Clinical Forensic Psychology Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Clinical Forensic Psychology, Psychology, Clinical Evaluations Personality, Competency, Insanity, Sexual Abuse, Personal Injury, Exculpatory Mitigating Defense, Pre Sentenced Reports, Special Advocacy Psychology,


1976 – 1979,
University of Denver, School of Professional Psychology (APA Approved; Clinical)
Clinical Psychology
Child and Family. Psy.D.

APA College of Professional Psychology
Treatment of Alcohol & Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders
Certificate of Proficiency

The American College of Forensic Examiners
Forensic Psychology
BCFE (Board Certified Examiner Diplomat)

1975 – 1976,
University of Northern Colorado
School Psychology & Guidance Counseling

1974 – 1975,
Institute for Reality Therapy
Reality Therapy

1970 – 1972,
Bowling Green State University
Special Education

1963 – 1968,
Ohio State University
Special Education and Speech


Professional Psychology

10/08 – present, Adjunct Faculty, in a University, Psychology Department

2008 – present, Clinical Director, Private company in Parker Colorado

1978 – present, Forensic Consultant, Criminal and Civil Court Appointed – Defense and Prosecution Responsibilities: Consultations, evaluations, expert testimony, trial consultant on jury selection.

1978 – present, Clinical Psychology, Private practice, inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy. Consultation and supervision; children, adolescents and adults.

2001 – present, Clinical Consultant, A Private Stress Center in Denver.  Consultation with staff regarding group therapy for anger management, domestic violence, women’s issues, criminal conduct and drug and alcohol abuse/relapse, after-care, life skills, and individual, couple, and family psychotherapy.

4/88 – present, Clinical Associate at University in Denver.

2/91 – 5/96, The Professional Mediation Alternative & The Medical Mediation Alternative Co-director and co-founder

9/88 – 6/89, Consultant: Denver Department of Social Services, Sexual Abuse Teams.

1986 – 1988, Director of Clinical Services, Special Child Placement Agency.  Consultation and supervision of clinical staff.

3/84 – 2/91, Psychologist/Consultant, Jefferson County Community Center for Developmental Disabilities Responsibilities: Psychological evaluations, consultation with staff of residential programs and psychotherapy.

1/83 – 1984, Instructor (part-time), University of Colorado at Denver.

10/82 – 1/86, Psychologist /Consultant, Boulder County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Responsibilities: Psychological evaluations, consultation with staff of residential programs, psychotherapy.

10/81 – 1984, Senior Back-up Consultant to Night Emergency Service, Arapahoe Mental Health Center.  Responsibilities:  Back-up consultation to night emergency service staff, usually one week per month.

9/79 – 10/81, Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Night Emergency Services Continuity of Care and Hospital Services, Arapahoe Mental Health Center, Englewood, Colorado.  Responsibilities:  Individual and group psychotherapy, crisis intervention, mental health petition and forensic evaluations, psychological evaluations, consultation and education, program planning, community outreach, supervision, liaison to hospitals for admission, treatment and disposition planning, recruitment, training and senior back-up for night emergency services.

10/77 – 8/78, Staff Psychologist, Arapahoe Mental Health Center, Englewood, Colorado.  Responsibilities: Individual and group psychotherapy, consultation and education, program planning, psychological assessment and interpretation, community outreach.

9/76 – 6/77, Psychologist/Consultant, Head Start, Denver, Colorado (part-time).  Responsibilities:  Screening and assessment, staff consultation and education, family and child intervention.

9/76 – 5/77, Psychologist/Consultant, Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, Colorado  (part-time). Responsibilities: Individual and group psychotherapy, intake evaluation psychological assessment, and consultation and education to Education Department.

3/74 – 12/81, Instructor (part-time), University of Northern Colorado, Department of Psychology and School of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Greeley, Colorado.

8/73 – 8/75, Assistant Director and Coordinator of Special Education Services, Weld County School District Six, Greeley, Colorado.  Responsibilities: Psychological Services; programs for mental retardation, learning disabilities (perceptual and communication disorders), and emotional and behavioral disorders; and inservice programs for the “regular education” programs and faculty.

9/72 – 6/73, Teacher, Woodmore Intermediate School, Woodville, Ohio.  Taught students, grades 5-8, labeled “Educable Mentally Retarded” and “Learning Disabilities and/or Behavioral and Emotional Disorders” in a resource room setting.

9/71 – 6/72, Instructor, Bowling Green State University, Department of Special Education, Bowling Green, Ohio.

9/68 – 6/70, Teacher, Miami Killian Senior High School, Miami, Florida.  Taught students, grades 9-12, labeled “Educable Mentally Retarded” and “Emotionally and/or Behaviorally Disturbed.”

6/68 – 8/73, Director, Camp Courageous, residential summer program for severely mentally retarded and mentally ill children and adults.  Responsibilities:  Program development and planning; staff development, recruitment, training and supervision; budget planning, fund raising, grants and planning.

1967 (summer), Waterfront Director, Camp Courageous, Whitehouse, Ohio.

1966 (summer), Senior Counselor, Camp Courageous, Whitehouse, Ohio.

9/64 – 6/65, Acting Waterfront Director, Hiram House, summer residential program for severely retarded and disturbed children and adults, Cleveland, Ohio.

9/63 – 6/64, Creative Dramatics Instructor, Columbus State Institute (worked with mentally retarded and physically handicapped children), Columbus, Ohio.


2/91, Mediation Training Program, CDR Associates, 40 hours

9/78 – 8/79, Clinical Psychology Internship; Arapahoe/Bethesda Mental Health Center and Hospital. Training experiences:  Half-time inpatient and partial care, half-time outpatient; individual and group psychotherapy, individual treatment planning and coordination, consultation and education, new program planning, psychological assessment and interpretation, community outreach, volunteer and staff supervision.

6/77-9/77, Golden Age Nursing Home, Aurora, Colorado.  Training experience included individual psychotherapy with six residents.

9/76 – 12/77, Professional Psychology Center, University of Denver.  Fluctuating caseload of individual adults, individual children, adolescents, marital couples and families.

9/75 – 6/76, Department of Psychology, Counseling and Guidance, University of Northern Colorado.  Fluctuating caseload of individual college students, individual children and group therapy.


National Register for Health Care Providers in Psychology

Board Member, Advisory Council of Alpha Center, Inc.,
(A community Residential corrections program)

American Psychological Association

Colorado Psychological Association

Association for the Advancement of Psychology

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody

The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

American College of Forensic Examiners

Former Board Member, Advisory Board of Special Child Placement Agency,
(Adoption, group and foster home placement agency)

Former Board Member, ARC of Denver

Board Member, Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee

Board Member, Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network

Advisory Board, The Pendulum Foundation


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