Forensic Environmental Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Forensic Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Industrial Hygienist, Certified Safety Professional, Manufacturing Processes to Reduce Pollution, Manufacturing Plants Compliance OSHA Standards, Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS, Monitored Exposure Noise Air Contaminants, Hearing Conservation Plans, Respiratory Protection Plans, Hazard Assessments, Manufacturers Safety Health Plans Llock out Tag Out Surveys, Machine Guarding, Powered Industrial Vehicles, Safety Equipment Work Tasks, Hazard Communications Training, Air-Monitoring Networks Compliance Clean Air Act, EPA Amendments Acid Rain, Federal Register Proposals, Final Rules, Pollution Controls, Shipyards Industrial Environments, Safety Health Programs, Shipboard Safety Procedures, Industrial Hygiene Health Safety,


  • Private Engineering Co. Professional Engineer 1988-Present
    • Consulting engineer for manufacturers, attorneys and claims adjusters: design total enclosures, prepare major and minor constructions and operating permits; calculate emissions using mass balance; provide technical recommendations for compliance issues; designed manufacturing process changes to reduce pollution.
  • Industrial Hygienist 1988-Present
    • Consulting industrial hygienist for manufacturers and their legal counsel: audited manufacturing plants for compliance with OSHA standards; researched and interpreted material safety data sheets (MSDS); monitored exposure to noise and air contaminants; wrote hearing conservation plans, respiratory protection plans, and performed hazard assessments.
  • Safety Engineer 1998-Present
    • Consulting safety engineer for manufacturers: developed safety and health plan for manufacturers; performed lock out/tag out surveys; inspected machine guarding; evaluated powered industrial vehicle programs; specified safety equipment for various work tasks; provided hazard communications training.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • Project Engineer 1978-1984
    • Designed and built air-monitoring network for Southeastern United States; consultant to state and local governments on compliance with the Clean Air Act; EPA Region IV representative on task forces for Clean Air Act Amendments and Acid Rain; evaluated State Implementation Plans and wrote Federal Register Proposals and Final Rules.
  • Enforcement Officer 1984-1991
    • Federal enforcement officer on civil and criminal cases; calculated economic benefit of non-compliance; designed pollution controls to bring violators into compliance; prepared affidavits presenting engineering evidence in criminal case; trained federal and state enforcement officers in inspection techniques.

United States Navy (Reserve Officer – 40 hours/month)

  • Inspector General 1998-2008
    • Audited naval shipyards and industrial activities business metrics; inspected naval shipyards and industrial activities environmental, safety and health programs; led team of twelve subject matter experts (such as accountants, human resource specialists, and information technology professionals) auditing shipyards and industrial activities.
  • Engineering Duty Officer 1981-2008
    • As Ship Superintendent tracked work in progress to assure contract specifications; directly observed shipboard safety procedures; tracked daily and weekly progress and key event milestones for the Shipyard Commander and Ship’s Commanding Officer; troubleshoot production problems on the waterfront; as Commanding Officer (CO) coordinated over 10,000 technician and mechanic workdays to shipyards. Six tours as CO.


  • National Counsel of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) 1989 – 2016
      • One of twelve SMEs who defined the scope of environmental engineering; determined the critical skills required of professional engineers (PE) practicing in this field; wrote all the 20questions for the first several licensing examinations and served as referee on challenges posed by examinees; subject areas included industrial hygiene, health and safety. Developed the test specifications for professional activities and knowledge/skills required.


  • Speed Engineering School, University of Louisville
    • Master of Engineering with Specialization in the field of Environmental Engineering 1983
      • Thesis: A Federally Funded/State Operated Precipitation Chemistry Monitoring Network
  • Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University
    • Master of Business Administration (Operations and Management) 1989
  • Speed Engineering School, University of Louisville
    • Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) 1978


  • Professional Engineer (GA, KY, AL, NC) 1982 – Present
    • First licensed in Kentucky in 1982
  • Diplomate Forensic Engineer, National Academy of Forensic Engineers (F-460) 1988 – Present
  • Diplomate Environmental Engineer, American Academy of Environmental Engineers (86-10004) 1986 – Present
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist, American Board of Industrial Hygiene (5804-CP) 1992 – Present
  • Certified Safety Professional (Engineer), Board of Certified Safety Professionals (15560) 1998 – Present
  • Captain, Engineering Duty (US Navy, retired) 1967 – 2008


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  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers
  • American Board of Industrial Hygiene
  • American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • National Academy of Forensic Engineers, Fellow
  • National Society of Professional Engineers