Airbag Accidents

An airbag accidents expert witness in the field of accident reconstruction is a professional who has extensive knowledge and expertise in analyzing and evaluating airbag systems and their performance in automobile accidents. These experts are typically engineers or specialists with a deep understanding of the mechanics, design, and functioning of airbags.

They play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of airbags during a collision. They examine various factors such as the vehicle's speed, impact angle, occupant positioning, and deployment timing to assess whether the airbags functioned correctly or if they failed to provide adequate protection.

These experts use their knowledge of crash dynamics and engineering principles to gather evidence from crash scene data, police reports, vehicle inspections, computer simulations, and sometimes even physical testing. By analyzing this information alongside their understanding of how airbags should deploy under different circumstances, they can provide expert opinions on whether an airbag system contributed to or mitigated injuries sustained by vehicle occupants during an accident.

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