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Sewer Gas Propane Pryfon Pyrethrin Respiratory Damage Safrotin Sick Building Gas Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Sewer Gas, Propane, Pryfon, Pyrethrin, Respiratory Damage, Safrotin, Sick Building, Smoke Particulates, Solvents, Spores, Stachybotrys, Sulfur Dioxide, TDI MDI, Termiticides, Tetrachloroethylene, Toluene, Toxaphene, Toxic Waste Dumps, Trichloroethane, Trichloroethylene, Vapona, Vaporooter, Vikane, Vinyl Chloride, Wax Strippers, Wood Treatments, Xylene, Zinc Phosphide, Dursban, Dusts Silica, Epoxy Resin, Ethylene Glycol, Exhaust Fumes

Expert Witness No. 2546


PhD 1972, University of Illinois -Toxicology Mercury poisoning Respiration/Pesticides

M S 1988, University of Arkansas - Entomology

B. S 1963, Eastern Michigan University – Biology

Current Responsibilities

Investigation of Chemically contaminated homes, offices job sites
Investigation of personal injuries Air Sampling, and soil and water
On-site environmental inspections and sampling of offices, factories, and homes
Analysis of chemical labels, warnings and MSDS sheets
Evaluation of compliance with federal and state regulations
Serves as an Expert Witness

Professional Activities

American Academy of Environmental Medicine – Faculty
Environmental Protection Board, City of Jacksonville
University of Florida Medical Center Toxicology Advisory Committee
University of North Florida Adjunct Faculty Hazardous Chemicals/Toxicology
Florida, Coastal School of Law Adjunct Professor Environmental Law
American Cancer Society peer reviewer for lung cancer chem. inhalation

Professional Affiliations

Professor adjunct, University of North Florida-Toxicology and OSHA Hazardous Material
Professor adjunct Florida Coastal School of Law
American College of Toxicology
Society of Toxicology
Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry Peer Reviewer for Manuscripts
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
American Industrial Hygiene Association
National Safety Council Lecturer-Hazardous waste/ toxicology, OSHA Regulation
The New York Academy of Sciences and the Nature Conservancy
International Society of Indoor Air Quality
American Registry of professional Entomologist in Toxicology
International Institute for the Advancement of Science, Board of Directors
Biological Assessment for the kahului Airport, Advisory Committee. Maui Hawaii
National Pest control Association
Hawaii Department of Transportation, Airport Division

Professional Experience

President, 1986-present.  Consultant as a toxicologist.  Representation of defense and plaintiff in claims settlement and litigation.

KENCO Chemical and Manufacturing Corporation, Vice President Research and Development, 1980 – 1986. Responsible for new product development, quality control, safety, environmental regulations and lawsuits.

University of Florida Associate Professor, Toxicology, 1976-1980 Directed graduate student research in environmental toxicology, teaching, research and supervised 16 professionals in toxic chemical work; state pesticide chemical coordinator; Liaison Professor with U.S.D.A., consultant for EPA and the U.S. State Department (AID)

Velsicol Chemical Corporation: Manager Field Research and Development 1974- 1978.

Chemagro chemical Corporation, Field Research and Development Representative, 1972-1974.

Consultant: EPA, USDA & US State Department (AID) (Washington, D.C.); Medical Universities, 1976-1980, on pesticide environmental hazards: and trained medical professionals to recognize and treat toxic chemical poisoning.

National Park Ranger, Naturalist for National Park Service, summers 1968-1972.  (Sabbatical from Ph.D. work)

United States Peace Corps, Chinese High School Teacher, Sarawak, Malaysia. Languages Malay, Chinese, Indonesia and Russian.

Toxic Chemical Experience -22 Years Experience Partial List

2,4,5-T, Diazinon, Morphine
2,4-D, Dicamba, Naphtha
Acetone, Dichlorvos, Naphthalene
Acids, Diesel exhausts, Nitrogen dioxide
Alcohols/ETOH, Diesel fuel, Office chemicals
Aluminum phosphide, Disocyanates, Organophosphates
Ammonia, Drain cleaners, Paints/solvents
Antifreeze, Drugs, Parathion
Arsenic, Dursban, Pepper spray/Mace
Asbestos, Dusts/silica, POD, PBS
Aspergillus, Epoxy resin, Petroleum
Atrazine, Ethylene glycol, Phosgene gas
Auto exhaust, Exhaust fume, Polymers / resins
Benlate, Fertilizers, Propane
Benzene, Fluorene, Pryfon
Benzo (a) pyrene, Formaldehyde, Pynthrin
Beryllium, Fungicides, Respiratory damage
Bleach, Gasoline/fuel oil, Safrotin
Boric acid, Glue/adhesive, Sewer gas
Brain damage, Heptachlor, Sick building
Butane, Herbicides, Smoke/particulates
Butoxyethanol, Hydrogen sulfide, Solvents
Butyl cellosolve, Lead, Spores
Cadmium, Legionnaires, Sulfur dioxide
Carbon dioxide, Leukemia, TDI/MDI
Carbon monoxide, Lindane, Termiticides
Caustic soda / lye, LPG gas, Tetrachloroethylene
Chemical fire, Lung damage, Toluene
Chlordane/heptachlor, Lymphoma, Toxaphene
Chlorine fumes, Malathion, Toxic waste dump
Chromium, Marijuana, Trichloroethane
Coal tar, Medicines / drugs, Trichloroethylene
Cocaine, MEK, Vapona
Copper, Metals (Hg, Zn, Pb), Vaporooter
Creosote, Methane, Vikane
CS gas, Methyl bromide, Vinyl chloride
Cyanide, Methyl parathion, Wax strippers
DBCP, Methylene chloride, Wood treatments
DDT/DDE, Mercury, Xylene

Drugs and Alcohol

Nonprescription drugs
Prescription drugs


Available upon request.


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