Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Blockchain SIM Swapping Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Cyptocurrency, Blockchain, Blockchain Forensics, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, Device Forensics, Ponzi Scheme, Initial Coin Offerings-ICO, Cybercrime, Splitting, Simjacking – SIM Swapping , Cyptocurrency Audit, Security Audit, Digital Assets, Mapping, Blockchain Transactions, Blockchain-based Digital Assets, Blockchain-Related Cybercrime, Asset Theft, Investment Fraud, Hidden or Non-Disclosed Cryptocurrency, Incident Response, Funds Recovery, Data Breaches, Extortion, Blackmail, Ransomware, Online Harrasment, Security Consulting, Operations Security, Personal Security-OPSEC/PERSEC, Pentesting, Compliance, Regulations, Anti-Money Laundering- AML,Know Your Transactions-KYT, Know Your Customer- KYC, General Data Protection Regulation- GDPR, Audits, Reports, Funds & Security Audit for Exchange & Funds, Anti-Scam Protection, Advisory, Fundraising, Cryptocurrency Payment Processing


  • Combat veteran continuing a sense of mission as a blockchain forensics expert and cryptocurrency cybercrime investigator with experience in dozens of cases.
  • Seen as subject matter expert by law enforcement and regulators.
  • Experience working with multiple law firms performing forensics work and other expertise-based supportive efforts.
  • Experience testifying and writing Declarations for numerous cases involving cryptocurrency, including OTC deals and simswaps.


  • Renowned expert in blockchain forensics (utilizing tools such as Chainalysis, CipherTrace, Blockseer, or tools developed internally by request,) briefing law enforcement, legal professionals, and senior level exchange executives on complex blockchain transactions, security vulnerabilities, and other rapidly evolving elements of new waves of crime
  • Expert witness with experience leveraging deep knowledge of cryptocurrency criminal methodologies and networks
  • Lead investigator for dozens of cryptocurrency scams and hacks, most notably the ‘OGUsers’ ring with many arrests in 2018
  • As a lead investigator, is involved throughout full case lifecycle, from the time of incident through prosecution
  • Assists affected parties with stabilizing upon breach and gathering initial forensics data
  • Generates law enforcement reports in a renowned “pretty box with a ribbon” format, greatly enhancing likelihood that reports are actionable and serving as a catalyst for law enforcement action on highly complex cases that often lack past “playbook precedent”
  • Conducts investigation of person(s) of interest for such incidents, including social engineering of social engineers, and feeding identifying data to law enforcement which led to the arrests of many simswappers via REACT and the FBI
  • Assists prosecutors by feeding evidence and opinion in order to ensure person(s) responsible for these incidents are held appropriately accountable
  • Assists victims and legal counsel by generating Declarations, often enabling and expediting asset recovery after arrests and asseit seizure
  • Advises top-tier blockchain projects, such as Dusk, Chromia by ChromaWay, Verv and Resistance
  • Leverages blockchain, regulatory, and cyber knowledge to serve exchange clients such as Bitbuy with solvency audits
  • Provides public-facing expert research and opinion on controversial matters in the blockchain industry, such as the Coinomi vulnerability and ShapeShift/WSJ dispute