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Professional Summary

Expert has over forty-years of academic and industry experience in optical devices, systems and technologies.  He has been President of his own company since 1972, an independent consulting organization that provides a full range of design, development, and testing.  Expert is an experienced expert witness and provides in-house testing and laboratory analysis for his clients.


Optical Techniques & Technology
Optical & Electro-Optical Devices
Optical Instruments & Systems
Opto-electronic Real Time Control
Sensing, Control, Display
Lasers, Fiber Optics, Displays


1961 – University of London, Post-Doctoral

1960 – Institute of Optics & Physics, Univ. of Rochester, Ph.D., Optics and Physics

1958 – University of Paris (Ecole Normale Superieure), NATO-NSF Program on Materials

1954 – Cornell University, AB, Physics

Professional Experience

1972 – Present, President of Private Company

Consulting on optical sensing, display & control, sensors, signal processing (digital & analog), optical devices, optical & electronic instruments, optical systems, science and technology and intellectual property disputes. Company provides a full range of services including consulting on intellectual property disputes, contract development, feasibility, turn-key systems, system integration, computer control and software as well as technical planning, project reviews, troubleshooting and related services.  In-house resources include digital data acquisition; computer output to sensors, display, electronics, and control; digital/optical signal processing, recognition; software, and proprietary systems and programs for hardware and software development.
Expert Associates have developed a proprietary system that modifies the optical signal before the light reaches an electronic camera or photodetector, before signal processing and before rejection decisions. It exploits optical variations arising from changes in materials, structure and processing to enhance signal-to-noise or optical contrast. It eliminates background images & produces signals from critical features only.

1965 – 1972

Member, Technical Staff
Responsibilities included research and development on optical sensing equipment for characterization of materials and on communication-related components and devices.
Patents issued on pattern recognition, optical inspection system for manufacturing, barrier-diode electronic device for signal mixing, etc.

1961 – 1965

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research on optical and electronic properties of materials using both optical and electron-beam techniques. Taught Optics, Statistical Mechanics, and Physics for Engineers.

1959 – 1961

Aerospace Scientist
R & D of optical sensing techniques & systems for rocket & satellite experiments.

1960 – 1961

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Experiments on optical properties of thin films. Taught course on Optical Properties of Materials, and on Group Theory Applied to Solid State Physics

1959 – 1961

Aerospace Scientist
Research & Development on optical systems

Litigation Experience

Intellectual Property: Expert witness on optical display devices.

Intellectual Property: Evaluation of Optical MEMs for scanning, switching in fiber optics communication

Patent Infringement, proprietary consumer product: Optical testing

Product Liability:  Monitor testing of fiber optic cables

Pre-litigation patent investigation: Due-Diligence for accousto-optical filter device acquired by Sybron Chemicals, Inc.  Work was very narrowly defined to determine if device actually worked pursuant to the claims of the patent that described the filter device

Patent Infringement / Legal Malpractice:  Prior art research in legal malpractice suit

Product Liability:  Deposed as a fact witness.  Expert was a consultant for Johnson & Johnson on the inspection of the quality of the product at issue.

Medical Malpractice:.  Deposed and provided testimony before jury that resulted in a $1MM offer by New York Hospital

Professional Achievements, Affiliations and Awards

Certified by Stature as a Machine-Vision/Manufacturing Engineer Technologist (CmfgE) by SME
Fellow, AAAS
Member, IEEE
Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science & Engineering
American Men & Women of Science

Patents and Publications

Available upon request


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