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Profile of a Serial Bomber

Calculating the Cost of Childcare

Corrections Lawsuits…Retain Your Expert Early!

Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Outcomes in Product Liability Litigation

Laboratory Test Validation in Causation Analysis


Cardiology Internal Medicine Geriatrics Expert Witness

Obstetrics Gynecology

Forensic Neuropsychology


Cave Diver

Forensic Analysis Expert Witness

Wildland Fires Expert Witness


Late in 1996 when I was still a psychological assistant, I was asked to assist in helping a well-known forensic psychologist to evaluate a man known for instigating terrorist acts in small suburbs of Los Angeles.  He enjoyed making pipe-bombs and letting them off.  The explosives never escalated beyond that point, but that was enough in this tense atmosphere.  Nineteen ninety three saw the first Trade Center bombing, and anger and dissention seemed to be mounting enough to keep the federal agencies on their more...(pdf version).


Calculating the cost of childcare in divorce proceedings can be a complicated endeavor.  And if all the costs are not included in the analysis, your client could lose out on a substantial amount of money.

While simply adding up the monthly costs of daycare can be relatively straightforward, the costs of hiring a nanny are numerous and by no means obvious.  Indeed, if you simply penciled in the amount of the nanny’s annual compensation, you would significantly underestimate the cost of hiring and employing the more...(pdf version).


Some years back while leaving a courtroom with a colleague, who was a defendant in a case, I overheard his conversation with the defending attorney.  The defendant had just completed his testimony.  At issue during his testimony was inmate records which my colleague claimed could not be found at his facility.  The plaintiff’s attorney was incredulous.  She believed the records must exist there and that the defendant was not being truthful.  As we exited the courthouse the defendant questioned his attorney as to why the plaintiff’s attorney had not pursued the location of the records further.  His attorney’s answer, “Because as good as she is, she does not know what she does not know…..she should have retained an expert.” more...(pdf version).

Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Outcomes in Product Liability Litigation

Written by: Quality Assurance Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 1813


Product liability cases are often among the most expensive and time consuming to litigate. They usually involve a cadre of very costly experts spending months dissecting incomplete forensic evidence that may lead only to ambiguous conclusions. Even if the evidence is compelling, opposing counsel will find other experts to dispute their experts and the battle of the experts will continue as long as they are able to burn hours in research, testing and travel. In the meantime, the plaintiff and defendant are mired in discovery requests, objections to the requests, submission of incomplete discovery and, eventually, orders to compel. Weeks turn into months and scheduling orders turn into meaningless deadlines that are continually more...(pdf version).

Laboratory Test Validation in Causation Analysis

Written by:Forensic Pathologist, Toxicology and Occupational Medicine Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 2471


One of the many considerations in the evaluation of causation in medical-legal cases is the determination of the validity of test results.  Medical-legal cases are increasingly adjudicated based upon results of scientific measurements and laboratory test results, the validity of which is generally not questioned.  In most cases, laboratory test findings are ancillary data that support a clinical diagnosis.  In other instances, for example, blood or breath alcohol testing results are considered to be the most crucial evidence in a case.  The fact that all test results have an inherent degree of error must be taken into consideration by individuals who interpret those tests and rely on those test results, especially when they are presented as evidence in legal proceedings.  The degree of error becomes an important consideration in the ultimate establishment of the reference range for the more...(pdf version).



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Cardiology Internal Medicine Geriatrics Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 102

Areas of Expertise:

Cardiology Internal Medicine Geriatrics, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Board Certified geriatrics

Professional Certifications:

  • Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine, September  1978
  • Diplomat, American Board of Cardiovascular Diseases, November  1981
  • California Physician's License
  • New York Physician's License
  • Virginia Physician's License
  • Connecticut Physician License
  • DEA
  • Independent Medical Examiner, State of California, Dept. of Industrial Relations
  • Qualified Medical Examiner, Industrial Medicine Council, 1992


Obstetrics Gynecology Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 2210

Obstetrics Gynecology Expert Witness

Areas of Expertise:

Obstetrics Gynecology, birth injuries, fetal monitoring, birth asphyxia, fetal neurological injuries, surgical complications, shoulder dytstocia, surgery, adolescent obstetrics and gynecology, laparoscopy, high risk pregnancy, routine pregnancy, high risk delivery, routine delivery, complications of OBG surgery, operative obstetrics, errors in gynecological surgery, management of abnormal pap smears, high risk obstetrics, hysteroscopic surgery, hysteroscopy, menopausal management, breast issues, reproductive organ cancer screening, gynecologist, high risk obstetrics

Board Status

Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology


HIV in Pregnancy

Laboratory Test Validation Expert Witness

Forensic Neuropsychology Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness No. 2336

Areas of Expertise:

Forensic Neuropsychology, Forensic Neuropsychodiagnostics, Neuropsychological Testing , Objective Measurement Of Brain Impairment, Peer Review, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurological Diseases, Dementia, Disability Determination, Validity, Record Review, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Criminal Neuropsychological Examination, IME, Head Trauma Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease, Learning Disorder, Psychotherapy, ADD, Chronic Pain, ADHD, Pain Management, Malingering, Response Bias, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Symptom Validity

Clinical Activities

Facilitator, Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group, Health South Rehabilitation Center (Columbia, South Carolina).1993-1995

Clinical Psychology Extern, Reception and Evaluation Center, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (Columbia, South Carolina).1993-1994

Clinical Psychology Extern, Birchwood School, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (Columbia, South Carolina).1994-1995

Psychological Examiner, Reception and Evaluation Center, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (Columbia, South Carolina).1994-1996

Clinical Psychology Extern, Richland Springs Psychiatric Hospital (Columbia, South Carolina).1995-1997

Consultant, University of Connecticut Huskies Athletic Teams, and Co-Director, Concussed Collegiate Athlete Testing Program (Storrs, Connecticut; With Jeffrey M. Anderson, M.D., Head Physician, University of Connecticut Department of Athletics) 2001-2003

Consultant, Learning Disabilities Association of Connecticut (Hartford, Connecticut)

Consultant, Connecticut Superior Courts for Juvenile Matters (New Haven, Bridgeport, and Waterbury, Connecticut)2002-2005

Staff Neuropsychologist, Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C. (Cheshire, Connecticut)2002 - Present

Special Interests: (appointments specialties & certifications



Our featured Highlighted Forensic Experts represent only a small sampling of our broad Expertise Categories of top-notch Expert Witnesses and Consultants located across the nation. Search our website for Experts CV's by Expertise Specialty, Keyword Search, Expertise Category Directory, Online Request An Expert form or, contact us directly at
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Cave Diving

Expert Witness No. 2722


Areas of Expertise:

Cave Diving, Scuba, Closed Circuit Rebreather technology, underwater cave, underwater photography, cavern diving, cave exploration, hyber baric, counterlungs, Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV), deep cave exploration, nitrox diving, extended range cave diving, caving expeditions, underwater cinematography


  • Cine Golden Eagle - Best Documentary
  • Wild and Scenic Film Festival -The River Returns Featured Selection Japanese International Wildlife Film Festival - Featured Selection Davey Award
  • Insight Award - Award of Excellence
  • Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - Best Documentary
  • International “Deffie” for the Best HD Documentary
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Gold Aurora Award
  • Finalist Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  • Crystal Reel Winner - Best Educational Film
  • Explorer’s Club Film Festival- Best Exploration Film
  • NSS Best of Show


Forensic Analysis Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 2156


Expert 2156 was born in Asheville, North Carolina.  Expert 2156 previously worked for the U.S. Government as a forensic scientist for over 25 years.  During that time he has worked on many notable cases to include; the Unabomber, numerous accused Nazi war criminals, e.g. John Demanjuk, a.k.a. Ivan the Terrible, the reinvestigation of the Dr. Martin Luther King murder, the reinvestigation of the Kennedy assassination/CIA conspiracy theory, the Quedlinburg Treasure, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigation, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the D.C. Sniper investigation.  He has testified as an expert witness in state, federal and military courts of law, as well as testified or been deposed in foreign court systems to include; Austria, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Canada.  He has also testified at The Hague in the Netherlands and three times before the U.S. Congress.  Expert 2156 most recently held the position of Laboratory Director and Chief Forensic Scientist for the United States Secret Service.  In that role, he managed up to 120 scientists, technicians, and support staff in the areas of document analysis, handwriting, fingerprints, trace evidence, audio and video analysis, photography, toolmarks, computer evidence and counterfeit analysis.  In 2005, Expert 2156 founded an independent forensic consulting and investigative firm located in California.


Wildland Fires Expert Witness

Expert Witness No. 2169


Areas of Expertise:

Wildland Fires, Wildfire Loss Mitigation, Fire Safe Construction, Fire Prevention, Capital Outlay Planning Budgeting, Fire Weather, Pre-Fire Management, Fire Staffing Allocations and Budgeting, Fire Training, Fire Safe Regulations, Wildfire Suppression Strategy and Tactics Analysis, Meeting Logistics, Incident Command System

Positions and Experience:

  • Staff Chief, Fire Planning and Engineering
  • Staff Chief Management Services, Northern Region:
  • Deputy Chief, Fire Weather, Statistics, Budgeted Fire Staffing and Allocations, and SRA Mapping
  • Deputy Chief, Fire Prevention Engineering

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