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Bachelor of Science/Education - State University of New York

Master of Science/Education - State University of New York

Certificate of Advanced Study/Educational Administration State University of New York

Special Correctional Education

Executive Training (40 hours) U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections

Building Effective Work Teams (40 hours) U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections

Conducting Prison Security Audits (40 hours) U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections

Dealing with Difficult People (20 hours) American Correctional Association

Employee Relations (40 hours) Cornell University

New York State Corrections Training Highlights

Use of Force, Weapons (revolver, AR-15, shotgun, chemical agents, baton) 360 hours
Executive Training (80 hours)
Labor Relations/Grievance Resolution (42 hours)
Internal Controls & Accreditation (42 hours)
Miscellaneous Facility Health & Safety (40 hours)
Legal Issues & Criminal Prosecution (40 hours plus)
Minority Issues & Sexual Harassment  (88 hours)


New York State School District Administrator
New York State Principal
New York State Teacher
New York State Vocational Instructor

Overall Correctional Facility Management

Employee Relations

Labor/Management Issues
Grievance Resolution
Allegations of Staff misconduct
Evaluation thereof
Appropriate Action
Employment Practices
Interview and Selection Processes
Minority and Women’s’ Issues

Inmate Programs

Academic Education
Vocational Training
Therapeutic Programs
Work Assignments
Sex Offender Treatment
Avocational Activities
Release Preparation

Facility Security & Safety

Overall Staffing
Staff Utilization
Population Management
Intelligence Gathering
Inmate Discipline
External Work Assignments
Classification of Inmates
Evaluation of Work sites
Monitoring of Inmate Workers
Equipment (communication, weapons, tools)
Escape Pursuit
Security of inmate at outside Medical Treatment Facilities
Development of Local Policy & Procedure
Sick Call Procedures
Emergency Responses
Environmental & Housekeeping Issues
Visitor entry & monitoring
Visiting Room Management

Facility Audits

External (ACA, OSHA, etc.)
Preparation, Conduct thereof, response
Internal (Security, Programs, Fiscal, Environmental)

External Interactions

Central Office
Elected Officials
Law Enforcement Agencies
Inmate Families

Facility Opening and Expansion

Program planning, Development, Implementation

Professional Experience/Corrections

New York State Department of Correctional Services 31 Years

2003 to 2005 , Superintendent - Gowanda Correctional Facility
Gowanda is a 1750 Bed medium security facility which houses 1100 general population inmates in addition to a 600 bed sex offender unit.  Gowanda offers academic education, vocational training, alcohol and substance abuse programs, an intensive six-month program for sex offenders, and work assignments including two inmate crews working outside the compound for governmental and nonprofit organizations.  Gowanda staffing consists of 580 security, 91 program, 64 support and 26 medical employees

1996 to 2003 Superintendent - Groveland Correctional Facility
Groveland is a 1700 bed facility consisting of three compounds. Two compounds housed general population medium security inmates. The general population was afforded programs including academic education, vocational training, therapeutic counseling and work       assignments.  A third compound housed 150 minimum-security inmates who were primarily engaged in offsite community work assignments.  Groveland also managed a 400-acre agricultural farm and provided security for inmates from Western New York who were confined at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Groveland staffing consisted of 485 security, 89 program, 80 support and 26 medical employees.

1995 to 1996 Superintendent - Butler Correctional Facility
Butler housed 400 minimum-security general population inmates on two separate compounds.  One compound provided comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse treatment for 200 inmates.  A separate compound provided assignments for inmates working on crews serving central New York communities.

1992 to 1995 Deputy Superintendent - Wende Correctional Facility
Wende is an 800-cell maximum-security facility.  The facility maintained a 40 bed Special Needs Unit which provided treatment for low functioning individuals who also suffered from profound psychological disorders.  The facility also maintained a 32 bed Mental Health Unit which provided long term as well as crisis care.  The facility also administered a 42 bed Special Housing Unit for disciplinary confinement

1990 to 1992 Deputy Superintendent - Attica Correctional Facility
Attica is a 2000 cell maximum-security facility.  Aside from general population Attica also maintains a mental health unit, protective custody unit and a special housing unit.

1989 to 1990 Deputy Superintendent - Watertown Correctional Facility
Watertown is a medium security facility housing general population inmates.  Programs provided including academic education, vocational training, therapeutic counseling and work assignment. Watertown also maintained a 24 cell Disciplinary Unit

1987 to 1990 Assistant Deputy Superintendent - Wende Correctional Facility

1986 to 1987 Assistant Deputy Superintendent - Collins Correctional Facility

1985 to 1986 Program Coordinator - Groveland Correctional Facility

1982 to 1985 Educational Supervisor - Collins Correctional Facility

1974 to 1982 Teacher/Vocational Instructor - Attica Correctional Facility

Professional Experience/External

2001 to 2002 Adjunct Faculty - Genesee Community College
Taught Introduction to Corrections

Professional Memberships

American Correctional Association
North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents
New York Superintendents Association
Corrections and Youth Association of New York



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