Construction Management Development Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Airport Architectural Projects, Building Contractors, Commercial Building, Commercial Costs, Administration, Airport Buildings, Airport Runways, Asphalt Paving, Auditing, Bids Preparation, Building Defects, Cost Analysis, Development, Estimates, Evaluation, Golf Course, High Technology Buildings, Highway Work, Hillside Development Projects, House Defects, Infrastructures Projects, Issues, Performance Assessment, Project Management, Project Scheduling, Projects, Quality Assurance, Services, Concrete Work, Grading, Supervision of Subcontractors, Technical Analysis, Consulting, Cost Accounting For Projects, Development Pro forma, Development Services, Emergency Housing, Environmental, Governmental Agencies Experienced, Hospital, Industrial Building, Industrial, Infrastructure Management, Landslide Prevention, Landslide Repairs, Litigation Support, Low Cost Housing, Mildew Prevention, Military Housing, Mold Prevention, Obtaining Entitlements, Owner Representation For Development, Project Planning, Project Resource Scheduling, Project Scheduling, Proposal Services, Public Agency Coordination, Rehab Analysis, Renovation Projects, Resource Constrained Project Scheduling, School Buildings, School, School Shell, Tarmac, Turnkey Projects, Wallboard Repairs, Interior Work, Residential, Wastewater Treatment Plants


  • Detailed knowledge of the cause and repair of construction defects
  • Cost of repairs of defects of construction work
  • Management or supervision of construction for site, infrastructure, and buildings
  • Detailed estimates of all areas of construction including subtrades
  • Constructability review of plans and specifications


  • Personalized service provided for your needs, with quick turn around
  • Reasonable rates acceptable to most insurance and surety clients
  • An unusual scope and depth of detailed construction experience
  • Experience in managing of all consultants required on turnkey projects
  • Assistance in construction arbitration


  • All infrastructures projects. Supervision of all subcontractors
  • Highway work
  • Site grading and paving
  • Involved hillside development projects
  • Site concrete work
  • Asphalt paving
  • Golf Course construction
  • Hospital construction shell and all interior work
  • Airport construction – runways and buildings
  • Commercial and industrial building construction
  • High Tech. Buildings
  • School construction shell and all interior work
  • Residential construction
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Development projects – commercial and or residential
  • Reconstruction of any of the above


  • Pre-construction services complete,(contact us for specific items we considered to be pre-construction services as there are several interpretations of this xpression)
  • Liaison with environmentalists, Municipal, State, Federal, Highway, Corp of Engineers, other agencies.
  • Complete Owner representation, for owner developers or contractors  see section pertaining specifically to Owner representation
  • Evaluation of site
    Feasibility studies development projects, ordinary building projects
  • Proforma for development projects
  • Preliminary (first cut) estimates
  • Building assessment
  • Building constructability
  • Value engineering
  • Detailed estimate and pricing, (Final estimate) of Site, infrastructure, buildings shells (all categories) and Interior build outs
  • Construction costs analysis, or projections for:
    •  Infrastructure
    •  Site grading
    •  Subdivisions
    •  Building construction


  • Project management – full scope take charge management (see separate section pertaining to project management) supervision of all subcontractors.
  • Contract writing
  • Cost engineering all work
  • Value engineering
  • Construction scheduling, we use Project Manager 2000
  • Quality assurance and inspection
    • Grading
    • Asphalt paving
    • Concrete work
    • Underground work
    • Building shell construction
    • Interior TI work
  • Project field accounting
  • Project cost accounting
  • Payments applications
  • Preparation of specifications, or amendment of specifications
  • Monitoring insurance requirements for subcontractors
  • Funds control

Summary of Experience

Expert has experience in depositions, trial and arbitration.  He is experienced in California and other States and is willing to travel.  He is qualified by management positions in site, infrastructure, building construction, and land development. Initial construction experience was obtained in construction of roads, streets, and highways, other infrastructure, public work projects, and extensive site preparation for commercial and subdivision projects. He has held positions as senior estimator and senior superintendent. Recruited by large building contractor to estimate and coordinate all site work, and manage special building projects.  Promoted to senior level estimating and project management of complete building projects including all interior work. Building expertise includes industrial, commercial, retail, municipal, high tech buildings, and hospital improvements. Responsibilities included estimating, negotiations, and daily detailed operations and overseeing superintendents for several concurrent projects large and small. Chief project manager in charge of design and build for commercial and residential projects. (Project list available upon request).
Extensive experience in preconstruction- estimating and management of construction for development projects. Accomplished in representing developer-owners as manager of design and construction from concept to completion on turnkey projects. Responsibilities for hiring all design consultants, and contracting with general and subcontractors required for completed buildings, and development projects. Practiced in estimating, contract writing, trade specifications, and negotiating change orders.   Seasoned in governmental relations, entitlements, permits, approvals, and public relations.  Skilled in working with environmental groups, and public agencies at municipal, county, state and federal levels.   Liaison with Federal departments of State, Commerce, and Transportation. Consulting assignments have included feasibility studies, conceptual estimates, detailed take-off and pricing of commercial site and building construction.

Expert has conducted investigations of defects on building and houses and investigation of defects on site and infrastructure.

He has experience on a variety of issues including:

  • Review and cost analysis of repair due to water damage
  • Estimates for cost of repairing damage from earth quakes
  • Review of damaged pavement and cost of repair
  • Review of quality of construction
  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Reviews of development agreements
  • Analysis of cost of delays in construction cost in building construction, site and infrastructure
  • Completed estimates of Site, Infrastructure and Buildings
  • Completed estimates of damage claims for Site, Infrastructure and buildings
  • Detailed estimates of all subtrades costs by review of construction scheduling and review of scheduling delays.
  • Experience in constructability review of constructions projects, constructability review of land development projects and apportionment of land development costs.
  • Expert is willing to take cases in California, Nevada and other states.  He has an office in Stockton California (Central Valley of California).

Education, Extended Courses of Study, and Licenses

BS – San Jose State University – Engineering
Continued education in courses relating to general business management, project management, engineering, architecture, computer science and programs, computerized scheduling, estimating, interactive cost accounting. Spreadsheets, other computer programs applicable to construction work. Expert 1012 has received extensive Real Estate studies including subjects pertaining to appraisals and evaluations, with emphasis on project funding. Additional studies included legal courses particularly in litigation avoidance, preparation of plans and specifications, CCRs and Design Guidelines, contract writing, and courses from surety companies. Jerry’s expertise with estimate spreadsheet and financial programs promoted the development of a spreadsheet program for commercial investment and funding.
Licenses in the State of California: General Engineering Contractor (A), General Building Contractor (B)

Detailed Summary of Employment

Principal/President of Construction and Consulting Company
(Name Available upon Request)

1993- to present
This was formed by its principal, Expert 1012, in 1993 as a construction and consulting company to contract for building projects and provide management estimating and management services to contractors and developers. This Company evolved into a consulting company and has provided full scope services for a variety of clients and projects.  Expert 1012 is the primary consultant. This assists clients engaged in a full range of general construction or land development by performing feasibility studies and evaluations, constructability reviews, developing pro-forma reports, and  pre-construction services including detailed estimates   Clients included offshore companies and mainland contractors.

Expert 1012 has consulted full time on a two-year assignment for a subsidiary surety company owned by Zurich international. Projects included taking over management of failed projects, preventing contractor defaults, and reviewing and checking detailed estimates of the projects being bonded and reviewing the specific management of company requesting bonding. Reviewed many construction estimates and companies in this assignment.   When a contractor requesting bonding was low bidder placed emphasis on review and evaluation of profit projections of final estimate.  Assignment also included take over management and supervision of the completion of a Veterans Hospital, and direct management of the completion of a troubled hanger and runway construction project at a major California airport.  Prevented 6 major defaults by Bay Area contractors.
Expert 1012 has provided management and inspection services to municipalities on underground construction projects.  One of the projects was the review and management of the construction of a multi-million dollar energy upgrading at a central valley hospital project under OSHPD inspection. At this facility he also provided the PM and change order reviews of the upgrading of a separate medical clinic associated with the hospital. The hospital project also included the preconstruction planning and estimating of a multibillion dollar power plant.   He recently provided the supervision and PM work required with the completion of an extensive up-grading of a large school project under inspection by the California DSA. This project required field estimating and management of underbid and missed subcontracted items of work. The project was 6 weeks behind schedule when he joined the project and he completed this $ 3.5 million dollar project on time in 4 months without any penalties of delays considering legitimate time extensions

Presently he is providing property feasibility evaluations and preconstruction bidding in another state and the investigations and estimating for various legal cases involving the cost of repair of construction defects or non-conforming construction.

Senior Project Manager and Vice President of Land Development (Name Available Upon Request) 1987-1992

Construction Manager from 1989 to 1991 for a 700-acre planned commercial development including enclaves of residential dwellings. Managed $65 million dollars of hillside improvements including all site work for 240 residential units, construction of fire station, school play field, all underground storm and sanitary drainage, dry utilities, expressway and private street improvements, landscaping, major retaining walls, and other permanent site structures. Assisted with the estimating of ongoing design and approvals for site and building issues. This hillside project involved extensive underground drainage including large diameter drainage pipes, tunneling 450 ft under a main highway, and the review of  detailed estimating of the  cost associated with multiple change orders involved with landslide repairs and unanticipated retaining walls which were added to meet the concerns of environmentalists due to surveying layout problems resulting from irregular layout of project. ­
Manager of Design and Construction and Vice President of Construction Operations  (Name Available Upon Request) 1982-1987

Joined this land and commercial business park developer in 1982 in charge of design and construction. Responsible for the planning and preconstruction, and assistance with acquisition of funding followed by the construction management of commercial buildings including tenant improvements, and infrastructure for a 180 acre business park dedicated to high technology research and development. Concurrently, Project Manager for two other businesses parks, a 28-acre industrial park and a 300-acre research and technology park in Hawaii. Managed and provided estimates for all tenant improvements required in buildings constructed or purchased by Arroyo Development.
Project Manager and Business Development (Name Available Upon Request) 1981-1982
Expert 1012 rejoined this General Engineering and Building Contractor in 1980. This company engaged in building industrial, commercial, retail, educational, and municipal buildings.  Expert 1012’s primary assignment was to manage business development. He was given additional supervision of an unusually difficult hillside condo project in San Francisco. He was assigned to manage the rehabilitation of historic structures on campus of The University of Santa Clara and worked directly with the President of the University.

Project Manager and Estimator (Name Available upon Request) 1979 – 1981

Expert 1012 joined this general building contractor in 1978. This company specialized in concrete commercial building shells and completes wood framing.  He was responsible for estimating quantity take-off, pricing, and project management during construction. During these years, he also participated in business development for a large Corporation (Name Available upon Request).

Project Manager (Name Available Upon Request) 1973-1979

This company was a large General Engineering and Building Contractor.  They recruited Expert 1012 to manage negotiated and competitive projects. He prepared quantity estimates and negotiated final subcontracts for all trades. Established detailed codes for costs accounting used for weekly progress and cost reviews. Reviewed all change orders and invoices, was responsible for supervision of project superintendents, and for profit and loss. Reported directly to the president-owner.

Other Experience in Engineering Construction

Senior Estimator and Superintendent, Perham Const. Co.
Perham Construction recruited Expert 1012.  Perham’s work was similar to the work of Sondgroth Brothers noted below. As senior estimator and superintendent, Expert 1012 supervised 4 field crews.  He also prepared competitive and negotiated quotations including all quantity take-off and pricing. He reported directly to the two owners, and continued to have regular contact with the Sondgroth Brothers, as they were close advisers to the Perham’s. ­ Assistant General Superintendent,  Freeman-Sondgroth

This key position was with a large engineering construction company, which was active in extensive site projects, highway construction, and other public work projects. Expert 1012 was responsible for the field operations of nine superintendents on general contracts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As General Superintendent, he worked closely with estimating and cost control departments and was responsible for profit and loss. Expert 1012 reported to both the Vice President and Owner. This company was formed as the result of a buy-out of the Sondgroth Brothers Company by a consortium of companies. The new company was called Freeman-Sondgroth Construction Co., and consisted of Freeman Paving, Kaiser Sand and Gravel, an asphalt supplier, and Raisch Construction company of San Jose. Only one of the five Sondgroth Brothers stayed with this company for any length of time

Estimator and Area Supervisor­ Sondgroth Bros. Const.
The Sondgroth Bros. Construction Company was predecessor to the Freeman-Sondgroth Company. This general engineering contractor constructed roads, streets, high ways, subdivision site and infrastructure, municipal improvements, golf courses, and was a major supplier from two quarries and two asphalt plants. Jerry Sullivan joined this company from college.  He was hired as estimator, and was soon promoted to Area Supervisor in charge of Construction of streets, highways, subdivisions, and grading for golf courses and other recreational sites and facilities. As supervisor, he managed seven superintendents in field operations, and reported directly to Tom Sondgroth, one of the five owners.

Expert 1012’s Company is an associate member of the AGC ( Associated General Contractors )

Expert 1012 is a director, Vice President and Secretary, and share holder of a U.S. Corporation (name available upon request) that has devised an innovative metal stud interior and exterior wall system.  The company is presently working on contracts in Italy, Romania, and other countries in Europe.  The system is expected to be introduced and fabricated in the U.S. during this next year as soon as all appropriate U.S. approvals are obtained.

Expert 1012 is also a Vice President and director of an established pre-school emphasizing creative and exploratory thinking combined with developing understanding of parent-child relationships.

Expert 1012 has also been quite active with a volunteer civilian part of the U.S. Coast Guard, the Auxiliary . He has participated in all programs and has been active at the National Level in writing safe boating texts and manuals of instruction which have been used nationwide. He has been an active instructor and lecturer on boating safety and programs assisting the regular Coast Guard.


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