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Elevator Systems Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Elevators Maintenance, Elevators Repair, Elevators Installation, Specification Writing, Construction Bids, Maintenance Audits, Modernization Projects, QEI Inspections, Elevators Certified Safety Inspector, Field Operations, Code Compliance, Standards, Management, Elevators Sales, Operations, Elevators

Expert Witness No.1135


Areas of Expertise

Elevators, maintenance, repair, installation, specification writing, construction bids, maintenance audits, modernization projects, QEI inspections, certified safety inspector, field operations, code compliance, standards,management, sales, operations


Capitalizing on his 35+ years in the elevator industry, Expert 1135 founded an Elevator Consulting & Inspections firm in 2003.  After completing the sale of his elevator company, a large family owned full service elevator business started in 1972, Expert 1135 comes with a vast amount of both business expertise and experience within the elevator industry.

Having spent his early years in the industry performing maintenance, repair and installation of elevator systems, Expert 1135 knows the business from the ground up.  He spent the last 20 years of his career in the management areas of the business.  Expert 1135 has been involved in specification writing, construction bids, maintenance audits, modernizations projects, QEI Inspections and all other areas of field operations.  In addition to the field operations of his elevator company, he assisted in various legal cases from securing the corporate records to being listed and serving as the expert witness for the company.  To further his knowledge Expert 1135 became involved in the development of codes for the elevator industry by becoming a member of committees such as ASME A17.1 Maintenance & Repair; ASME A17.1 Elevators Used for Construction; ASME A17.3 Inspectors Guide for Elevators, as Chairman of ASME A17.1 Limited Use / Limited Application Elevators and as an ex-officio member of the A17.1 Standards Committee.

Expert 1135 has served as a director and is a past president of the National Association of Elevator Contractors.  He is on the board of directors of Elevator World magazine and the National Association of Elevator Contractors (CET) board.  He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a member of the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities and is an ASME recognized QEI elevator inspector licensed in the state of Texas.  In addition to the above, Expert 1135 has served on other boards and association committees and has been a presenter at functions such as National Association of Elevator Contractors, National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, Canadian Elevator Association, National Association of Vertical Transportation Professionals and the Building and Owners Management Association.

Having a love for the elevator industry and a passion for “safe elevators”, Expert 1135 began his new career to perform services such as Maintenance Audits, Consultation on Elevator Systems, Litigation Support, Inspection Services, Specification Writing and more. 

Professional Education:

Bachelor of Arts / Business Administration – Abilene Christian University-Dallas

Professional Activities and Affiliations:

Member of National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

Member of National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities (NAESA)

Member of NAEC Certified Elevator Technician Certification Board

Member; American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities Certified Elevator Safety Inspector; Q.E.I. effective 6/9/90

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation; Certified Inspector since 1999

International Union of Elevator Constructors; Mechanic’s Certification

National Association of Elevator Contractors Certified Elevator Technician

Participation in Industry Associations:

Member, Board of Directors of National Association of Elevator Contractors, 1983-1985

President, National Association of Elevator Contractors, 1984-1985

Member; Elevator World (industry magazine publication) Board of Directors, 1991-current

Member; ASME A17.1 Standards Committee, 2002-current

Member; ASME A17.1 Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Committee, 1998-current

Member; ASME A17.1 Elevators Used for Construction Committee, 2000-current

Member; ASME A17.1 Inspectors Guide Committee, 1999-current

Member; (Chairman); ASME A17.1 Limited Use / Limited Accessibility Committee, 2003-current

Member; ASME A17.1 National Interest Review Committee

Chairman; NAEC 1998 Annual Convention

Course Attendance:

National Association of Safety Authorities; ASME Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators

Annual 8 hr. requirements for TDLR each year since 1995

Annual requirements for QEI – 8-hour industry related topics

Various seminars and round table discussion groups at NAEC seminars and conventions

Technical Reviews

Member; Technical Review Committee for Elevator World

Member; Review Committee for Zack McCain (Author)

Member; Review Committee for George Strakosch (Author)

Presentations & Speaking Engagements:

Available upon request.

Elevator Work Experience: 1967 – present

1967 -1971  (part time while in college)
Elevator Technician – Maintenance & repair of elevator systems

1971 -1972 – Purchasing Agent, Purchase all hydraulic parts for resale

1972 – 1976 – Elevator Technician & Management, Maintenance & repair of elevator systems, purchasing of component parts, sales

1976 – 2000 – Vice President, Member of Management Council

Field Operations (Maintenance of 1500+ elevators; New Construction; Modernization & Repair)

Insurance Management, Litigation Support (documents, depositions & expert witness)

1985 – 1996, President – Management, Sales, Operations

2000 – 2003, Executive Vice President, COO
See above, QEI Inspection Services & Safety

2003 – present, Consultant – On call as needed for customer relations.