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Injection Molding Engineer, Moulding, Plastic Products, All Processes, Medical Instrumentation, Medical Devices,Plastic Disposables,Consumer Products,Toys, Displays, Hand Tools, Blood Typing Instruments, Centrifuges, Tape Measures, Blow Molds, Extrusion,Vacuum Forms, Point Of Purchase Displays, Toolmaker, Molder, Packaging Machines, Molds, Contract Design, Medical Instrumentation, Fluidic Systems,Transport Mechanisms, Optics, Plastic Disposables, Springs, Stampings, Electronics, Pet Products,Toys, Self Contained Toilet System, Macerating, Circulating Pumps, Three Plate Molds, Microprocessor Controlled Systems,Sheet Metal, Machining Casting Part Design, Hi Low Volume Products, Medical Disposables, Consumer Products, Mechanical Mechanism, Merck, Bayer Corp Diagnostic Division, Becton Dickenson, Perkin Elmer, Saw Handles, Molded Grip, Dispensing Devices, Cosmetic Industry


1973 – 1976, Master’s Degree, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
M.S. Degree in Management

1968 – 1972, Bachelor’s Degree, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
B.S. Degree in Aeronautical Engineering


1979-Present, An Engineering, Design and Consulting Service, Rochelle Park, NJ

Principal owner of engineering, design and consulting service specializing in product design and development. Clients are in various fields including medical devices and disposables, consumer products, toys, displays, hand tools, and instrumentation. We also design injection molds. This Company provides models, prototype and contract manufacturing and injection molds.
Medical Projects include the design and development of disposables for companies like Merck, Bayer Corp- Diagnostic Division, Becton Dickenson, instrumentation housings for Perkin Elmer as well as other products for various medical manufacturing companies.
Expert has developed several lines of products for a hand tool manufacturer including tape measures, levels, saws and accessories including injection molded saw handles with TPR over molded grip areas.
Expert has designed and developed dispensing devices for the packaging and cosmetic industry.
Expert has designed numerous Point of Purchase Displays for various POP companies. These displays are used to promote products made by companies that include Maybelline and Revlon Cosmetics, Physique, Gillette, Sony, Clairol, Estee Lauder, Britta, Fossil, Frito Lay, Procter & Gamble and others. Some of these displays are still in use after 10 years of in-store abuse.
Some of our more unique consulting projects include the following:

Retained as Expert Witness by Injection Molder, Toolmaker to review design of consumer product and related molds. Molder was suing his customer for payment of tools and customer was suing molder for delay in delivery. Molder claimed that delay occurred because product would not have functioned as designed and delays were due to design changes in order to get product to function and errors in 3d files submitted by his customer.
Retained as Expert Witness by a Point Of Purchase Display manufacturer to review their design for a cosmetic display and determine if the design would produce functional parts and to assess the quality of molded parts. Our client was involved in a payment dispute with their customer.
Retained as Expert Witness by a major accounting firm and law firm to determine the appraised value of 2 dozen different packaging machines that were donated to the Smithsonian Institute and other museums. Our client was involved in a legal dispute with the IRS over the value of charitable deduction for the equipment. As a result of our efforts, our client was able to reach a favorable out of court settlement with the IRS.
Retained by a Toy company to review a large number of injection molds and determine the feasibility of converting the molds for use on a new line of toys.

1995, Guest Lecturer at the Rothman Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies- Fairleigh Dickinson University
1981 – 1985, Personal Diagnostics, Inc., Whippany, NJ 07981
Manager-Product Development

Responsible for Engineering department of contract design and development company overseeing the design of medical instrumentation and disposables.
Administrative responsibilities include department staffing, budgets, oversee project managers, and personally project managed development of automated blood typing instrument. Multi- disciplined team included E.E., M.E., Medical Technicians, Drafting, and Electro-Mechanical Technicians. Total contract value in excess of $3 million during the last 2 years. Proposal and sales duties include working closely with prospective clients to generate development proposals for new products. Generating preliminary design criteria and product concepts. Engineering responsibilities include “hands on” design of instrumentation including centrifuges, fluidic systems, transport mechanisms, optics, and plastic disposables. Responsible for all plastic design and tooling.

1978 – 1981, Lesney Products Corp., Moonachie, NJ 07074
Senior Project Engineer

Responsible for design and development of new products from concept to production. Complete project responsibility for product and part design, costing, scheduling, tooling, and model making. Products were for the toy industry and consist of plastic components (injection molded, blow molded, extrusion, vacuum forms), springs, stampings and electronics. Worked closely with Sales, Marketing, Industrial Design, and Manufacturing.

1978, Design Consultant, Paramus, NJ 07652
Product design consultant for various corporations. Designed aquarium and pet products, toys, displays, and self-contained toilet system for American Standard Corp. This system included macerating and circulating pumps, filters, valves, electronic and electrical components and plastic fiberglass housing. Designed injection molds including insulated runner, stripper and three plate molds

1974 – 1978, Metaframe Corp., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Project Engineer – New Product Development
Responsible for preliminary design and development of new product concepts for high volume consumer products. Responsible for product feasibility studies and preliminary cost estimate. Worked on product from concept to preliminary layout. Product line included aquarium products (lighting, filters, pumps, tanks) made in the U.S. and the Orient. Components included plastic parts, stampings, motors, switches.

1972 – 1974, Parker-Hannifin-Ideal Corp., Brooklyn, NY 11207
Mechanical Engineer

Worked on the design and development of automotive thermostat from concept to production. Worked on product design and production equipment design. Responsible for design of Q.C. test equipment, nationwide test program, production planning, Q.C. and product engineering during initial production.


Licensed Professional Engineer – New Jersey

Licensed Professional Engineer Retired– New York


Senior Member Society Of Plastics Engineers

Member American Society Of Mechanical Engineers


Eighteen Patents For Consumer Products, Medical Products,

Hand Tools And Pet Products


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