Alaska Expert Witnesses testifying in Litigation

Expert Witnesses in Alaska and within the technical & scientific fields that cover a wide range of disciplines are available for record review of documents, written reports, opinion, deposition and trial testimony. If you can think it, we probably have it. Please review the standard list and select the closest specialty. You can refine or expand your Alaska search at the bottom of this page including search words, location by region, selectable states, and individual states.

Medical expert witnesses in Alaska also review records and provide opinion and expert testimony in all types medical related issues including those caused by Medical Devices, Surgery, Negligence, Medical Credentialing, Paramedics, Pharmacology, Medical Standards or Standard of Care (SOC) issues. Some of the SOC issues include Anesthesia, Medical Billing, Cosmetic Surgery, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Genetics, Geriatrics, Hematology and Immunology.

Consolidated Consultants has referred Expert Witnesses in Alaska and other states to both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys for many years. Please review the wide variety of Alaska Expert Witnesses and use the request this expert option to contact us.

Technical, Scientific & Medical Expert Witnesses for Attorneys

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness in this directory review records and opinion and testimony in all types of accidents including Maritime, automobiles, Airbags, trucks, amusement rides, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, Cranes, Rigging Hoists, Ladders, Bus or Coaches and Consumer Products, Fires, Appliances, child restraint systems Crib Death, Strangulation, Amusement Rides & Parks.

Accident reconstruction expert witnesses review records and opine on a variety of accidents that occur in industrial plants, school playgrounds, single-family homes, offices, parks, building construction sites and swimming pools.

Scientific accident reconstruction expert witness testimony occurs after review of pedestrian, motorcycle, truck, bicycle collision, avoidance analysis, computerized collision analysis, black box data retrieval brake system and engineering Nursing Home cases.

Consolidated Consultants has referred Accident Reconstruction Expert Witnesses to both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys for many years. Please review the wide variety of Accident Reconstruction Expert Witnesses and use the request this expert option to contact us.


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State: AK
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Hematology, Clinical Research, Oncology, Thrombosis, Cancer Research, Cancer Treatment, Blood Dyscrasias, Lymphoid Malignancies, Hematologic Malignancies, Thrombophilia, Breast Cancer, Cancer Survivorship, Lung Cancer, Head Neck Cancer, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Seminoma,
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