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Railroad Safety Expert Witness

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Railroad Safety, Federal Railroad Administration, FRA, Locomotives, Remote Control Locomotives, Steam Locomotives, Regulations, Training, MP E Inspector

Expert Witness No.229


Lincoln Technical Institute
Completed Heating / Air Conditioning / Refrigeration Program
Union, NJ
10 Months as full time student HVAC Training

U.S. Navy
Completed Electricity / Electronics
San Diego, CA
16 Weeks of training


  • Attended the Management Development Center, Lancaster, PA, Management Development Center,
    Shepardstown, WV, and USDA Graduate School, Washington, DC, as part of a career development program.
  • Attended specialized technical training provided by locomotive manufacturers and FRA.
  • Attended air brake training provided by New York Air Brake, Westinghouse and FRA.
  • Participated in development and training of FRA Field Inspectors on the subjects of Modern Locomotives,
    Locomotive Event Recorders, Railroad Passenger Equipment Safety, and Steam Locomotives, as they pertain to FRA Federal Regulations.


  • 1995 Special Achievement Award (by FRA Administrator) for establishment of partnership between tourist ,
    museum railroads, and FRA.
  • 1999 Superior Achievement Awards (by FRA Administrator) for extraordinary teamwork and creativity leading to first comprehensive regulatory proposal for safety of rail passenger equipment.
  • 1999 Superior Achievement Award (by FRA Administrator) for outstanding contribution to safety of passengers and crew members through the collaborative revision of standards for historic steam locomotives.
  • 2002 Superior Achievement Award (by FRA Administrator) for outstanding contributions to successful implementation of Passenger Equipment Safety Standards and prompt resolution of safety issues involving motive power and equipment.
  • 2003 FRA Team Award (by FRA Administrator) for Outstanding safety oversight in national roll-out of
    Remote Control Equipment.
  • 2004 FRA Team Award (by FRA Administrator) for recognition of safety oversight of Amtrak’s Acela trainsets, yaw damper cracking, the Inspection, Maintenance and Testing Plan, and the mail handling car safety assessment.
  • 2009 Secretary’s Transportation Safety Award (by Secretary of Transportation) for consistently demonstrating superior educational outreach, collaboration, oversight, and partnership with new members of the regulated commuter rail community.
  • Consistently received highest performance appraisals on annual reviews since 1985.


February, 1967 – November, 1970
Served in the US Navy, was trained, and subsequently worked on electrical and electronic shipboard systems.
Honorable Discharge