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Expert Witness No.1432



Expert 1432 is the president and owner of two online furniture retailer in California. One was founded in June of 2000 and the other was founded in January 2004.  One site sells and rents both pre-owned and new office furniture.  As the president, Expert 1432 is responsible for buying, selling, renting, and valuing both new and pre-owned office furniture, computers and phone systems.  Expert 1432 is also frequently retained to provide an expert opinion on the value of used and new office furniture, including computer equipment.  His clients are primarily Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.


1995-1997, Acquisitions officer for the Gary Becker Company, California

1997-2000, Established J.P.C & Co., which is a wholesale office furniture liquidation company specializing in the complete liquidation of office furniture and equipment for fortune 1000 and 500 companies. In addition it was responsible for the distribution of these assets to retail office furniture organizations both Nationwide and in California.

2000-Present, Established a wholesale and retail Liquidation Company selling both new and pre-owned office furniture and equipment

2004-Present, Established a liquidation, appraisal and evaluation company providing options and information to the liquidation process.

Description of Professional services

Liquidation: We advise the client as to the current market value of the items they wish to liquidate. Also inform which companies would be the best to contact for liquidation. We also act on the clients’ behalf during liquidation for a percentage.

Assessment: We research what would be the best method of liquidation, disposal and donation taking into account time constraints, logistics, moving and disposal costs. We also inform the client to ways of offsetting as many of the expenses as possible. This is a fee-based service

Donation: We assist with the donation process contacting charitable organizations in order to reduce disposal costs and acquire tax write offs.

Disposal: We can provide an estimate as to what you may be getting into and the manpower needed to handle the job in addition to disposal bins and trucking expenses.

Recycle: We explore all possible options FIRST to help reduce waste and be environmentally friendly.