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Glass Failure Analysis Engineering Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Glass Failure Analysis Combustion Engineering, Ceramic Engineer, Material Failure Analysis, Glass Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Furnace Design, Combustion Design Engineering, Glass Compositional Development, Capital Project Management, Research Development, Field Service Hands on Process Troubleshooting, Turn key Plant Design, Construction Start up, Flat Glass, Containers, Fiberglass, Brittle Material Failures, Fractologist, Origin Cause of Material Failures, Industrial Furnace Design

The expert works as a principal for a private International Company that has been in business for more than twenty (25) years.  The expert has a technical staff and a network of part time supporters with more than twenty years each in the glass and fiberglass industry.  The founder, Expert 2285, has worked in the glass fiber Industry since 1967 and been involved in the design, construction and operation of over forty (40) glass fiber furnaces ranging from 10 to 120 bushings and with glass melting capacities between 4,000 and 70,000 tons per year.


1984 to present
President and founder of glass fiber engineering and technology firm Private Firm

1981 to 1986
V. P. Manufacturing of Omni Fiberglass Corp. Designed and built 4,000 t/y factory.

1978 to 1980
President and builder of VST a 1,000 t/y fiber firm.

1973 to 1978
Kaiser Glass Fiber Corp three furnace and seventy bushing operation. Held the following positions:
batch manager, furnace/forming Manager, R & D Manager, roving manager and Q C manager.

1969 to 1973
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp – Jackson Plant.
Held the following positions:  Manager batch, furnace and bushing groups as  Project Manager for construction and Manager after production start of Glass Lab,Manager of forming plus plant Production Manager.

1967 to 1969
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp – Aiken Plant.
Held the following positions: batch plant supervisor and furnace engineer assigned to construction and start up of fifteen (15) twenty (20) bushings furnaces.

Expert 2285 holds twelve glass fiber equipment patents covering bushing design, combustion burners and direct winders.  Expert 2285 experience has been with engineering and supervision of production operations of both fine yarn and reinforcement processes.  The almost thirty business years of Private Company have been exciting and certainly interesting with successful complete systems and equipment sold, installed and operating in many parts of the world.

THE EXPERT OR HIS COMPANY designed and installed in 1989-90 a factory on the site of a USA roofing products producer to vertically integrate their wet chop, tissue mat and asphalt impregnation roofing products process.  Now all roofing companies in the USA have vertically integrated manufacturing processes.  Roofing product manufacturers are the largest users of glass fiber in the USA and generally all those companies now use large and highly automated furnaces and fiberizing processes.

The expert or his company believes that its lower capital cost manufacturing systems featuring high melting rate furnaces in combination with its modern open fiber forming processes can bring the financial success of vertically integrated processes to even mid-size composite manufacturers.

To lower the capital cost of the basic glass fiber process, The expert or his company has followed the lead of Owens Corning Fiberglas (OCV) to develop and convert to a special type of “E” glass which eliminates the pollutants of boron oxide and fluorine from the composition. Glasses such as “E-CR” do not require expensive flue gas emission control equipment and in many cases the raw material costs are lower.

In 1998 The expert or his company designed, engineered and built Fiberex Glass Corporation in Canada and the factory started with a typeof “E-CR” glass and later in 2002 The expert or his company designed, engineered and started DBW Fiber Neuhaus in Germany with a higher temperature version of “E-CR” glass for muffler packing products.

The expert or his company in 2003-2004 sold its “E-CR” formulations and process knowhow to CPIC of Chongqing, China for their new 35,000 ton per year furnace which began supplying “E-CR” products to Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Ltd of Saudi Arabia (one of the owners of CPIC) in early 2005.  Non-boron glass processes have become a specialty of The expert or his company and most new factories for pipe winding, ocean containers, chop strand and weavers input will also use the non-polluting “E-CR” glass.

The expert or his company has worked in China since 1985 and built the first gas fired direct unit melter “E” glass furnace in 1988-1989.  In 2009 The expert or his company completed and started a two furnace 60,000 t/y factory in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the latest state-of-art design using extensive electric boost plus oxy-fuel combustion in the melter and forehearths.  In 2011-12 The expert or his company designed, constructed and started a two furnace 60,000 t/y factory; which has been recognized as the most energy efficient furnaces in China.   In 2013 The expert or his company designed and started in China a 70,000 t/y furnace with the same energy efficiency resulting from its crown mounted combustion system and electric boost.


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