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Home Hygiene

Written by Pediatric Primary Care Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 3205
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Most people associate germs (bacteria, fungi, viruses) with out-door or health care environments. But many germs that can cause infectious illnesses, such as upper-respiratory infections, flu, the common cold and food borne sicknesses, are right in our homes and impact our daily lives read more...

Introduction of an Equine Equestrian Expert Witness

Written by Equine Equestrian Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 709
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I have worked in the racehorse industry for 25 years, starting in 1973. I received my first license at Hollywood Park, in that same year. I was one of the first women in the industry to receive a license. When I started women were rarely allowed into the barn area. Needless to say, those of us who braved the new frontier had to be twice as good as the boys to ever get a mount on anything, usually the ones the boys were afraid to ride. It was a bit rough for a good I0 years. I prevailed, and in so doing I have earned the respect of the most renowned people in the industry. Including the trainers I have worked for and jockeys I have helped to get a mount to the winner's circle. I know people from California to New York to Kentucky read more...

How to Increase Recovery in Your Medical Malpractice Cases: Keep the Hospital in the Case

Written by Hospital Administration Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 2161
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Medical malpractice cases obviously require clinical review and lawyers realize that they must employ Medical Expert Witnesses to review their case. Often overlooked is the use of a Hospital Administration Expert Witness who can add significantly to the case by looking at the corporate responsibilities of the Hospital. Adding this type of expert to your team provides the opportunity to increase your recovery by including the mandated insured capacity of the Hospital in the case. In addition, the Hospital always has an interest in the results of the case and can provide leverage on the involved physicians as the case moves forward. read more...

Safe Discharge of Pediatric Patients from the Emergency Department

Written by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 2875
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The future condition of pediatric patients discharged from the emergency department can never be guaranteed even when the diagnosis has been clearly defined. As a result we are dependent on our clinical judgment of the patients' stability as well as the understanding and capability of the parents in safely discharging patients. Up to 75% of patients/parents do not understand the instructions given at the time of emergency department discharge and not surprisingly almost all malpractice complaints arising from the emergency department have incomplete discharge instructions as a component. read more...

What is an "Age of Injury" report, and How to Effectively Use It to Determine Causation?

Written by Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Radiology Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 106
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A picture is worth a thousand words. For litigation purposes, diagnostic images have become a vital tool in leveraging the perception of the case. There is currently a scientific method of determining whether an injury was related or unrelated to the date of an accident, better known as an "Age of Injury" (or Causation) report. There are many radiologists that can produce an "Age of Injury" report however it is imperative to choose a radiology expert that utilizes effective methodology. read more...

Wildfire Forensics Accounting

Written By Wildfire Forensic Accounting Expert

Expert Witness No. 285
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Wildfire Forensics Accounting is a specialized practice requiring knowledge and experience in wildfire suppression, combined with experience in the administrative infrastructure of the involved agencies. While Wildfire Forensics Accounting is similar to Forensics Accounting in that common accounting practices are used, the use of common Forensics Accounting will not provide productive results. Each wildfire agency operates under a unique set of rules and procedures that are generally revised on a regular basis and all purchase and procurement documents must be evaluated against those specific rules and procedures. read more...

Cardiovascular Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 2642
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Renbrook School West Hartford, Connecticut

Kingswood School West Hartford, Connecticut

Northwestern School Winsted, Connecticut

A.B.,Boston University College of Liberal Arts

Biology Major - Boston, Massachusetts

University of London, University College London, England

M.A., Boston University Graduate School Department of Biology

Histology, Ultrastructure Major, Boston, Massachusetts

M.D. Boston University, School of Medicine - Boston, Massachusetts

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Pediatric Neurology Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 2034
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September 1992 – Present, Member of a Pediatric Neurology group in Missouri
July 1991 - September 1992, Member of a Neurological Associates group in Missouri

May 1980 Texas Tech University B.S. Zoology, Magna Cum Laude Lubbock, TX May 1984 Texas Tech University Health Science Ctr. Lubbock, TX

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Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 1275
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Lycee Classique Echternach (Luxembourg) 1955 - 62
Advanced Courses in Natural Sciences School
Limpertsberg (Luxembourg) 1962 - 1963

University of Nancy Medical School 1963 – 1965, France
University of Paris Medical School 1965 – 1969, France

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Street Highway Design Construction Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 229
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1984, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University in California Registration

1989, California Registered Civil Engineer

1992, California Professional Land Surveyor

1996, Hawaii Professional Civil Engineer (Voluntary expiration) Diplomat

1991, Forensic Engineering, Awarded by NAFE a Member Board of Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards

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Banking Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 1641
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(1987 - Present) Owner of a Bonded and Licensed California Finance Lender. Established, financed, marketed this commercial finance company specializing in Expert Witness Testimony and consulting to banks on the improvement and secondary marketing of loan portfolios, collection and/or outplacement of troubled borrowers and loans, SBA financing, Accounts Receivable financing and Factoring, and loan placement. Represent commercial borrowers on obtaining new financing and the restructuring of existing debt. read more on this expert...

Engineer Electrical Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 1837
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Expert 1837's consulting business centers around product liability and failure investigation. He also works in the area of power system analysis and power equipment product design. He works with clients to aid them in selecting and sizing power equipment to fit their power system and process needs. read more on this expert...

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