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We are proud to present our Winter 2012 Newsletter featuring Highlighted Forensic and Medical Expert Witness Consultants along with informative articles written by a broad range of Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Attorneys, and other professionals throughout the country.

Article topics range as each article showcases Experts breadth of knowledge and strength of expertise. As we continuously add new highly qualified Experts and Expertise Categories to our broad, nationwide directory, we encourage you to search Expert Witness CV’s on our site by Expertise Category, Keyword Search, Key Phrase List, or Contact Us directly and we will search for you.

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The Cost of Loss for Attorney Publications

The Cost of Loss for Attorney Publications

Written by: Thanatologist, Grief and Loss Expert Witness | Expert Witness No. 3712

I am a psychotherapist, not an attorney, an actuary, or a CPA, and putting a dollar value on a loss is not my area of expertise. I have an MFT, a PhD, and a CT, not an MBA. My expertise is in understanding the experience of loss, whether due to trauma, violence, accident, or grief, and its meaning to the person who is suffering the loss. My special gift is being able to articulate clearly, concisely, and in layperson’s words what I know to my patients and to the attorneys with whom I work as an expert witness.

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Surgical Staplers: Not as simple as they appear.

Surgical Staplers: Not as simple as they appear to be.

Written by: Medical Device Accident Expert Witness | Expert Witness No. 3571

Surgical staplers are used to seal and cut tissue with small staples that are similar to those used for paper and an integral knife. Most of us have stapled papers and found that the staple did not properly form to hold the papers together. This also happens during surgery, sometimes with disastrous results. A surgical stapler may appear to be a simple device, but it is actually a complex device that can be easily misapplied.

For example, intraluminal staplers are used to anastomose portions of the bowel from which a section has been removed. If too much tissue is clamped in the stapler’s jaws, if the tissue is not evenly distributed, if insufficient clamping pressure is applied, excessive activation force is experienced, or if the trigger is not fully closed, the anastomosis will fail. Careful microscopic examination of the stapler, recovered staples, excised tissue, and the stapler itself can reveal what caused the stapling failure.

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My Hardwood Floor Looks Wavy

My Hardwood Floor Looks Wavy

Written by: Commercial and Residential Flooring Inspector Expert Witness | Expert Witness No. 3618

I received a phone call from a consumer who commissioned me to inspect her factory finished solid wood floor. The floor had been installed the previous winter and since then had become “wavy” across the width of the boards. The consumer first noticed this condition during the summer. The wavy appearance she was describing was actually cupping.

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Real Estate Development and Commercial Real Estate Expertise

Real Estate Development and Commercial Real Estate Expertise

Written by: Commercial Real Estate and Finance Expert Witness | Expert Witness No. 3599

In today’s world, the issues of some lawsuits are not so simple anymore. Master planned communities, multifaceted commercial developments, residential developments, and creative financing programs are just some of the issues that may require more than one expert witness to assist you in sorting out the problems and causes of the litigants’ disagreements. Occasionally, multiple expert witnesses can contradict each other and add to the burden of the litigation rather than contribute to its resolution.

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Featured Technical Experts

Insurance Policy, Claim and Administrative Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 3560

I am an Insurance Policy, Claim, Administrative and Adjudicative Expert and Life Insurance Protocols and Procedures Specialist who has actually processed, administered and adjudicated thousands of claims for Life Insurance Benefits, who is also an Expert and has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with and knowing Rules and Regulations regarding Unfair Claim Settlement Practices and Unfair Trade Practices.

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Featured Technical Experts

Computer Research Investigator Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 3689

Investigative Service, May 2007 to Present
Phoenix, AZ

  • Various investigatory tasks to include public records and online database research.
  • Research files for pertinent documents at local Courts and obtain records from MVD.
  • Locate and interview witnesses.
  • Perform background and asset searches.

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Featured Medical Experts

Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 3721


  • Licensed by the State of Massachusetts
  • Certified by the American Board of Surgery
  • Certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

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Featured Medical Experts

X-Ray Imaging Radiologist Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 3749

Professional Experience:

  • 1970-2 U.S. Army Reserves, active, Medical Corps, Major, Chief of Radiology, 67th Evacuation Hospital, Qui Nhon, South Viet Nam August 70 to August 71.
  • Vice Chief of Radiology Service, Silas B. Hayes Hospital, Ft. Ord, CA, September 71 to June 72.
  • 1971 Diplomat, American Board of Radiology, June 7.
  • 1997-83 Active Medical Staff Member, El Cajon Valley Hospital
  • 1975 Diplomat, American Board of Nuclear Medicine, December 1.
  • 1976 Ultrasound Course, December, UC San Diego under George Leopold, M.D.
  • 1978-79-80 Secretary, Vice Chief of Staff, and Chief of Staff, El Cajon Valley Hospital
  • 1977-78-79 Secretary, President, President, San Diego Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • 1974 – 2000, Owner, X-Ray Imaging
  • 2002 Certified Clinical Densitometrist

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