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Expert has over 53+ years of diversified mechanical & electrical engineering experience in gas turbine- based simple cycle, combined cycle, IGCC and cogeneration plant conceptual design, project management, project engineering, start-up, construction, operations and maintenance in LNG fueled Combined Cycle Power Plants, Independent Power Plants, Public Utility gas fired Rankine cycle power plants, and Upstream, Midstream & Downstream integrated petroleum-producing facilities in the Middle East.

He managed the development of hundreds of proposals for world-class size combined cycle power plant supervising proposal engineering managers, power plant cycle design engineers, water treatment specialists, and senior mechanical engineers. He has also managed the design and construction of multiple capital projects from proposal to completion including development, scope-of-work, contract development, bidding, negotiations, change orders, and closeout. In one assignment, he assumed project management of seven (7) major electrical facilities being constructed simultaneously.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1968


01/02 to Present:
Principal Consultant for Multiple Clients

08/94 to 12/01: ENRON ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, Houston, TX.
General Manager, Conceptual Design & Performance Engineering

Responsible for the conceptual design and performance testing of Enron’s combined cycle, cogeneration, and simple cycle gas turbine projects worldwide.

  • Direct the development of initial performance screening, site weather data analysis, cycle configuration, heat & material balances, process flow diagrams, new & clean performance, plant degradation, power & heat rate guarantee values for performance test, power & heat rate values for use in development pro formas, Net Present Value analysis, and liquidated damage calculations.
  • Review design basis documents, scope of work, power purchase agreements, fuel supply agreements, specifications, and turnkey contracts. Coordinate with development, project management, contracts, legal, and engineering.
  • Prepare analysis of gas turbine, HRSG, and steam turbine vendor quotations and performance.
  • Review all capital equipment purchase contracts, specifications, terms & conditions, & LD’s.
  • Recommend changes in cycle designs to improve power and heat rate.
  • Directed Site Signature Studies for Eli Lilly & Company for the utility plants.
  • Directed design, procurement and installation of inlet fogging system for 2 GE 9FA gas turbines in India.
  • Implemented cycle design improvements to optimize cooling systems, prevent cold end corrosion from sulfur bearing fuels, inlet fogging of gas turbines, and inlet chilling of gas turbines with “chill” from LNG vaporization.
  • Supervise the preparation of site performance test procedures, site performance tests, and test reports.
  • Proficient on GT Pro, GT Master, Steam Pro, Steam Master, Re-Master & Thermoflex for power plant cycle design.

Specific Projects Developed and Tested:

  • 507 MW 2×1 W501F Integrated LNG Fueled Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant, LNG/LPG/#2 FO, in Puerto Rico
  • 120 MW 2×1 GE6B Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant, NG/#2 FO, in Poland
  • 500 MW 2×1 V84.3A Combined Cycle Plant, #2FO/NG, in Cuiaba, Brazil
  • 480 MW 2×1 V94.2 Combined Cycle Plant, LNG/#2FO, in Turkey
  • 780 MW 2×1 GE9FA++ Combined Cycle Plant, NG in Sutton Bridge, UK
  • 85 MW 2×1 MAN Slow Speed Diesel Combined Cycle Plant in Guam
  • Year 1999 Simple Cycle Peaking Plants in Southeastern U.S. at 3 sites
  • Year 2000 Simple Cycle Peaking Plants in Midwestern U.S. at 5 sites
  • 780 MW 2×1 GE9FA CC Power Plant, Naphtha/#2FO, in Dabhol, India
  • 150 MW 3×1 GE6B Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG/#2FO, in Panama
  • 120 MW 4×2 ABB Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG/#2FO, in Gaza
  • 600 MW 2×1 GE7FA Combined Cycle Power Plant, NG, in Texas

1994-1995: ENRON CORP, Houston, TX, Project Engineering Manager

08/94-02/95:Assisted in the development and project oversight of a LNG, LPG, and diesel fueled Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant Project in Penuelas, Puerto Rico consisting of two 1-million- barrel LNG storage tanks, vaporization equipment, two Frame 7 advanced gas turbine generators (160MW), two 900 kpph HRSG’s w/duct burners, one 200MW steam turbine generator, 18kV/230kV substation, 4 MMGPD desalination plant, and 3 miles of 230kV power line.

1988-1994:SOLAR TURBINES INCORPORATED, Houston, TX, Project Engineer

05/93-08/94: Responsible for the project engineering and proposal development of the Menasha Cogeneration Plant in Otsego, MI consisting of 2 Solar Mars T-15000, 10 MW gas turbine generators, 180kpph HRSG’s w/duct burners, 200 kpph package boiler, 46kV/13.8kV outdoor substation, 13.8kV switchgear, 480V switchgear, building, water treatment, and boiler feed system.

05/91-04/93: Responsible for the project engineering, construction, and start-up of the Maraven Lama Power Generation Project on Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, consisting of 5 Solar Centaur “H”, 3500 kW gas turbine generators, control room, fuel gas system, fire & gas detection system, firewater system, instrument air system, 500 kW emergency diesel generator, 11.5 kV switchgear, 5kV switchgear, 480-volt switchgear, and central control panel.

07/90-04/91: Responsible for developing computerized scheduling of the State Energy Commission of Western Australia (SECWA) project consisting of 6 Solar MARS gas turbine driven compressor sets installed at four different compressor stations. A total of 16 integrated schedules were developed comprised of turbine compressor manufacturing, USA source materials, Australian source materials, construction at each station, and management overview schedules. Changes in one schedule would be reflected in all related schedules automatically.

11/89-06/90: Designed & developed engineering and construction proposals for cogeneration projects at Hoechst Celanese in New Jersey; Merck Pharmaceutical in New Jersey; General Mills in Ohio; Ralston Purina in New York. Each project consisted of one or more Solar gas turbine generator sets, waste heat boilers, switchgear, and controls.

10/88-10/89: Responsible for the engineering design and construction of the Warner-Lambert Cogeneration Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan, consisting of a Solar Centaur T-4500, 3,000 kW gas turbine generator and 50,000 lb/hr. waste heat recovery boiler with 32 MMBTU/hr duct burner.
Project also included 25,000-gallon fuel oil storage tank, expansion of existing powerhouse, tie-in to 4800 volt bus, 480 volt motor control center, redesign of the 265/125/15 psig steam pressure reducing stations, and computerized energy accounting system.

1982-1988: COENERGY SYSTEMS COMPANY, Houston, TX, Principal Consultant

Developed proposals and designs for packaged cogeneration systems consisting of desiccant dehumidification HVAC units and natural gas-fired engine generator sets. Analyzed annual energy bills and HVAC systems and recommended energy savings equipment and systems.

1986-1987: Engineering Consultant, performed spring hanger and expansion joint inspection on 1987 turnaround of FCCU refining unit.

1984-1986: Engineering Consultant, Hot-Hed is an oil field product sales and service company for the turnkey installation of wellheads. The Hot-Hed is a patented exothermic wellhead preheating and stress-relieving device. Developed the welding procedures for joining 4130 & 4140 heat-treated wellheads to all types of API pipe and casing. Analyzed wellhead failures and recommended new procedures.

1983-1984: Principal, Researched & developed process flow design for a 20+MW cogeneration project for Houston Lighting & Power Company consisting of a fuel gas pressure reduction turbo expander generator and a waste heat recovery power generating system utilizing an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) with no fuel cost within an existing HL&P power plant. Prepared computerized analysis of cogeneration system for cash flows, return on investment, and discounted cash flows.

1983: Engineering Consultant on the ARAMCO Safaniyah-Khafji Onshore Crude Expansion Project. Assisted in the area electrical power study for a 230kV/115kV underground power system with SF6 substations. Calculated system loads, cable sizes, transformer sizes, emergency loads, and battery and inverter sizes. Developed project engineering specifications for electrical equipment.

1982-1983: Engineering Consultant. Developed engineering specification for a computerized machinery monitoring and analysis system for large rotating equipment trains consisting of GE, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, and John Brown gas turbine driven generators, compressors, and pumps. Wrote high performance coupling specification to resolve coupling & gearbox failures in RLPG Plant 59, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.

1979-1981: AMERADA HESS OIL CORPORATION, New York, NY, Project Manager Water Injection Project, London, ENGLAND, Promoted from Technical Services Supt. on Arzanah Island, Abu Dhabi, to supervise and coordinate project design team activities of Davy McKee Oil & Chemical, Ltd., on a 100,000 BPD, 3,000 psig seawater treatment and injection facility.

Superintendent, Technical Services Department, Arzanah Island, Abu Dhabi, Responsible for operations and maintenance engineering on eleven offshore wells, 60,000 BPD offshore production platform, island processing plant, and captive supertanker.

Superintendent of Power & Utilities, Arzanah Island, Abu Dhabi, Responsible for five 2.8 MW Ruston gas turbine generators; four 50,000 gpd desalination units, HVAC, plant air, and 7 electrical substations. Supervised 20 employees.

1974-1979: ARAMCO, Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia
Technical Advisor, Utilities Division. Reported to Utilities Superintendent on problems concerning area electrical generation and distribution, new project design, project construction, new facility commissioning, and special maintenance projects. Major responsibility was gas turbine availability improvement.

Foreman, Electric Generation and Distribution, Responsible for the operation of 265 MW power plant and electrical system consisting of five (5) steam turbine generators (four GE, one Brown Boveri), five (5) gas turbine generators (three MHI-301 34 MVA, one MHI-501 66MVA, one Westinghouse 501, 144 MVA), area electrical distribution (115kV, 69kV, 13.8kV, 4160V, 2400V, 480V, 208/120), switching procedures, training, and maintenance coordination. Supervised 50 employees. Budget responsibility.

Construction Engineer, Northern Area Power System Distribution Projects, Responsible for establishing division office and the construction of 115kV, 69kV, 13.8kV power lines, substations, and village power systems in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Commissioning Engineer, Project Management Gas Turbines, Responsible for commissioning and startup of three Mitsubishi 501, 66MVA gas turbine generators at Juaymah, Safaniyah, and Ras Tanura Refinery Power Plants. Commissioned ARAMCO’s first breaker and one-half 115kV substation at Safaniyah.

Construction Engineer, Project Management Gas Turbines, Responsible for the construction of the Juaymah No. 3 gas turbine generator, MHI 501 66MVA GT and 50 MMSCFD fuel gas compressor facility. Budget responsibility and contractual proceedings from draft to closeout.

1970-1974: HOUSTON LIGHTING & POWER, Houston, TX,

1973-1974 Project Engineer Responsible for coordinating the design and construction by Brown & Root of HL&P’s first coal-fired 2 x 700 MW steam electric station.

Boiler Maintenance Engineer, supervised 16 to 25 men in traveling boiler maintenance activities during annual inspections and emergency work on 42 boilers in ten plants, 365 to 4300 psig and 1MW to 750 MW capacity. State of Texas Safety Valve license.

1968-1970 HAHN & CLAY, Houston, TX,
Welding Engineer & Manager of Quality Assurance in a custom high pressure vessel fabrication shop.


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