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Safety Specialist Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Dust Explosion Hazards, Electrostatic Ignition Hazards, Hazardous Areas Classification, Fire Prevention Protection, Explosion Prevention Protection, Gas Flammability Hazards, Vapor Flammability Hazards, Static Elimination Equipment Selection, Installation Operation, Process Safety Training, Regulatory Analysis Compliance, Safety Instrumented Systems, Electrical Power Control in Hazardous Areas

Expert Witness No.1764

New Jersey


1985, MS of Electrical Engineering, Kharkov Polytechnic University


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)


2004-Present, Senior Process Safety Specialist, Technology, Inc. Plainsboro, NJ

1997-2004, Senior Project Electrical Engineer, North Brunswick, NJ

1995-1997, Electrical Project Engineer, Corporation, Newark, NJ

1991-1995, Plant Electrical/Electronic Tech, Packaging Corporation, New Brunswick, NJ

1985-1991, Electrical Engineer, Power Utility, Ukraine

Fire, Explosion and Electrical Hazardous Area Investigations

Conducted incident investigations and root cause determination of organic vapor flash fires, dust explosion incidents, thermal oxidizer fires and explosions, gas fired incinerator fires, numerous organic dust fires and explosions within the adhesives and converting industries

Conducted dust fire and explosion hazard reviews at multiple facilities. These reviews included an appraisal of electrostatic ignition hazards and suggestions for control of the hazard

Investigated dust and vapor explosion incidents at several manufacturing sites and provided direct and root cause analysis as well as suggestions for improvement

Determined hazardous areas classification and specified electrical apparatus and equipment for these areas

Created and taught the corporate course in ESD Hazard Analysis

Expert 1764 is a Senior Process Safety Specialist with over 19 years experience in the manufacturing industry and utilities specializing in area of Electrostatic Hazards and Electrical Hazardous Areas. Expert 1764 career has involved converting and specialty chemical manufacturing with numerous hazardous chemicals in both batch and continuous operations. Expert 1764 has participated in the design and construction of several large converting and chemical processing facilities and provided support and training in all areas of Process Electrostatic Safety Management.

As an Electrical Engineer expert 1764 has led electrical hazardous areas analysis and has been in charge of determining Hazardous Area Classification using NFPA, NEC, and IEC methods, evaluation and selection of electrical and electronic equipment rated for Hazardous Areas, continuous emission monitoring and power systems. At the corporate level expert 1764 has created installation specifications and taught courses in ESD and hazard recognition methods and provided technical safety support to manufacturing sites producing adhesives and pressure sensitive products.

Expert 1764 has led or provided technical assistance to many fire and explosion incident investigations including incidents involving thermal heat transfer fluids, spontaneous combustion, dust explosions and thermal oxidizer and incinerator operations. In these investigations expert 1764 has provided valuable insight into the root cause and made practical suggestions for eliminating or controlling the identified hazards.


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