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Engineer Acoustical Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Engineer Acoustical, Vibration Analysis, Vibration Reduction, Structural Dynamics, Dynamic Stresses, Vibration Damping, Structural Motions stresses due forces pressures, Sound Radiation from Structures, Noise Control, Noise Reduction

Expert Witness No.1460



Eng. Sc.D., New York University, 1957
M.S., University of New Mexico, 1954
B.S., Washington University, 1951

Professional Positions

Engineering Firm – 1992 to present.
Technology Firm – Principal Engineer, Chief Consulting Engineer 1958-1997
New York University; Assistant Professor, Research Scientist 1954-1958
Sandia Corporation, Aero-Ordnance Engineer 1951-1953.

Honors and Professional Societies

Distinguished Engineer Award, Institute of Noise Control Engineers, 2004
Lifetime Achievement Award, Shock and Vibration Information Analysis Center, 2004
Life Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Chairman, Design Engineering Division, 1978-1979,  Centennial Medallion, 1981);
Fellow, Acoustical Society of America (President, 1991-1992, "Trent-Crede" Silver Medal in Shock and Vibration, 1983);
Member, Board Certified, Institute of Noise Control Engineering (President 1985);
Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts, D.C., Missouri.

Advisory Positions

International Standards Organization;
American National Standards Institute;
Argonne National Laboratory, Components Technology Division, 1980-83 (Chairman, Evaluation Committee 1983).

Editorial Activities

Available upon request

Professional Responsibilities and Projects

Since 1958, Expert 1460 has worked at a distinguished technology firm in the areas of structureborne sound, structural and machinery dynamics, noise and vibration control, and stress analysis.  His recent projects have dealt with the design of facilities and buildings that accommodate extremely vibration-sensitive equipment or that require high resistance to vibration-related damage or malfunction.  He has won wide recognition for his work on structural damping, vibration isolation, and vibrations of complex structures as applied to buildings, aerospace vehicles, ships and machinery.

Expert 1460’s work in noise and vibration control of buildings includes the following projects:

Design of sanctuary structure fully floated on rubber pads to protect against intrusion of subway noise and vibration.

Development of structural design concepts for protecting research spaces from noise and vibration.

Review of state-of-the-art understanding of structureborne noise in buildings.

Some of Expert 1460’s vibration-sensitive facilities projects are:

Vibration environmental control for electron microscopes, analytical balances, and microtomes.

Site evaluation for high-speed optical scanner/transmitter.

Evaluation of buildings, site selection, and vibration control.

Study of expected vibration effects on computers, radar equipment, and displays.

Design of doubly isolated multi-story vacuum chambers for ultrasensitive tests of classified optical systems.

Site evaluation and design of optical calibration facility.

Expert 1460 has performed site evaluation, structural design, and equipment isolation analyses for many high technology facilities:

The vibration-resistant structures on which Expert 1460 has consulted include:

Design to accommodate pressures from helicopters hovering and flying within the hangar.

Design of highly damped walls and beams to withstand long-term vibrations at resonance.

Evaluation of window strength under combined noise and blast loading.

Vibration reduction of engine-supporting structures in test cell.

Expert 1460 taught machinery dynamics and applied mechanics, and engaged in research and consulting in stress analysis and heat transfer. 

Participated in atomic weapons development and delivery concept analysis