Mechanical Engineer Aerial Work Platforms Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Aerial Work Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, Telehandlers, Garage doors, gates, and below the hook rigging, Design, Analysis, Failure Mode Analysis, complex mathematical models,

20 years’ experience in 3D design, analysis, and compliance. Combines technical, analytical, and engineering qualifications with demonstrated achievements in acquiring and delivering projects on-time and within budget. Strong leadership, management, communication, and problem-solving skills.
Qualifications Include:

Structural Analyst
Solid Works Simulation
Compliance & Quality Assurance

Professional Experience

Principal Engineer
Engineering Co –Las Vegas, NV: 2020-Present
Perform research, analysis, compliance, and calculations as an expert witness and an engineering consultant.
Produce technical construction files detailing conformance and analysis issues for clients.
Build and create Finite Elemental Models (FEM) for customers.
Perform calculations and numerical analysis of large and small structures.

Mechanical Engineer/Analyst
Bigelow Aerospace – North Las Vegas, NV: 2018-2020
Perform structural and dynamic analyses for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) of different tools. Managed several designs for below the hook crane hoist and rigging.
Certified 3 Ground Support Equipment (GSE) structures for Bigelow Aerospace (BA) in 4 months.
Developed an Application Programming Interface (API), to acquire data for a hatch design.
Built 12 NASTRAN models for a Long Duration Leak (LDL) study based on the B330 model.
Designed spacecraft structural components and GSE using Solid Works. Created ASME Y14.5 drawings for manufacturing.
Performed structural analysis of spacecraft structure for comparison to empirical testing.

Compliance and Analysis Engineer
Snorkel/Xtreme – Henderson, NV: 2015-2018
Performed stress analyses for over 20 different machines. Produced and delivered the conformance of several machines into the U.S., the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.
Certified over 8 machines in the Middle Ease, Europe, and Asia in less than 4 months.
Designed, analyzed, and tested 9 parts that are currently used saving the company over $10M/Yearly.
Produced, and documented over 16 Technical Construction Files, in less than 9 months.

CE Analysis Engineer
Belcan Engineering – West Chester, OH: 2010-2012
Performed stress analysis for over 60 different tools. Managed over 29 CE tools while they were in the process of being delivered to the United States. Increased the production of completed certified tools.
Completed over 29 different CE tools using Unigraphics, and Ansys.
Oversaw the workflow of 60 different tools using Unigraphics.
Created and Produced ASME Y14.5 drawings for manufacturing.

Mechanical Designer/Process Engineer
Diversified Structural Composites (DSC) – Erlanger, KY: 2008-2010
Chief designer for all tools, forming plates, and mechanical sheet covers, while overlooking a $4M emission project, enabling DSC to produce more product under EPA standards.
Designed 2 fully functional 400 position self-tensioning creels.
Mitigated over 7 quality issues over the course of 4 months with the help of Unigraphics and Ansys.
Made process improvements to save DSC over $2M yearly.
Designed over 14 different tools used in pultrusion, using Unigraphics.
Designed 12 forming plates for the pultruding of complex shapes, using Unigraphics.
Managed 15 employees over the course of 3 months on a R&D product.

Mechanical Designer
Siemens Energy and Automation – Cincinnati, OH: 2007-2008
Mechanical designer of 40 custom motors for several different customers, including a $4.2M order for Exxon Mobile. Communicated directly with the shop to produce quality motors on time to valued customers. Worked directly with SAP software to monitor budgets, and deadlines.
Customized over 40 various types of motors in Unigraphics.
Reviewed outlines of motors and made corrections for clients in Unigraphics each week.

Mechanical Lead/Safety/Welder
EGC Construction – Cincinnati, OH: 1997::2007
Mechanical lead for a $28M P&G research and development project. Plan, coordinate, and direct all equipment being installed in the P&G facility. Communicated all Piping & Instrumentation Diagram information between EGC, 2 engineering firms, and Proctor and Gamble (P&G).
Coordinated all safety operations on the P&G research site.
Communicate between two engineering firms, and P&G to deliver a final product.
Promotions received based on high school welding awards.
Developed layout packages for over 132 designs using Unigraphics.

Postgraduate/Mechanical Engineer
Idaho National Lab – Arco, Idaho: 2004-2006
Worked on a $72M research budget to develop a composite fuel used in nuclear test reactors using Unigraphics. Created tools used in under water reactors. Designed a mechanical atomizer used in radioactive glove boxes.
Mitigated both sample prep time and procedures by increasing production by 400%.
Reorganized procedures for developing fuels reducing time spent in the lab by 30%.Designed new weld experiments for glove boxes to decrease welder fatigue.
Developed procedures for the manufacturing uranium cylinders and spheres.
Produced multiple technical documents to win government money.

Engineering and Physics Tutor/ Math Tutor
Brigham Young University- Idaho – Rexburg, Idaho: 2003-2005
Physics/Engineering tutor for real world engineering concepts.
Taught an average of 23 students one-on-one for 112 weeks.
Taught as many as 14 students in one group session.
Aided students with study/learning deficiencies by teaching them structured regimens.
One of the few tutors on campus qualified in Thermodynamics, Dynamics, and Machine Design.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University-Idaho 2006

Professional References

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Professional Licenses

Licensed Mechanical Engineer State of Nevada


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