Zones Expert Witness Testimony Service

Zones expert witnesses at Consolidated Consultants are available by providing independent opinion as a consultant or as a declared expert by verbal or written report in litigation matters. An attorney typically retains an expert witness to give testimony at deposition or trial in the area of zones that is relevant to the case. The following list contains testifying professional experts with special knowledge or proficiency in zones.

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1. Mexican Investment Law Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Law, Mexican Law, Mexico Transactions, Investment in Mexico, Investing in Mexico, Mexican Attorney, Mexican Lawyer, International Trade Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Transactions, Joint Ventures, National Security, Mexican Congress, Foreign Trade Zones, Mexican Treasury Department, Mexican House of Representatives, Border Issues,

2. Hydrogeology Geology Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Hydrogeologist, Geologist, Evironmental Policies, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, Science Policy Advisor

3. Construction Site Safety Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Heavy Equipment Operator Engineer Backhoe, Heavy Equipment Operator Loader, Heavy Equipment Operator Sub Grader, Heavy Equipment Operator Roller, Heavy Equipment Operator Grader, Heavy Equipment Operator Concrete Saw, MIOSHA Field Safety Inspector, Tunnel Inspector, Asbestos Worker, Certified Safety Inspector, Certified Professional Constructor Construction Site Safety, Construction Supervisor, Concrete, Sewer, Crane, Construction Site Safety,

4. Heavy Equipment Roadway Site & General Construction Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accidents and Personal Injury involving Heavy Equipment and Trucks, Work Zone Safety, Project Site Safety, Traffic Control, Pedestrian Safety, Worker Protection, Trench Safety and Protection, Safe/Unsafe operation of Equipment and Trucks, Industry Standards, Unsafe Means and Methods, Defective Workmanship, Unforeseen conditions, Construction Accidents, OSHA Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Construction Industry, ADA and Building Codes , Slip and Falls, Pedestrian Safety, ATSSA Traffic Safety Guidelines, DOT Traffic Control Requirements/Restrictions, DOT Work Zone Traffic Safety Procedures and Maintenance and Protection of Traffic requirements, Industry Standards, Operational Means and Methods, Project Plans, Details and Specifications, Residential Property Rehabilitation, Defective Product and Poor Workmanship, CONNDOT Standards and Specifications, Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment and Trucks, Soil Grading and Run-off, Site Excavation, Roadway and Site Concrete Improvements, Concrete Construction, Retaining Walls, Underground Utilities, Sewer, Water and Drainage Line Trenching and Installation , Roadway Excavation/Paving, Guardrail and Fencing, Highway & Street Lighting

5. Lighting Electrical Engineer Roadway Outdoor Lighting Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Engineer Senior Lighting Design, Engineer Lighting Illumination, Lighting Registered Professional Engineer, Lighting Electrical Engineering, Master Lighting Plan, Lighting Electrical Lighting Management Systems ELMS, Roadway Outdoor Lighting Specialist, Outdoor, Street, Roadway, Highway, Tunnel, Parking Lot, Sign, Roadside Breakaway, National Electrical Code NEC, Grounding, Light Trespass, Pollution, Sky Glow, Visibility, Veiling, Disability Glare, Curfew, Master Lighting Plan, Engineer Lighting