Forensic Media Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Video, Multimedia Production, Forensic Media, Accident Reconstruction


Expert has been in the world of digital technology since 1991 with extensive experience in video and multimedia production including forensic media. He is able to create interactive and animated demonstrative presentations for litigation, training, accident recreation, reconstruct sequence of events and the like. His work uses realistic 3D animations and visuals to accurately present the facts supplied by subject matters experts and witnesses into compelling presentations. The work often provides “impossible views” inside machinery or equipment – views impossible to capture with a camera – that are often necessary to tell a story to an audience, judge or jury. The presentations he creates allows viewers to experience the facts of a case or accident or injury first hand and witness events as if they were there as they happened. His work has been used in every type of case to show patent infringement, industrial
accidents, chemical explosions, fires, environmental impact, medical injury conditions and procedures, how-to mechanical operational and failure, and crime scenes – just to name a few.

In the early 90s, to his credit, Expert produced one of the first uses of animation as demonstrative evidence in Iowa litigation and he soon became a leading expert in the use of animation in the courtroom, published numerous articles in internationally published trade magazines, co-authored multiple books with worldwide distribution, and developed a presentation on the persuasive power of images that positioned him as an in-demand speaker at industry events throughout the country.

Since his initial launch into technology based work, he has recognized the evolution to meet the needs of developing industries, therefore, producing videos, animations and interactive applications for law firms and litigation consulting companies that has expanded into federal government agencies, numerous clients in energy generation, non-profit organizations, higher education, and corporate businesses throughout the United States and in 9 different countries including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Italy.