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Mechanical Engineer Gas Steam Turbines Expert Witness

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Mechanical Engineer Gas Steam Turbines Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Mechanical Engineer, Power Plants, Gas, Steam Turbines, Diesel Engines, Compressors, Pump Design, Thermodynamics, Material Handling, Manufacturing Procedures, Reverse Engineering


Expert is a detail-oriented engineer and manager with strong analytical skills and mechanical engineering background. He has performed extended consultation on Power Plants and research on gas and steam turbines, diesel engines, compressors, and various pump designs with aspects of mechanics, thermodynamics, material handling and development of manufacturing procedures.
He has over twenty-eight years of experience in handling a variety of tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and effectively. He has excellent communication skills to interface with all levels of personnel and promote positive client relationship. His ability for organizing, time planning, troubleshooting, and resolving problems has been well proven.
He has also been involved in various design engineering projects. He has also been responsible for production of “Reverse Engineering”, detailed drawings for various rotating elements such as: gas and steam turbine blades, compressor and pump impellers, gears, bearings, and seals.


Turbo Machinery Symposiums attended between 1984-2006 (continuing education courses). National Society of Professional Engineers – member since 1992.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technical University – Poland – June 1978 Language knowledge: English, Polish and Russian


Internal Consultancy Group

He has for the past eight years been a Senior Analyst for a number of our customers, in engineering design and evaluation, the following are the projects he undertook on behalf of internal consultancy group.

Enterprise Products, LLC,

Four years (4) as The Boyce Consultancy Group’s in-house consultant for enterprise products located at the Enterprise Plant in Mont Belvieu on reviewing, inspecting, and testing of  components at vendor facilities for pipeline related projects.

Nova Chemicals – Sarnia, Canada:

Analysis of the failure for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, for the intake valves on a Hyper Reciprocating Compressor (35,000psi).

Public Power Corporation (PPC) – Athens, Greece

Conducted metallurgical analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, at the GE Facilities in Warsaw, Poland of the R-0 compressor blade of the GE Gas Turbine Frame.

Brevet Capital N.Y.

Conducted a physical audit of the spare parts at the facilities of Natole Turbines, for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, of the value of the gas turbine parts.

American Electric Power (AEP)

Conducted an inspection and analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, for the damage of the HRSGs during the construction of the plant.

Infra-Source Gas Compressor

Conducted a physical analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, after the explosion of the Solar Gas Turbine at the piping station in Northeast Texas.

Reliance Pipeline- Louisiana

Conducted for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, inspection, and evaluation of damage due to an explosion of a reciprocating compressor pumping natural gas.

Barrick –New Guinea

Conducted inspection and analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, on the Solar Gas Solar Titan-T-130 unit which failed due to a failure of the second and third stages of the turbine nozzles and blades.

Hermiston Generating Power – Hermiston Oregon

Conducted inspection and analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, combustion problems for the GE Frame 7FA gas turbines.

Oman Combined Cycle Power Plant

Conducted inspection and analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, due to combustion problems Siemens SGT 5-4000F.

Kent State University

Conducted inspection and analysis for The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, on the Solar Gas Taurus GT 70 which failed due to a fire in the gas turbine.


Rotex Corporation

Senior Consultant 1996-2006
Senior Consulting engineering service for various rotating equipment like turbines, compressors and pumps including specialized experience in:

  • Reverse engineering and data collecting
  • Engineering evaluations and technical papers
  • Manufacturing drawings and design documentation (CAD)
  • Procedures for manufacturing and quality control
  • Performance and re-rate calculations
  • Assistance in production and installation
  • Preventive Maintenance procedures and evaluations


Engineering and Quality Control Manager 1998-2000
Created and organized Department of Engineering and Q.C., wrote engineering evaluations, calculation and manufacturing procedures, designed, redesigned, and re-rated pumps, compressors and steam turbines. Improved reliability of the product and effectively integrate technology in the design. Purchased and installed CNC mill, three axes CMM and new CAD/CAM program. “Reverse Engineering” of compressor and pump impellers.

Alfred Conhagen Inc. of Texas

Quality Control and Engineering Manager
Responsible for comprehensive quality control procedures, tool calibration and operation of the three axes CMM. Integrated new technology in the design and control of production facilities. “Reverse Engineering” of complex turbine blades and nozzles, propellers, compressors and pump impellers. Re-rated small steam turbines with thermodynamic calculations, and designed high  efficiency nozzles with complete manufacturing documentation. Designed and supervised the construction of prototype “J” strip machine and various stamping equipment. Insured highest service quality and customer satisfaction.

Alfred Conhagen Inc. of Texas, USA Production Engineer 1984-1987
Developed manufacturing procedures and collected data. Designed and redesigned using CAD
program. Solved challenging technical problems in rotating equipment. Conducted technical presentations to reinforce sales. Constantly built and reach new heights in customer understanding,
satisfaction & confidence.

Electric Utility Power Plant “Kozienice”, Poland 1978-1981