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Rubber Technology Expert Witness

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Rubber, Process Engineer, Technical Manager, Compounder, Rubber Technology

Expert Witness No.1905

North Carolina


Graduate of Holy Cross College, B.S. Chemistry, also M.S. Chemistry (Polymers), postgraduate studies at Washington University, St. Louis, and University of Maryland, College Park

Trained extensively in various special courses and seminars on management, technical writing, Total Quality Management, Statistics, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, and other subjects.


1965 Entered the Rubber Industry went into technical and general management 

1976, working for companies such as DuPont, B F Goodrich, United Technologies, Lord Corporation, and Barry Controls. Responsibilities at times have included fundamental R&D, applied Product Development, Production, Quality, Design and Marketing Support functions, starting up and managing Laboratories, dealing with environmental concerns, and frequently providing training in numerous technical areas.

Experienced with many kinds of rubber products and processes, from limited production of very specialized parts to mass production of millions of some items for commercial/automotive markets; my expertise is founded as much from hands-on exposure in factory and laboratory applications of the technology as from academic qualifications Notably familiar with engineered rubber products for demanding aerospace applications and bonding of rubber to metal and other substrates.

1990, Independent consulting offering a broad variety of services such as direct technical assistance to rubber manufacturers (compounding, process troubleshooting and optimization, including mixing, molding, extruding, calendering, bonding, specialized test programs, etc.), technical support to companies specifying and using rubber products, materials selection and development for engineering applications of elastomers, search services for technical professionals in the industry, service as an Expert Witness in the field of applied Rubber Technology.


Active in the Rubber Group Division of the American Chemical Society

Director of regional Rubber Groups in the past, as head of Education Committee planned and ran two different courses on Rubber Technology at Yale University


Available upon request