Policy Administration Hematology Oncology Bone Marrow Transplantation Hematology Oncology Hematology Oncology Thrombosis Cancer Research
Hemodialysis Fistula Nurse High Risk Midwife High Risk Specialty Maternal Fetal Specialist Home Health Case Management Wound Care Nurse
Home Health Physical Therapist Hormone Replacement Testosterone Pharmaceutical Hospital Administration Acute Care Psychiatric Hospitals Ambulatory Centers Healthcare Hospital Administration
Hospital Medicine Hospitalist Physician Hospitalist Hospitalist Medical Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner Acute Critical Urgent Care Trauma Internal Medicine Vascular Access
Human Factors Eyewitness Testimony Memory Accuracy

ICU Open Heart Critical Care Medical Surgical Nurse Infectious Disease Infectious Disease Internal Medicine Immunology Medical Expert
Integrated Manual Clinical Physical Therapist Internal Emergency Medicine Correctional Health Care Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics Internal Family Medicine Pediatrics Geriatrics Nursing Homes Jail Prison Internal Medicine Cardiologist Cardiology Echocardiography Nuclear Medicine Public Health
Internal Medicine Adult Geriatric Nursing Care Facility Internal Medicine Adults Geriatrics Nursing Home Diabetic Veterans Affairs Medical Board Reviews Seizures Internal Medicine Board Certified Critical Care Hospice Internal Medicine Board Certified
Internal Medicine Cardiology Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Cardiology Internal Medicine Director of Hospitalist Internal Medicine Expert Medical Witness
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Nephrology Clinical Nutrition Internal Medicine Pharmacy Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease
Internal Medicine Radiology Diagnostic Internal Medicine Rheumatology Allergy Immunology Internal Occupational Medicine Anatomic Pathology Toxicology Internal Physical Rehabilitation Medicine Sports Spinal Injuries
Internal Primary Care Liver Disease Biliary System Medicine Internal Pulmonary Medicine Chest Medicine Pulmonary Function Exercise Testing Medical Malpractice International Health Internist Addiction Medicine
Internist Emergency Medicine Ringside Interventional Cardiologist Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease Cardiac Catheterization Invasive Medical Interventional Cardiologist Internal Medicine Peripheral Vascular Disease Angioplasty Interventional Diagnostic Radiology
Interventional Pain Medicine Anesthesiology Interventional Radiologist Medical Interventional Radiology Liver Kidney Endovascular Drainage Thrombosis Embolization Invasive Cardiology Cardiovascular Diseases Internal Medicine

Jail Correctional Medical Director

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Legal Medicine Pathology Autopsy Forensic Medical Legal Nurse Consultant Long Term Care
Legal Nurse Consultant RN MSN JD Licensed Clinical Psychologist Licensed Massage Therapist Life Care Planner Registered Nurse Certified Case Manager
Long Term Nursing Care

Managed Health Care Medical Finances Massotherapy Massotherapy Massage Therapist
Medical Device Biomedical Engineer Medical Device Biomedical Surgical Ear Nose Throat Artificial Organs Medical Device Products Liability Defective Labeling Medical Devices Mechanical Engineer
Medical Ethics Bioethics Medical Examiner Instructor Second Autopsy Pathologist Medical General Dermatology Medical Genetics Pediatrics Birth Defects Chromosome Abnormalities Mental Retardation
Medical Home Supply Medical Internist Medical Ophthalmology Medical Products Technology
Medical Record Reviewer Medical Speech Language Pathologist Dysphasia Medical Technologist Laboratory Compliance Activities Regulations Management Medicinal Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Metabolic Bariatric Surgery Malpractice Midwife Registered Nursing

Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Neonatal Perinatal Premature Congenital Birth Defects
Neonatologist Pediatrics Perinatal Medical Nephrologist Healthcare Management Biomedical Statistics Kidney Dialysis Nephrology Dialysis Nephrology Internal Medicine Dialysis Hemodialysis Kidney Disease Hyperkalemia Hyponatremia Hypercalcemia
Nephrology Internal Medicine Nephrology Internal Medicine Scleroderma Nursing Home Medical Director Neuro Oncology Neuro Oncology Molecular Biology Neurosurgery
Neuroanesthesiologist Intensive Care Surgical Awareness Neurological Surgeon Brain Spine Peripheral Nerves Neurologist Alzheimers Disease Dementias Stroke Neurological Rehab Neurologist Central Nervous System Dementia Memory Disorders
Neurologist Neurologist Medical Neurology Alzheimer s Disease Dementia Medical Neurology Dementia Neurologic Disability Alzheimers Disease
Neurology Neuromuscular Electrodiagnostic Medicine Electrocution Electrical Injury Neurology Neuromuscular Medicine Neurology Pain Management Board Certified Neuropsychological Evaluation for Learning Disabilities
Neuropsychologist Disability Emotional Trauma Cognitive Dysfunction Disorder Concussion Neuropsychologist Neuropsychologist Traumatic Injury Neuropsychology Forensic
Neuropsychology Forensic Neuropsychodiagnostics Neuropsychological Evaluation Psychological Neuropsychology Forensics Neuropsychology Psychology Neuropsychology Traumatic Brain Injury Cognitive Functioning Dementia
Neuropsychology Traumatic Brain Injury Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment Neuropsychology Traumatic Brain Injury Neuropsychology Traumatic Brain Injury Toxic Exposure Sick Building Syndrome Neuroscience Nuclear Medicine
Neurosurgeon Cranial Spinal Disorders Medical Neurosurgeon Neurosurgery Neuroradiology Spinal Injury Neurosurgeon Radiosurgery Stereotactic Traumatic Brain Injury Stroke Neurosurgery Neurology Spine Head Trauma Herniated Disc Lower Back Nerve Hospital Credentialing
Neurosurgery Spine Cranial Neurotrauma Cerebral Aneurysms Noise Pollution Nurse Educator Nurse Practitioner Pain Management Interventional Radiology Orthopedic Ambulatory Surgery Adult Chronic Pain
Nurse Practitioner Registered Nurse Operating Room Surgical Nurse Practitioner Womens Health Phlebotomy Geriatric Oncology HIV STD Postpartum Nurse Registered Nursing Home Administrator Nursing Healthcare Standards Adult Infant Trach Care Adult Pediatric Nursing
Nursing Home Abuse Assisted Living Nutrition Dietetics Nutritional Care

OB GYN Birth Injuries Fetal Monitoring Gynecological Surgery Management of Abnormal Pap Smears High Risk Obstetrics
OB GYN Errors High Risk Complications Surgery Obstetrics Gynecology Pregnancy Delivery Gynecological Ob Gyn Maternal Fetal Medicine Obstetrical Injuries Vaginal Mesh Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery Obstetrician Female Sexual Dysfunction OB GYN Injuries Informed Consent
Obstetrics Gynecology Infertility Maternal Fetal Medicine High Risk Vaginal Surgery Medical Obstetrics Fertility Gynecology Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery Complications Urodynamics Urogynecology Obstetrics Gynecology Complications Fetal Monitoring Breech Deliveries Informed Consent
Obstetrics Gynecology Obstetrics Gynecology Obstetrics Gynecology Laparoscopy Obstetrics Gynecology Maternal Fetal Medicine High Risk Medical
Occupational Environmental Medicine Occupational Environmental Medicine MRO Medical Review Officer Occupational Environmental Medicine Toxicology Occupational Medicine Independent Medical Examinations IMEs Workers Compensation
Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy Body Mechanincs Orthopedic Injuries Occupational Therapy Coding Billing Occupational Therapy Orthopedic Injuries Cardiac Conditions CVA Stroke Neurologic Conditions Joint Protection Occupational Therapy Sub Acute Long Term Outpatient Case management
Oncology Diagnosis Hematology Disorders Internal Medicine Oncology Hematology Oncology Hematology Internist Operating Room General Surgery Nurse
Operating Room Registered Nurse Ophthalmic Surgical Consultant Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Lasik Cataract Glaucoma Ocular Plastics
Optometrist Clinical Didactical Standard of Care Optometrist Vision Correction External Eye Disease Eye Ocular Optometrist: Ocular Disease Retina Cornea Trauma Glaucoma Optometry Vision Performance Standards
OR Post Anesthesia Endoscopy Acute Critical Care Nurse Oral Implantology Surgery Prosthetics TMJ Nerve Injury Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon Dental Implants Bone Grafting Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Dentistry
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Maxillofacial Surgery TMJ Disorders Bone Grafts Cosmetic Oral Pathologist Cancer Salivary Gland Tumors Jaw Diseases Oral Surgeon Facial Trauma Oral Pathology TMJ Disorders Sleep Apnea
Orthodontics Dentofacial Orthopedic Medical Orthodontist Orthopaedic Surgeon Foot Ankle Medical Orthopaedic Surgery Hip Knee Leg Lengthening
Orthopedic Foot Ankle Surgeon Orthopedic Medicine Orthopedic Physician Surgery Orthopedic Podiatrist Sports Injuries Nerve Injuries Fractures Ligament Damage
Orthopedic Sports Trauma Joint Replacement Fractures Orthopedic Surgeon Evaluator Orthopedic Surgeon Orthopedic Surgeon Musculoskeletal System Muscles Tendons Ligaments Bones Joints
Orthopedic Surgery Arthroscopy Sports Medicine Spine Injuries Upper Extremity Injuries Lower Extremity Injuries Causation IME Peer Reviews Disability Orthopedic Surgery Orthotics Prosthetics Otolaryngology
Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery Facial Cosmetic Surgery Otolaryngology \96 Head and Neck Surgery Otorhinolaringology Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Hair Transplant Medical

Paramedic Emergency Firefighter
Paramedic Emergency Medical Services Pathology Forensic Anatomical Clinical Medical Examiner Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse Child Abuse Physical Sexual Neglect Medical Neglect Pediatric Anesthesia Cardiac Obstetric Neuroanesthesia Pain Management
Pediatric Anesthesiology Anesthesia in Children Medical Pediatric Anesthesiology Pediatric Cardiology Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Pediatric Advanced Life Support Pediatric Endocrinologist Board Certified Pediatric Endocrinology Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Pediatric Gastroenterology Liver Disease Pediatric Medical Geneticist Pediatric Neonatal Nurse Pediatric Neurology
Pediatric Neuroradiology Head Brain Trauma Medical Pediatric Ophthalmology Surgery Muscle Surgeries Lazy Eye Strabismus Amblyopia Pediatric Orthopedic Emergency Registered Nurse Pediatric Pathology Wrongful Death Nuclear Medicine Birth Injury
Pediatric Primary Care Pediatric Psychology Pediatric Neuro Oncology Neurosurgery Pediatric Surgeon Pediatrician Adolescent Medicine College Health STD Pediatric Toxins Child Physical Sexual Abuse
Pediatrician Board Certified Pediatrician Child Neglect Neglect Munchausens Syndrome Child Pornography Pediatrician Emergency Medicine Pediatrician
Pediatrician Neonatal Medicine Utilization Management Pediatrics Board Certified General Pediatrician Perfusionist Adult Pediatric Heart Lung Machines Periodontal Implantologist
Periodontics Implant Periodontitis Oral Dentistry Periodontist Dental Periodontist Oral Dental Implants Periodontics Peripheral Vascular Surgery
Personnel Assessment Selection Pharmaceutical Development Scientist Pharmaceutical Industry Dietary Supplements Pharmaceutical Marketing Promotion Sales Commercial Product Success
Pharmaceutical Medical Biotechnology Nutraceutical Pharmaceutical Phen Fen fenfluramine Viagra sildenafil Pharmacist Institutional Practice Nursing Homes Hospital Pharmacy Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Medicine
Pharmacist Pharmacology Pharmacotherapy Medical Pharmacist: Drug Therapy Home Infusion Medical Pharmacologist Nutrition Health Care Pharmacology Biochemistry Biophysics Medicine
Pharmacology Pharmacotherapy Hospital Pharmacy Director Pharmacy Manager Pain Management Specialist Pharmacy Oncology
Phlebotomy Blood Draw Laboratory Specialist Phlebotomy Blood Drawing Blood Bank Microbiology Physical Medicine Ligament Injuries Physiatrist Physical Medicine Physiatrist
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Pain Management Medical Examiner Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Physiatrist Physical Rehabilitation Medicine
Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Athletic Trainer Physical Therapist Neurological Rehabilitation Physical Therapist Orthopedics
Physical Therapist Rehabilitation Athletic Trainer Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Specialist Physical Therapist Sports Medicine Rehab Training Aquatic Physical Therapy Athletic Enhancement Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy JCAHO Accreditation Skilled Nursing Facility Physical Therapy Management Physical Therapy Occupational Athletic Training Sports Rehab Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Management
Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Nursing Home Physican Assistant Family Practice Emergency Medicine Urgent Care Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine Occupational Medicine Urgent Care Physician Assistant Emergency Trauma Pediatric Geriatric Orthopaedic Medical
Physician Assistant Internal Medicine Physician Assistant Supervision Physician Family Medicine Quality Assurance Utilization Review Physicians Fellow Physician General Vascular Surgeon
Physician Medical Review Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Physician Pain Management Pain Management Acute Chronic Pain Emergency Room Physicians Assistant Cosmetic Dermatology Medical Aesthetics Plastic Reconstructive Cosmetic
Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Reconstructive Surgery Soft Tissue Injury Dog Bite Injury Plastic Surgeon Cosmetic Reconstruction Plastic Surgeon Post Bariatric Reconstruction Abdominoplasty Brachioplasty Thigh Lift Mastopexy Plastic Surgeon Reconstructive Microsurgery Mohs Micrographic Surgery Laser Medicine
Podiatric Medicine Podiatric Orthopedics Diabetic Foot Care Medicine Podiatric Surgeon Foot Ankle Surgery Limb Salvage Diabetic Foot Infection Amputation Podiatrist Diabetic Foot Care
Podiatrist Foot Surgeon Ankle Surgery Podiatry Board Certified Foot Ankle Surgery Primary Care Physician Assistant Preventative Acute Care Chronic Disease Medical Prison Correctional Health RN
Prosthetic Orthotics Prosthodontics Maxillofacial Prosthetics Prosthodontics Restorative Dentistry Prosthodontics Restorative General Dentistry
Prosthodontist Dental Fixed Removable Implants Restorations Psychiatrist Forensic Employment Sexual Harassment Workers Compensation Psychiatrist Psychopharmacologist Psychiatry Neurology
Psychiatry Addiction Psychiatry Addiction Medicine Phen Fen Fast Food Addiction Psychiatry Behavioral Medicine Traumatic Brain Injury Psychiatry Bipolar Disorder Depression Suicide Mania Schizophrenia
Psychiatry Media Communications Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry Neurology Psychoanalysis Group Psychotherapy Disability Determination
Psychiatry Pediatric Mood Disorders Psychiatry Physicians Assistant Psychiatry Quality Management Psychologist Clinical Specialty
Psychologist Psychology Psychologist Medical Psychology PTSD Depression Disability Determination Malingering Psychopharmacologist
Psychopharmacology Neurotoxicologist Psychotherapist Family Therapist Psychotherapy Family Therapist Psychotherapy Malpractice
Public Health Preventive Medicine Pulmonary Asthma Reactive Airways Disease COPD Pneumonia Medical Pulmonary Disease

QME Orthopedic Surgery
Qualified Medical Examiner Quality Assurance Medical Standards Medical Billing Quality Management Engineering

Radiation Oncologist
Radiologic Technician MRI CT Radiologist Angioplasty Biliary Intervention Biopsy Arthrography Radiologist MRI Neuroimmunology Graves Disease Myasthenia Gravis Lung Cancer Radiologist Trauma Assault Medical
Radiology Sports Medicine Musculoskeletal MRI Radiologist Radiology Age Of Injury Date Of Injury MRI Reports MRI Readings HIPPA Regulations CT Scan es Radiology Imaging MRI Medical Radiology Management
Radiology Medical Radiology Musculoskeletal Railroad Safety RCFE Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Hand Surgery Registered Intensive Care Nurse Registered Nurse Acupressure Registered Nurse Anesthesia
Registered Nurse Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Registered Nurse Certified Obstetrics Expert Medical Witness Registered Nurse Certified Public Health Nurse Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner Registered Nurse Emergency Department
Registered Nurse Level 1 Trauma Registered Nurse Midwife Registered Nurse Oncology Medical Surgery Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Case Management Long Term Care Registered Nurse Operating Room
Registered Nurse Orthopedics Rehabilitation Infection Control Registered Nursing Registered Pharmacist Diabetes Educator Registered Pharmacist
Registered Radiologic CT MRI Technologist Cardiovascular Endovascular Interventional Registered Radiologic CT MRI Technologist Rehabilitation Facility Nurse Practitioner Rehabilitation Life Care Plan Nursing Case Management
Rehabilitation Physical Medicine Physiatry Reproductive Endocrinology Infertility Residential Child Care Crisis Prevention Respiratory Care Medical Technician
Retail Mail Order Hospital Pharmaceuticals Immunization Delivery Drug Therapy Pharmacist Retail Pharmacy Retina Specialist Ophthalmologist Retina Vitreous Surgeon
Rhinoplasty Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Hair Transplant Medical RN Registered Nurse

SANE A Forensic Sexual Assault Examination Nurse SANE Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Flight Nurse Home Health
Senior Cardiovascular Endovascula Medical Device Sewer Gas Propane Pryfon Pyrethrin Respiratory Damage Safrotin Sick Building Gas Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
Sexually Transmitted Disease Nurse Practitioner Social Worker Speech Language Pathologist Speech Language Pathologist Rehabilitation
Spine Related Trauma Structural Disorder Sports Orthopedic Physical Therapist Athletic Trainer Medical Sports Physical Therapy Staff General Vascular Surgeon
Surgeon Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Surgeon Urology Incontinence Penile Implant Surgery Vascular Endovascular Varicose Veins Carotid Artery Surgical Consultant Pain Management
Surgical Medical Malpractice Personal Injury Spine Surgical Ophthalmology Surgical Pathology Cytopathology Surgical Physician Assistant Allergy Allergies Otolaryngology Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Surgical Physician Assistant Cardovascular Thoracic Surgical Physicians Assistant Surgical Scrub First Assistant Trauma Nurse

Thanatologist Grief Loss
Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Radiology Hyperbaric Oxygen Thoracic Radiology Toxicology Environmental Assessor Toxicology Hazardous Chemicals
Toxicology Pathology Internal Medicine Toxicology Pharmaceutical Chemical Exposure Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Orthopedics Triple Board Certified Anesthesiology

Upper Extremity Orthopedic Surgeon Urologist Female Bladder Control Vasectomy Varicocel Erectile Disfunction Urology Erectile Dysfunction Impotence Neurogenic Bladder Related Injuries Urology
Urology Nephrectomy Biopsy Cystoscopy Medical

Vascular Endovascular Surgeon Aortic Aneurysms Hemodialysis Dialysis Vascular Surgeon Wound Care Aneurysm Carotid Veterinarian
Veterinarian Farrier Equine Podiatry Veterinary Equine Orthopedic Surgeon Veterinary Theriogenology Vision Optometry Medical
Vision Simulations Vocational Limitations Vocational Rehabilitation Employability Earning Capacity Disability Assessment Vocational Rehabilitation Professional Counselor

Work Assessment Family Medicine
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