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Expert No. 1036

Forensic Consultant & Instructor


Forensic consultant, expert witness, forensic instructor and training consultant in the field of latent print examination, evaluating and searching unknown latent prints through the Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS) as well as the FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).


Assigned as a Latent Print Examiner in an ASCLD/LAB accredited laboratory, examinations in the Phoenix Latent Comparative Section are performed under a documented quality, assurance program that includes annual proficiency testing, technical peer and administrative review and adherence to standard operating procedures.

Responsibilities include the examination and evaluation of evidence for latent prints for identification value, comparison of latent prints with the prints of known individuals, generation of reports based on results of findings and providing expert witness testimony as requested.

Previously assigned to the New York City Police Department’s CIRD - Latent Print Unit for seventeen years as a Detective, Police Officer and Fingerprint Technician. Duties and responsibilities included:

• Evaluating, searching and comparing latent fingerprints recovered from crime scenes.
• Testifying to the findings of said results in local, state and federal courts.
• Lecturing and training members of the New York Police Department and law enforcement officials from other agencies on the techniques and use of latent fingerprints as an investigative tool to assist in solving crimes.
• Classifying, searching and identifying inked fingerprints of criminal, applicant and DOA utilizing the Henry system.
• Performing various other administrative duties including name checks and filing of fingerprint records and reports.

Examined inked and latent fingerprints and conducted over 800,000 inked and latent print comparisons, qualified as an expert witness in the discipline of latent prints and testified in New York City Supreme and Criminal Courts, Nassau County Supreme Court and United States Federal Courts while assigned as a fingerprint technician and certified latent print examiner with the New York City Police Department.


September 1977 - January 1979
New York Institute of Technology           
Old Westbury, New York
Baccalaureate of Fine Arts
Major: Communication Arts (video production)

September 1974 - June 1977
John Jay College of Criminal Justice               
New York, New York
Associate Arts Degree
Major: Psychology

Professional Training

Science of Fingerprints Course
New York City Police Department                       

Latent Print Course
Federal Bureau of Investigation                       

Advanced Administrative Latent Course
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, VA               

89th International Educational Conference
International Association of Identification, St. Louis, MO           

Scientific Analysis: The Facts behind ACE-V and Daubert
Mesa Police Department, Mesa, AZ                       

Professional Organizations

• Certified Latent Print Examiner, International Association for Identification