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Jail or Prison Procedures Consultant Expert Witness

Use of force   (California and Federal District Court)
Expert opines in use of force cases involving force that is reasonable and justified and Expert opines in cases where the force was not reasonable and was unnecessary and/or excessive.

Use of the TASER   (California Courts + in a Published Opinion)
Expert opines in the use of the Taser.  Expert evaluates probe/dart wounds as well as drive stun marks.  He evaluates the Taser Down Load Data Port Taser usage log to look for signs of abuse in the use of the Taser.  Expert opines about polices and procedures in the agencies’ manuals pertaining to the use of the Taser.  He explains in reports and in depositions and in trials about how a Taser works.  Expert opines if the use of the Taser was justified and reasonable or unnecessary and/or excessive.

Narcotics (California and Nevada Courts)
Expert opines in most narcotics cases form under the influence to possessing to sales, and body cavity searches and the correct procedures for retrieving evidence in body cavity concealment cases.

Sexual assault investigations   (Federal Courts)
Expert opines about how the police are trained to respond to and investigate cases of sexual assaults.

Evidence collection in firearms cases   (California Courts)
Expert opines on the correct procedures in collecting shell casings and other tangible evidence in shooting cases.

Prison inmate culture:   (California and Federal Courts)
Expert opines in jail and prison cases about riots, forced cell extractions, medical care response, jail-made weapons; carrying, using, and manufacture, gang vs. non-gang attacks on staff, contraband, jail/prison suicide prevention, jail/prison safety checks, as well as most other jail/prison topics.

With a lifetime of service in the public sector jail and or custody, and investigatory procedures, The Expert is a jail procedures consultant for attorneys, public agencies, and the media.  He has provided expert testimony in United States District Courts and California and Nevada state courts in:

  • Use of force   (California and Federal District Court)
  • Use of the TASER   (California Courts + in a Published Opinion)
  • Narcotics   (California and Nevada Courts)
  • Sexual assault investigations   (Federal Courts)
  • Evidence collection in firearms cases   (California Courts)
  • Prison inmate culture:   (California and Federal Courts)
    • jail-made weapons  (carrying, using, and manufacture)
    • gang vs. non-gang attacks on staff
    • contraband

He served as a Lieutenant for various Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stations as well as correctional facilities throughout Los Angeles County, and commanded many large-scale operations during major natural disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes. Other duties included Sergeant (supervising 20 – 200+ deputies per shift), Narcotics Investigator (co-sworn as a federal agent with federal powers of arrest), Detective, Patrol Deputy, and Training Officer.  He was consistently commended for his professionalism, his outstanding performance, and his dedicated service to the community.

He has provided training in the proper handling of various public interactions such as high-risk incidents, tactical command skill in tense situations, use of force including when and when not to use the Taser, proper patrol procedures, emergency skills preparedness and training, officer safety, incident report writing, California penal codes, police ethics (excessive use of force and falsifying reports and testimony), and supervision and leadership skills for newly promoted sergeants and lieutenants.

In his thirty-year career, The Expert has extensive experience in analyzing use of force in the jails, including the use of the Taser, by his subordinates to determine if the force used was proper, reasonable, and within policy.  He has performed numerous full “force reviews” of deputy personnel who have used force a disproportionate number of times per year.

The Expert has investigated numerous complaints from inmates concerning allegations of deputy misconduct.

In a custody environment, The Expert commanded responses to over 100 major inmate disturbances/riots within large correctional facilities (up to 4,000 inmates), dealing with barricaded inmates, forced cell removals, hostage situations, medical emergencies, fires, evacuations, earthquakes, and ensuring that proper inmate discipline hearings were carried out by sergeant personnel.

The Expert has commanded responses to numerous attempted and completed jail suicides by hanging, cutting, and jumping.  The Expert has personally discovered three inmates who hanged themselves.  The Expert wrote and instituted a policy that resulted in the reduction of feigned jail suicides by 50%.  The Expert wrote an article about jail suicide prevention which can be viewed on his website.

While assigned to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station, The Expert was the jail manager and responsible for the station jail that received over 14,000 bookings a year. As a lieutenant he lectured at the Sheriff’s academy on the POST certified topic of Crimes Against Persons, and at the Jail Incident Command School on the topics of jail disturbances/riots, cell extractions, and jail-made weapons.  As a sergeant he attended the POST Career Integrity and Police Ethics facilitator trainer course on police ethics (excessive use of force and false reporting/testimony), and held over twenty ethics workshops for deputy personnel.  As a narcotics investigator, The Expert testified over 100 times as a narcotics expert in over a dozen courts throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County.  The Expert has held many in-service use of force training sessions in patrol and in the jails. These sessions often included de-escalation techniques.

Expert was retained by defense counsel to examine the evidence in a jail-made weapon (shank) case and then render his opinion at trial. He determined the evidence was not fashioned as a jail-made weapon. He explained to the jury about how jail-made weapons (shanks) are fashioned and how they are used. He also explained his reasoning as to why the evidence in this case was not such a weapon. The jury returned a favorable verdict for the defendant.

The Expert feels it is very important to continue with his training.  He has received considerable on-going, verifiable, continuing education/training since starting his consulting business.  The continuing education/training consists in part of use of force, Taser, firearms, less-than-lethal weapons, excited delirium, jail suicides, and deliberate indifference topics, etc., to name a few.

Professional Work Experience


Jail Procedures, consultation services to law firms, public agencies and media
May 2008 to present


Los Angeles County Sheriff, North County Correctional Facility (Watch Commander)
Castaic, California – November 2001 to February 2008

Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lancaster Station (Watch Commander)
Lancaster, California – August 1997 to November 2001

Los Angeles County Sheriff, North Facility (Watch Commander)
Castaic, California – March 1996 to July 1997


Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station
Santa Clarita, California – March 1992 to March 1996

North County Correctional Facility
Santa Clarita, California – July 1989 to March 1992

Narcotics Investigator

Los Angeles County Sheriff Detective Division
Los Angeles, California – November 1986 to June 1989


Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station
Santa Clarita, California – January 1986 to November 1986

Patrol Deputy
Training Officer

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy
  • Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail
  • Carson Sheriff Station
  • West Hollywood Station
  • Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station

Los Angeles County, California – February 1978 to December 1985

California Post-Commission Certificates

Peace Officer

  • Basic Certificate
  • Basic – Specialized Certificate
  • Intermediate and Advanced Certificates
  • Specialized Training Certificates


  • Supervisory Peace Officer Certificate


  • Middle Management Certificate

Selected Awards / Certificates of Appreciation

Outstanding Service to the Community, 1993 and 1994
The City of Santa Clarita recognized The Expert for his courageous and outstanding performance during a shootout with a sniper in a residential area (1993) and for his overall response and service to various emergencies throughout Santa Clarita during the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Meritorious Service Award, 1994
Sheriff Sherman Block recognized The Expert for his dedicated service in teaching emergency preparedness procedures and protocol.

Sheriff’s Commendation
The Expert was recognized for his actions and efforts, which helped to quell a massive inmate riot involving 2,000+ inmates at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, California.

Sheriff’s and Fire Department Commendation
Both departments recognized The Expert for his overall service as head of command post operations during the massive 2007 Los Angeles wildfires.

Riverside County Office of the Public Defender
The Expert received a certificate of appreciation for his lecture on police use of force cases given to their members at their quarterly training meeting in October 2009.

California Association of Defense Investigators
The Expert received a certificate of appreciation for his lecture on police use of force cases given to their members at their annual training meeting in November 2009.

National Association of Legal Investigators
The Expert received a certificate of appreciation for his lecture on use of force given during the group’s annual meeting in Las Vegas.

California Association of Licensed Investigators
The Expert received a certificate of appreciation his lecture on use of force given during the groups monthly meeting.

Note: He has received more than 100 additional formal and/or written commendations in recognition of his law enforcement and emergency/rescue service to the community.

Law Enforcement Professional Affiliations

Professional Peace Officer’s Association (PPOA)
Association of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s (ALADS)
International Police Association (IPA)
Peace Officers Research Association
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE)
Institute for the Prevention of In Custody Deaths (IPICD)


Certified Litigation Specialist (CLSA)
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE) – 2013

Associates in Administration of Justice
College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, California – 2004

Los Angeles County Paramedic
Los Angeles County, California – 1978

Medical training

Basic Red Cross first aid
Advanced Red Cross first aid
Basic Red Cross first aid instructor
Certified hospital orderly
Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Certified Los Angeles County Mobile Intensive Care Unit Paramedic
Certified massage technician

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