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Defamation Public Relations Marketing Communications Advertising Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Publicity, Promotions, Crisis Communications, Management, Image Development, Negative Image, cause repair, Branding, Journalism, Media or Press Exposure, Relations, Analysis, Pre Litigation publicity, Litigation Support, Public Perception, Malpractice or Improper Billing Communications Professionals, Marketing Communications, Consequences of Failure Perform of Communications Professionals, Defamation, Public Image, Invasion of Privacy, Libel, Slander, PR

Expert Witness No. 2134



Expert has served as an expert witness in litigation on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs and has been deposed and testified both in court and arbitration hearings. Expert is well qualified to serve as an expert witness based on his 50 year career in public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism and communications.


  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Defamation (Libel, Slander)
  • Damage to Image or Reputation
  • Crisis Communications/Management
  • Media Operation/Procedures/Ethics
  • Effects From Negative or Inaccurate Media Exposure
  • Effects from Litigation Media Exposure
  • Public Perception/Opinion
  • Communications Analysis/Evaluation
  • Cause and Repair
  • Consequences of Failure to Perform
  • Professional Malpractice
  • (Improper Guarantees/Flawed Strategies/Bad Execution)
  • Over or Improper Billing
  • Communications Firm Operation, Procedures, Policies


Expert is veteran public relations, marketing and communications executive and counselor with 50 years of experience, including the past 40 years operating his own firm, Fisher & Associates, Inc., based in Los Angeles. He has provided counsel and services to clients in a broad range of business, professions and industries locally, nationally and internationally.

While a communications generalist in the breadth of his professional background and experience (journalism and public relations), Expert is a nationally recognized expert in communications for law and litigation, crisis communications and image repair and counseling. His firm was a national pioneer in creating and developing public relations and marketing/communications programs for the legal profession (having represented over 130 law firms) and has provided litigation support (communications) for hundreds of trials and cases throughout the United States.


Prior to founding his firm in 1978, Expert’s work experience consisted of serving in the following positions in the fields of journalism, promotions and public relations:

New York Times

Los Angeles Beautiful, Inc.
Non Profit
Public Relations Director

Harshe, Rotman & Druck
National PR Firm
Assistant Account Executive

Burson-Marsteller, Inc.
National PR Firm
Account Executive

Atlantic Richfield Plaza
Shopping Center
Promotion Director

Doremus & Company
National PR Firm
Account Supervisor

Fisher & Associates, Inc.
PR Firm


Among the professional, business and trade organizations Expert has belonged to (and served leadership positions in), include:

  • Public Relations Society of America (Executive Committee Member of Counselor’s Academy)
  • Public Communicators of Los Angeles (officer for five years)
  • Institute of Management Consultants (board member)
  • American Heart Association (Vice Chairman, Communications Committee)


Throughout his professional career, Expert has spoken and written on a wide variety of subjects related to public relations, marketing and communications in general.


Expert and his firm have received numerous awards from public relations and marketing organizations for its counsel and service to clients during the past three decades.


  • San Jose State College
  • Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Public Relations (1966)
  • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Periodic courses to upgrade knowledge.


While in the United States Army (1966-68), Expert served in the Public Information Office in West Germany and provided traditional public relations counsel and services.


Because of this vast experience, Expert has been utilized by the mass media nationally as an expert media information source on news, issues and matters relating to litigation communications, image development and repair, controversial people/businesses and those facing a crisis (articles and video tape examples available upon request). One prime example, during and between the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trials, he was often interviewed by media both in this country and around the world.


Expert’s firm was possibly the first firm in the United States representing the legal profession beginning the day after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bates v. Arizona Decision (1978). Over the years, the firm has represented over 125 legal entities, including law firms, bar associations, bar review courses and lawyer referral services. As a result, Expert been involved in hundreds of litigation cases and trials, handling the communications as part of the litigation strategy.  Therefore, he has extensive knowledge, experience and experience in all aspects and phases of the litigation process.


Expert is an experienced expert witness having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases throughout the United States. Following is an overview of the type, nature and diversity of cases he has participated in:

  • Represented a family when they were defendants in a lawsuit brought by a public relations firm claiming it wasn’t paid by them for services rendered (e.g. evaluated quality of service and strategy as well as provided and analyzed all billing to determine appropriateness and amount of money billed). (Los Angeles, California)
  • Represented a newspaper editor (plaintiff) in a defamation lawsuit against the editor of a rival newspaper for an article published accusing him of murder. (San Jose, California)
  • Counseled a plaintiff, the co-owner of a public relations firm, who was in the midst of a divorce case on how to discover and identify assets in a firm partnership. (Los Angeles, California)
  • Provided counsel to a defendant in a case where a journalist claimed loss of income, property and damage to potential earnings resulting from loss of portfolio in a fire. (Walnut Creek, California)
  • Served as counsel/expert witness for the defendant (police) in a case where plaintiff claimed his image and business was ruined from media exposure related to actions by police after an arrest. (Charleston, West Virginia)
  • Represented plaintiff (individual) in a defamation lawsuit against former employer (insurance company) which claimed that plaintiff after leaving company had stolen clients and was involved in identity theft. (Union City, California)
  • Served as expert witness on behalf of plaintiff (doctor) in a defamation case whereby his reputation in the medical community was damaged. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • Provided counsel to defendant (car dealership) in defamation case involving alleged factual errors in direct mail solicitation letter which damaged reputation of plaintiff. (Oakland, Calif.)
  • Served as expert witness for the plaintiff (a chain of medical-oriented colleges) in a defamation lawsuit where it alleged the defendants made false accusations against it in a series of media interviews. (Jackson, Mississippi)
  • Served as an expert witness for the defendant (attorney) in a defamation case where the plaintiff (attorney) accused defendant of generating media exposure of sanctions plaintiff received from Bankruptcy Court, thus damaging reputation resulting in loss of business. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Served as an expert to prepare an analysis/report for an attorney who had been sanctioned by the California State Bar detailing the negative effects the publication of the sanction has had on his image and reputation thus harming his ability to practice law. (Los Angeles, California)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in a defamation case. The plaintiff is a branch manager of a large national bank who was accused by a competitor of being unethical, incompetent, unprofessional and having no skills by a competitor in a series of communications to others in their industry. (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in a defamation case. The plaintiff is a doctor and the defendant is one of the nation’s largest health care providers. The company sent out false information on the plaintiff saying he had been sanctioned and also was unable to write prescriptions. The company first refused and then was slow in rectifying error causing damage to the plaintiff’s reputation and practice. (Tampa, Florida)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in a defamation case. The plaintiff is a residential real estate agent who was accused of interference with a business relationship involving a client of another real estate company. A breach of ethics complaint was filed against her with no merit and the public exposure damaged her reputation. (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in litigation against one of the nation’s most respected and prestigious universities. Plaintiff was a senior at the university when he was accused of engaging in an illegal act off campus of which he maintains he was innocent. Plaintiff was expelled from school depriving him of a degree and resulting in a loss of a major business position. (Durham, North Carolina)’
  • Served as an expert witness on behalf of defendant in a defamation case involving an internet blog that expressed great displeasure with a major community theatre and its artistic director who had fired the defendant for his personal sexual life as it intersected with his duties at the theatre. (Spokane, Washington)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in a case where the buyer of a newspaper sued the seller post-sale for breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, interference with a business relationship, etc. based on false information provided during sales process, lack of performance and detrimental actions taken after the sales. (Palm Beach, Florida)
  • Served as an expert witness for the defendant in a case in which the defendant filed a counterclaim for defamation against the plaintiff, a former employer. After the defendant resigned and started his own business, the plaintiff initiated a series of negative communications within the industry which damaged the defendant’s image and reputation. (Minneapolis, Minnesota).
  • Served as an expert witness for the defendant in a defamation case brought by a former employee and contractor against a major city public agency. Plaintiff claimed the agency failed to protect the company and owner when there was significant media coverage of a major public dispute that damaged their image and reputation. (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Served as an expert witness for the defendant (a city police department) in a case where an entertainment/media professional was struck by a police car and claimed that her injuries would have severe negative impact on her future career. (San Diego, California)
  • Served as an expert witness representing the defendant in a defamation case in which an events planner accused the defendant of disparaging the company and making false statements about its capabilities and performance. (Sacramento, California)
  • Served as an expert witness representing the plaintiff in a case involving a lawsuit against a city police department for image/reputation damage that emanated from a false arrest and the resulting negative media coverage that ensued (Scottsdale, Arizona).
  • Served as an expert witness representing the plaintiff in a case brought by one manufacturer against another for copying its products thus infringing on its intellectual property (copyrights and trademarks). Assessed harm and damage to image, reputation and brand. (Los Angeles, California)
  • Provided counsel to a defendant in a case involving two insurance companies that had a dispute over an action taken by one of them. Plaintiff sued for defamation claiming defendant misrepresented the action taken and made false statements that caused damage to its reputation. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiff in a defamation case involving an internationally prominent doctor suing his ex-wife who made a series of disparaging comments and false statements about him to family, friends and business colleagues. (La Jolla, CA)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in a defamation case representing the contractor and property management company that were accused of failing to eliminate health hazards on a military base in Hawaii as well as not disclosing them to current and prospective residents. (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in a defamation case involving one company disseminating a variety of untrue statements about a competitor specifically to damage its reputation and good will in the industry. (Pensacola, Florida)
  • Served as an expert witness representing the plaintiff in a dispute with an insurance company relating to unlawful instructions provided to the plaintiff by the company’s legal counsel in a previous litigation which resulted in reputational harm. (Baltimore, Maryland)

Expert has been deposed and testified both at arbitration hearings and in court trials.