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Accidents, Reconstructionist, Accidents Reconstruction, accidents involving single or multiple vehicles, passenger cars, mid full size trucks SUVs, commercial vehicles, buses, logging trucks, tractor trailers, two wheel recreational vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, pedestrians, boats, airplanes, trains, animals, Investigations in seat belt, air bag, ABS operation, Product failure analysis, vehicle operational components, steering mechanisms, tires, wheel rims, axles, automatic manual transmissions, vehicle lamps, component failures, Analysis of accident scene evidence, skid marks, road gouges, lighting conditions, road signage, visibility triangle physical Perception reaction times, response times, collision avoidance, building code violations, stairs ramps, handrails, dimensions location slope of ramps, lack proper anti slip surfacing, foundations, slabs, floor levels, entryways, doors, elevations, improperly secured carpeting floor covering, proper illumination or lighting, mobile home construction installation, slip trip fall accidents, coefficient of friction walking surface, amount of elevation change configuration, safety codes, product failure liability ceramic, metallurgical, mechanical, industrial engineering, cause origin failure products, Vehicle components, Construction farm equipment materials, Glass ceramic products, fire cause origin, fires motor vehicles, fires trailers, fires residential, fires commercial buildings


1961 B.S., Ceramic Engineering; University of Texas
1965 M.S., Metallurgical Engineering; Washington University
1971 Ph.D., Ceramic Engineering; Iowa State University

Professional Experience

4/90 – Present, President and Owner; Engineering and Accident Reconstruction Consulting, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

1/86 – 3/90, Senior Vice President; Rimbey, Howell & Rimbey, Inc., Tampa, Florida

10/71 – 5/86, Assistant and Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

6/67 – 10/71, Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

9/66 – 6/67, Assistant Professor, Engineering Mechanics Department, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

9/65 – 9/66, Manufacturing Research and Development Engineer, General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas

3/63 – 9/65,Research and Development Engineer, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, St. Louis, Missouri

8/62 – 3/63, Design Engineer, Cupples Products Company, St. Louis, Missouri

6/61 – 8/62, Laboratory Head and Production Engineer, General Refractories Company, Brentwood, Missouri

Professional Registration


Areas of Expertise

Failure Analyses of Metals, Ceramics, Concrete, Glass, and/or Plastics

Product Liability

Aircraft Accident Investigations

Vehicular and Industrial Accident Reconstruction

Seat Belt and Air Bag Investigations

Slip and Fall Accident Investigations

Accident Investigations involving Building Code Violations

Fire Cause and Origin Investigations

Professional Organizations

Former Associate Member, International Society of Air Safety Investigations
Member, American Society for Metals
Member, Keramos
Member, American Society for Testing and Materials
Member, Tau Beta Pi
Certified Corrosion Engineer – National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Member, Society of Automotive Engineers
Member, National Association of Professional Engineers
Fellow, National Academy of Forensic Engineers
Former Member, National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists
Diplomate and Board Certified Examiner, The American Board of Forensic Examiners
Diplomate, The American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology


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