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Winter 2011 Newsleer Age of Injury Article

Written by a Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Radiology Expert Witness

What is an "Age of Injury" report, and How to Effectively Use It to Determine Causation?


How We Are Unique from other Radiologist Expert Witnesses


We offer Diagnostic Dating (Age of Injury), Comparative Study and Second Opinion. We are Board Certified Radiologist Expert Witnesses.


The Advantage

  • The evidentiary nature of irrefutable expert testimony will produce significant leverage for your negotiators in their attempt to settle for less (in some cases, deny together).
  • The Radiologists will NOT be discredited (and rarely challenged, unlike an IME, local Dr., or 1st read Radiologist).
  • Diagnostic Dating (Age of Injury), Comparative Study and Second Opinion.
  • Board Certified Radiologist Expert Witness.

In most jurisdictions, your team will not be obligated to turn over the report (i.e. Our Age of Injury reports are considered to be non-testifying expert opinions and are not medical records like an IME or 1st read Radiological opinion).


  • In the event an AOI report comes back related (not in your favor), your team will be able to evaluate the true value of the claim and quickly settle.
  • And (in most cases), without the opposing counsel having knowledge of the Age of Injury findings.
  • This is a very powerful tool for our current clients when negotiating and evaluating a claim, not necessarily to altogether deny the claim.


Utilizing an Age of Injury report increased the value of my case by $7,500. Their Board Certified Radiologist Expert Witnesses are untouchable by the Defense!"


Practical Usage

For “Unrelated” Reports

  • Expert Opinion utilized to disqualify non-accident related injuries from proposed settlement value.
  • Tool to drive down the settlement value of the claim by cornering the opposing side’s argument to an aggravated injury argument, resulting in cost savings.
  • Shortens the duration of the claim, resulting in cost savings for the client and profitability for the TPA.
  • Non-biased nature of the report creates a powerful argument in the event the claim goers to trial

For “Related” Reports

  • Objective report detects the related nature of the claimant’s injury. This allows the case manager to resolve the case at a lower settlement value than might be awarded if the claim is to go to trial
  • Gives a case manager the much needed evidence they need to support the settlement value of a case when a claimant is definitively hurt “on the job”
  • Resolving the case in a quicker manner results in decreased claim load, less cost to the client, and more profitability for the TPA…all with the evidence to support the decision to negotiate a reasonable settlement offer


Additional Benefits for Using Our Board Certified Radiologist Expert Witnesses

Diagnostic Dating (Age of Injury), Comparative Study and Second Opinion. Board Certified Radiologist Expert witness, 48-72 Hour Report Delivery, 10 Day Delivery Guarantee or it’s FREE, 90%+ Determinate Rate, Board Certified Radiologists in 48 States, Trial Trained Radiologists, Aging Injuries is What We Do, We Perform More Aging Requests than Anyone in the US, HIPAA Compliant, Superior Customer Service!


Areas of Expertise

Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Consultation, Radiation Oncology, Preventive Medicine, Family Clinic, General Radiology, Mammography, Ultrasound, Oncology, Hyperbaric Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, CT, Out-Patient Imaging Center, Med-Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Brain Evaluation, Kidneys Evaluation, Aorta Evaluation, Radiation Biology, Radiation Therapy, Brain Scans, Brain Tumor, Tumors, Radioisotope, Brain MRI, Spine MRI, Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Screening, Non-Contrast Lung Screening, Abdomen Screening, Pelvis Screening, Locum Tenens, Senograph Mammography, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Stroke, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Brain, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cerebral Palsy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Multiple Sclerosis, Chemo Brain, Board Certified Radiologist, Interventional Radiology, Angioplasty, Biliary Intervention, Biopsy, Arthrography, Video Wrist, Joints, Radiology, Radiologist, X Ray Review, MRI Review, CT Review, Malpractice Radiologist, Medical Malpractice Radiology Medical Malpractice Radiologist, Date of Injury Report, Age of Injury, Medical Records Review Radiologist, Neuroradiologist, Neuroradiology Review, Neuroradiologist Medical Malpractice, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Radiology, Nuclear Radiologist, Ultrasound, Ultrasound Malpractice, Ultrasound Radiology, Age of Injury Reports, Determine Causation, Radiologist Expert Witnesses, Diagnostic Dating Age Of Injury, Comparative Study, Second Opinion,  Board Certified Radiologist Expert Witness, Medical Records, Unrelated Reports, Expert Opinion, Related Injuries, Injuries, Non-Biased.


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"When I inquired about an expert they were attentive and responsive. I believe the expert they provided was instrumentl in the successful resolution of my client's case."

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James Zito

"The Expert was first rate. He was extremely knowledgeable about his subject and was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of my case. "

"In addition, he always took the time to talk to me regarding his opinion and the bases thereof. I would use him again without any reservations."


Gordon J. Hauser, Esq.

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"Quality Experts, honest experts gave our firm a positive result for our client."


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"Expert was honest, knowledgeable and responsive. "


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Bedford, New Hampshire

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"Difficult expert to find. Was located and very good. "


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Chicago, Illinois

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