Mechanical Manufacturing Expert Witness

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Mechanical Manufacturing, G Code Programmer, CNC Machining, Machinist, AutoCAD, MasterCAD X5, CNC Machine,

Expert No. 812

Highlights of Qualification

  • SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MasterCAM X5 experience.
  • Solid modeling of parts experience.
  • Solid PROTOTYPE design and manufacture experience
  • Acute understanding of manufacturing techniques.
  • Ten years of CNC machining experience.
  • Twelve years of manual machining experience.
  • Machine Design and Development experience.
  • Very familiar with Haas VMC’s and lathes. 
  • 4th and 5th axis experience.  Thermwood 5-axis experience.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 MasterCAM certification.  EXTREMELY PROFICIENT IN MASTERCAM
  • 10 years MasterCAM experience.  Up to date on newest version X5.


Machining, LLC.
Owner and sole employee (June/05 to Present)

Produced a wide range of 3axis mill parts included high precision.

Products, Columbus Ohio

  • Oct/09 to Present
  • Run 5axis and 3axis milling machines.
  • Produced complex molds for carbon fiber layup.
  • Produced complex aluminum racing parts.
  • Designed, prototyped, and manufactured several products.

Diamond Innovations, Columbus, Ohio
May/07 to Sept/07

Designed/constructed conveyor belt system that evacuated parts out of an EDM.

Ohio State Univ.
June/05 to June/07

Full time Mechanical Engineering student
United States Navy, Norfolk, VA
Second Class Petty Officer (June/01 to June/05)

  • Programmed, set up, and maintained various Haas CNC machines.
  • Planned job runs from start to finish.  This included tool and material ordering.
  • Used probe systems for quality control and reverse engineering of parts.
  • Instrumental in the Enlisted Navy’s use of 4th and 5th axis machining techniques.
  • Supervised and trained CNC operators and coordinated work assignments.
  • Leadership, Diversity, and Communication training.

Engineering Projects

United States Navy
It was found that the main propeller-shaft internal dynamic seal was failing on all Arleigh Burke Class surface ships.  This was from many years of rough seas having bent the bulkheads out of alignment.

I designed an in-place machining device that could be used to re-machine the bulkhead mounting pad concentric to the shaft within +/- .010 inch.

The project resulted in the portable device being used on deployed Navy assets, resulting in
$60,000 dollars in cost savings per seal.

Diamond Innovations
Company needed way to extract loose product from the bottom of their fleet of “lights out” Wire EDM.  I designed a custom miniature conveyor belt system that automatically extracted the product from the tank to a dry container.  I both designed and physically built this conveyor system.

Academic History

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Have Not Graduated)
Overall GPA: 3.4(4.0 scale) as of 10/1/2010
Required credits for B.S. Mechanical Engineering: 195 credits
Credits completed: 148 credits