Demurrage Railroad Tariff Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Demurrage, Railroad,CSX,Tariff, Merchandise, Coal Customers,Transit Time, Unit Trains, Single Cars, Load,Unload, Bunching and Bunching Relief, Sales and Marketing, Port Development, International Sales, Coal Marketing, Risk Management



Leadership Training and Execution

  • Formally trained in process improvement, lean ideas, critical thinking  
  • Experienced in team dynamics, team leader for significant and varied projects
  • Worked as claims agent, sales and marketing professional
  • Focus on revenue growth, contribution enhancement and pricing strategies
  • Selected for last two roles due to networking and 14 years in process improvement



  • Partnered with Technology on two COO initiatives, Field Connect and Incident Reporting
  • Collaborated very closely with Labor Relations  and Human Resources on recent assessment of Crew Management Center and work closely with HR on other projects
  • Successful in directing sensitive interviews and creating reports for  six sub departments of Engineering, CMC, Network Ops, Service Design and Mechanical
  • Co-led effort on Huntington Shops for LEAN Standard Line Continuous Process Improvement
  • Closely worked with Operations, Shortlines and Service Design on service issues



  • 30 years with CSX, all railroad focused; also have experience with coal mining and sales outside CSX
  • Extensive work with Commercial for 17 years. Emphasis on Sales and Marketing, Port Development, International Sales, Coal Marketing and Sales and Six Sigma training, mentoring, teaching and implementing process improvements
  • Inspire own team and direct reports to work effectively with cross-functional departments
  • Close ties with Operations entire career beginning with field claim work
  • Six years in CSX Technology in process improvement in Help Desk and workforce strategy
  • Strong emphasis on delivering technical solutions for CSX field employees while in Technology and in Operations – communicating effectively field needs to Technology
  • Risk Management, collaborating with inside and outside counsel for claims against railroad
  • Accolades for recent work at Crew Management Center and Railroad Network Operations
  • Operational alignment with Sales, process improvement
  • Process improvement in many areas, including Service Design, Network Ops, and Car Management



  • Executive MBA with emphasis on Leadership – Jacksonville University
  • Master Black Belt, Black Belt and Lean Manager, all certified by CSX
  • B.S. Finance, 2 ½ years in Mining Engineering – Penn State
  • A thorough curriculum of CSX leadership courses such as Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Applying Leadership Foundations, Harvard Business Reviews, etc.



  • Led and closed on $240M, $220M and $110M long-term contracts with Coal
  • Authored and co-authored several thorough assessments of departments in last roles at CSX
  • Successfully navigated through CSX’s top level to gain sensitive insight for workforce strategy
  • Negotiated successful FELA settlements, long-term sales contracts and service clauses, including demurrage and liquidated dames negotiations
  • Effective team leader on a diverse team – senior officials at CSX have praised efforts and results