Electrical Engineering Microwave Expert Witness

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Electrical Engineering Microwave, Engineer, RF, Patents, filters, multiplexers, Couplers, dividers, Combiners, impedance matching networks, Networks, Electromechanical Engineer,

Expert Witness No.233



U.C.L.A. 1974-Ph.D. Engineering, 1969-M.S. Engineering, 1966-B.S. Physics
Fields of study: Electromagnetics, Electronic Systems, Solid-State Electronics.


Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering, California Registration
GMDSS Radio. Operator, Maintainer, & Ship Radar, FCC License
Patent Agent, US PTO Registration


Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Fellow citation: "For advancements in synthesis techniques and development of new prototype networks for microwave filters."
Active in the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) Society
Member, National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE)
NAFE Board Certified Diplomate in Forensic Engineering


Licensed Professional Engineer Chatsworth, CA (Los Angeles area) and La Jolla CA (San Diego area).  Microwave equipment and design firm,  and forensic engineering, in the electronics and communications fields.

Microwave Equipment And Design Firm

Engineering experience in the design of high frequency through millimeter-wave equipment for space, airborne and ground electronics and communications systems, using lumped element, transmission line, wave-guide, semiconductor dielectric, ferrimagnetic, superconductor, electro-mechanical and antenna technologies.

Services include bids and proposals, research and development, product design; qualification and program documentation, and trouble-shooting, with emphasis on business development and growth; design team building and product assessment including manufacturability; reliability and quality.

Specialist in filters, Multiplexers, equalizers, couplers, dividers-combiners and impedance matching networks; operation in extremes of temperature, altitude and dynamics: and high power design for heat dissipation and prevention of multipactor and ionization RF voltage breakdown.

Analysis and problem solving experience in spurious signals and noise, reliability, and signal interfacing and simulation in antenna, digital signal processor, and electro-optic systems.

Applications experience include corn communications and telemetry; radar and countermeasures; electronic article surveillance; signal multi-coupling and RF power combining; system integration, interference mitigation and distortion reduction; simulation and instrumentation.

Forensic Electronics

Investigated consumer electronic equipment; police traffic radar; radio interference; microwave heating; electro magnetic radiation, RF and microwave equipment.

Cases include personal injury (product and job site liability): property damage (moisture intrusion); patents (infringement opinion of counsel and Rule 132 declaration); breach of contract; vehicle code.

Testified at California Municipal Court, U.S. District Court and U.S. International Trade Commission for Appraisal-Arbitration.

1993-Now Microwave Firm, CA
1992-1993 Loral Microwave-Narda West, Rancho Cordova CA
1981-1992 Loral Microwave-Wavecom, Northridge CA
1977-1981 Microwave Applications Group, Chatsworth CA
1975-1977 Wavecom Inc., Northridge CA
1969-1975 Hughes Aircraft Co.; El Segundo CA
1966-1968 Rantec Div. Emerson Electric Co., Calabasas CA


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