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1967 – 1978 – Music business in New York City – Personal Management of Performing Artists, Record Production, Concert Production.

1978 – Moved to Los Angeles, California – Entered Automobile Business.

1978 – 1981 – Employed at Dick Steele Chrysler Plymouth and Reseda Dodge as a Salesman. Consistently Top Salesman. Attended numerous Sales and Product training programs.

1981 – 1986 – Employed at Glendale Dodge, Van Nuys Pontiac, Pete Ellis Dodge, Reseda Dodge, Midway Ford and Imperial Nissan in the following positions; Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Used Car Manager. Performed all duties associated with those positions including recruiting and training new Salespeople.

1986 – Invited by Pete Ellis Dodge to train new Salespeople. Then, requested to visit the other dealerships in the Ellis group to recruit, train and staff those stores. Within several months, requests for similar training came in from other dealers in the Los Angeles area.

1986 – Opened American Auto Seminars in order to train automobile Salespeople and Managers as a permanent occupation.

1987 – Recorded, for Sales Training Technologies, Breaking The Sales Barrier, a 10-volume videocassette automobile sales training program for American Honda.

1989 – Created the Magic In The Box 4-Square-negotiation seminar and commenced presenting this program at dealerships and in commercial meeting rooms. Wrote and published the companion workbook for the seminar – The Deal Or The Art Of The 4-Square.

1989 – Commenced speaking at “20-Group” Meetings, Dealer Association Meetings and Automotive Conventions on sales and management techniques ethics and standards.

1993 – Produced and published The Complete Car Salesman – The Basics, a 12-volume, 20-hour videocassette automobile sales training program – now in CD format.

1995 – Commenced providing Expert Witness services to attorneys in the area of Automobile Industry Standards & Practices – Sales, Leasing, Finance, New & Used Cars, Service, Parts.

1996 – Entered into a worldwide product distribution deal with Laser Ltd. of Littleton, Colorado.

1996 – Recorded, for Laser Ltd., The Million-Dollar Walkaround, an 8-volume videocassette program teaching the techniques of automobile product presentation.

1998 – Produced and published The Complete Car Salesman – The Basics audio version of the video sales training program previously described.

1998 – Established Internet Website – for the purpose of marketing sales training seminars, audio, video and printed sales training products, and Expert Witness Services.

1999 – Designed and installed, in numerous dealerships, Business Development Centers for the purpose of selling appointments to telephone and Internet customers whose inquiries have been generated by various promotional programs – resulting in increased showroom traffic.

2001 – Designed, and currently installing in dealerships, Community Partnerships which are customer referral programs based upon profit-sharing with non-profit community organizations.

2008 – Received Mediation training from the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Opened Mediation Practice specializing in Automotive Dispute Resolution. Has performed numerous Mandatory Arbitrations and Mediations assigned by the Los Angeles and San Diego Superior Courts and has taught Mediation at Pepperdine University Law School Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution.

2008 – 2010 – Served on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Pro Bono ADR Panel.

2001 – Collegiate Instruction – “Auto Sales 101” – Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA.

2010 – 2012 – Trained new Automotive Salespeople as part of the Federal Government’s National Recession Recovery Program for recovering Dealerships in the Los Angeles area at Los Angeles Pierce College. Established C.A.R.S. College of Automotive Retail Sales. In so doing, joined the Faculty of Pierce College as a Community Instructor in the Economic & Workforce Development Department.
Received the “Excellence In Partnership” Award from the California Community College District.

From its inception in 1986 to the present, Expert, through American Auto Seminars and, more recently, CarSpeakADR, has trained and continues to train, literally, thousands of automobile salespeople, managers and dealers, throughout the world, and provides consultations and business development programs to hundreds of dealerships. He has, since 1995, provided Expert Witness, Consultant and Mediation services to over 100 law firms engaged in litigation involving all aspects of Automobile Industry Standards & Practices.


Ph.D. Economics / Business Marketing – LaSalle University
B.A. Economics – Ursinus College
Contract Law Studies – Temple University Law School
Mediation Training – Los Angeles County Bar Association, Los Angeles Superior Court