Police Officer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Police Officer, Criminal Investigation, Narcotics Enforcement, Report Preparation, Witness Interviews, Evidence Collection, Court Testifying, Suspect Interrogatories, Surveillance, Controlled Substances, Methamphetamine, Narcotics, Drug Related Investigations, Case Agent, Under Cover Operative, Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, Bureau Of Narcotic Enforcement, BNE, US Customs, Use Of Force, Firearms, Weaponless Defense Tactics, SWAT, Court Testimony,

Summary of Qualifications

Criminal Investigations        
Narcotics Enforcement        
S.W.A.T. Team                     
Report Preparation              
Witness Interviews               
Evidence Collection             
Court Testifying                    
Suspect Interrogations

Court Testimony

As a former police officer I have provided expert testimony in California Superior Court, Stanislaus County in excess of thirty-five times as related to possession and possession for sales of controlled substances including methamphetamine (11377/11378 H & S).  Additionally, I have participated in excess of two hundred narcotic/drug-related investigations as a case agent and as an under-cover operative and have worked numerous cases in conjunction with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), BNE (Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement) and U.S. Customs.

Additionally, I have expertise in the area of “Use of Force” and have undergone extensive training in firearms, weaponless defense tactics and SWAT. I have provided information related to “Use of Force” cases in several superior court cases.

Education and Training

DARE Officers Training Conference – (2002) 32hrs.
Narcotic Investigation update- D.O.J. Training Center – (2001) 40hrs.
Community Policing- Regional Community Policing Institute – (2001) 40hrs.
DARE Officers Mentor Training – (1998) 80hrs.
Mentor Officer Training – (1997) 80hrs.
DARE Middle School Training – (1996) 40hrs.
DARE Parent Program – (1996) 40hrs.
DARE Telecourse-Domestic Violence Update – (1996) 16hrs.
Interview and Interrogation Techniques – (1995) 40hrs.
Basic Traffic Accident Investigation – (1994) 40hrs.
VALTOX Training – (1994) 8hrs.
Police Officer Standards and Training-Modesto Junior College
Advanced Certificate – (1996) 40hrs.
Intermediate Certificate – (1992) 40hrs.
Basic Certificate – (1985) 40hrs.
Homicide Investigation- San Jose University – (1993) 40hrs.
Identi-Kit System-Identi-Kit Company, Inc. – (1992) 16hrs.
Major Narcotic Investigation & Search Warrant Preparation
International Law Enforcement Training & Consulting, Inc. – (1991) 40hrs.
Detective Orientation-Sacramento City College – (1991) 80hrs.
S.W.A.T. Basic Academy-Golden West College – (1991) 80hrs.
Narcotic Investigation-Department of Justice Training Center – (1991) 80hrs.
Weaponless Defense Tactics – (1991) 40hrs.
DARE Training Conference-California – (1990) 40hrs.
Drug Identification & Influence-D.O.J. Training Center – (1990) 40hrs.
Telecommunications Training –Practitioner-Department of
Justice Training Center – (1988) 8hrs. 
Drug Abuse Resistance Education – (1988) 80hrs.
Officer Safety and Field Tactics-Modesto Junior College – (1988) 40hrs.
Sexual Assault Investigation-San Jose State University – (1985) 40hrs.

*Additional Training Includes; Departmental training, various narcotic- related courses offered through C.N.O.A. (California Narcotic Officers Association) and the N.D.O.A. (National Dare Officers Association) 

Recognition and Awards

Modesto Civitan Club, Police Officer of the Year (1992) Recognition received for narcotic enforcement activities. 
Ceres American Legion, Police Officer of the Year (1991)
California Parks & Recreation Recognition for Youth Services Award (1991)
Ceres Unified School District for Youth Services (1990)
Silver Medal- Boxing, California Police and Fire Olympic Games (1996)
Crawford and Company Investigator of the Month- Awarded numerous times (2004-2006)

Community Activities

President and Founder-Ceres Police Officers Association
Organize recreation for police families and coordinate youth activities
President- California DARE Officer Association (1996-1/00) Life Member
DARE Mentor Officer- Western Regional Center
Certified instructor for International DARE
Vice President, Board of Directors, and Chairman-Stanislaus County Police Activities League( 1992-1997) Assisted communities with start-up of PAL programs, within Stanislaus County.

Member-Ceres Police Activities League (1995-1997)
Established local league; organized youth activities (boxing, basketball).  Supervised yearly fundraising activities.

Trainer and Coach-Community Boxing Program (1995-1997)
Oversaw community outreach boxing program through the PALS program
Steering Committee- Neighborhoods in Action
Board Member- Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children, A community based program-providing resources for local families.
Volunteer- Red Ribbon Week

Professional Experience

Oct. 1984- Aug. 2000 City of Ceres; Ceres, CA
Originally hired as a Patrol Officer (10/84-3/88) and later advanced to DARE Program Officer (3/88-12/90) responsible for developing public relations through education.  Most recent assignments include:

Problem Orientated Officer (MPACT) (11/98- 1/00)- Serve as a liaison between the community and the police department.  Use problem solving skills to develop alternative actions for a broad range of community problems involving schools, gangs, and other local situations through target area enforcement, coordinate with patrol and other responsible organizations in responding to these needs.  Primary object as team member was to develop program involving clandestine methamphetamine labs.
DARE Program Officer (3/95-11/98)-Served as Vice-President, Treasurer & Sergeant of Arms for the Region III Board of Directors.  Served as Vice President and President of the California DARE Officers Association (C.D.O.A.) and served as the C.D.O.A. Representative to the National DARE Officers Association.  As President of the state association I was responsible for an organization having nearly 5,000 members. Developed public relations through education. Instructed youth drug abuse programs; conducted presentations to parents and various professional and service organizations.

Patrol Officer (10/94-3/95)- Enforced laws; answered calls for service; conducted a variety of criminal investigations; interviewed witnesses and suspects.  Provided traffic enforcement; auto accident investigations.  Made arrests, prepared reports and evidence for court.

Detective (12/90-10/94)- Conducted investigations involving crimes against persons and property, including auto theft, provided narcotics enforcement.  Member of the S.W.A.T team, directed witness interviews, suspect interrogation, and arrests; gathered evidence and statements; prepared cases for prosecution.

Escalon Police Department; Reserve Officer (7/84 to 10/84)- Enforced laws; answered calls for service; conducted a variety of criminal investigations; interviewed witnesses and suspects.  Provided traffic enforcement; auto accident investigations.  Made arrests, prepared reports and evidence for court.