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senior hardware software and systems engineer, realtime embedded design, electrical engineer, hardware, software, systems, embedded control, C, C++, assembly, real-time, multiprocessor, cpu, object oriented, communications, DSP

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Accomplished senior hardware, software, and systems engineer with extensive experience in real-time embedded design. Highly experienced at defining, designing, and implementing advanced systems.  Excellent communicator and problem solver capable of interacting at all levels.

Embedded controller systems design
Hardware/software design, integration, and test
Real-time application of C, C++, and assembly
Multi-processor systems design


MS, Electrical Engineering, San Diego State University, San Diego, California, 1992
BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana, 1986
UCSD Extension, took classes in Linux, C++, Verilog, and other subjects.


Private Company Inc. – Electrical Engineering Consultant - San Diego, CA       
2012 - DATE
Consult for both hardware and software design work.  Customer base built from references to quality work.

Hardware design, layout, and test of audio processing DSP board with four SHARC DSPs and an ARM9.  SHARC DSP C++ driver development to support hardware ring out and test.

Linux BSP driver development of ARM i.MX6 code for a SATCOM media delivery headend.  Vitesse ethernet switch ECOS firmware.  C# production test.

L-3 Communications Linkabit  – Principal Software Engineer - San Diego, CA     
Design of SATCOM software for Performance Enhance Protocol (PEP).  Design of future Low Cost Rugged modem.  Design and enhancement of embedded code SATCOM protocols.  Host Wireshark dissector packet decoder software for custom protocol.

Kontron (formerly AP Labs)  – Senior Principal Engineer - San Diego, CA       
Hardware, software, and systems engineering of new Linux and VxWorks embedded products designed for new and existing customers.  Work included writing proposals, power studies, and compliance matrix for potential new products.

Wind River Systems - Member of Technical Staff – San Diego, CA           
2006 - 2009
Linux BSP work to support Android. VxWorks drivers and application code for COTS and Avionics systems. High-speed dual processor cryptography board software design for custom hardware. HD motion picture camera hardware, software, design, and test. Bring up of first silicon from chip manufacturers.

Copper Mountain Networks - Manager, Platform Software Engineering - San Diego, CA    
1999 - 2005
Managed platform software group which was responsible for new hardware bring up and drivers for all products.  Design of access concentrator product which had x86, network processors, FPGAs, and SERDES backplane.  Design of line modules which provided ethernet, DS3, T1/E1, OC3, DSL and other interfaces to the product.  Low level coding of drivers, packet forwarding, and control/management functions for access concentrator and DSLAM DSL products.

LRGR & Associates Inc. – Electrical Engineering Consultant - San Diego, CA        1990 - 1999
Consulted for both hardware and software design work. Customer base built from references to quality work.  Work was challenging and exposed many different engineering styles.

Customer:  Starguide.  Hardware design of MPC860 of ethernet adapter card for a SATCOM receiver. Software design of SNMP, IGMP protocol/driver, HDLC driver, and application code to perform IP router functionality. Integrated SNMP for network management.

Customer:  General Instruments & Motorola.  Wrote application software, VxWorks BSP drivers for headend of commercial HFC cable modem. Assisted hardware design and debug of QAM-64 downstream modulator VME card for the headend. Design Surfboard external cable modem. Set Top Box (STB) software.

Customer:  Scientific Atlanta.  Application and numerous drivers that controlled data acquisition under the VRTX real-time operating system. Embedded application and SCSI driver for custom quad-i960 processor board that stored A/D data on disk for later retrieval. 

Customer:  Titan Linkabit.  Hardware selection, systems engineering, and software porting effort to move DAMA SATCOM software from a military custom platform to a COTS solution. Significantly reduced SATCOM cost resulted in larger sales than previously possible with the military platform.

Customers:  AP Labs and Unisys.  Designed tape file system, print spooler, and S-Bus DMA routines. Integrated Ada application software with VADSworks real-time operating system.

Customer:  McDonnell Douglas.  Hardware and software to integrate testability into radar synthetic target generator.

Customer:  Cubic Defense and TRW. Completed the system level design and simulation of encoder/decoder DSP ASICs which can perform progressive vector quantization on video information in real-time.

Customer:  Loral Conic.  Design UAV software package for telemetry data system that included 1553B bus, transmitters, receivers, antennas, and communications hardware.    

Customer:  Jaycor.  Hardware and software design of radiation hardened MIL-STD-1750 CPU. Hardware design of 1553B BCRTM.

Cubic Communications - Electrical Engineer – Oceanside, CA                1987 – 1989
Extensive experience designing and developing hardware and software for real-time microprocessor based embedded controllers.  Design of real-time 80186/188 based embedded controllers for a variety of products including an MF/HF Notch Filter Unit, MF/HF and VHF/UHF Communications Receivers.  Designed 1553B remote interface systems for MF/HF and VHF/UHF receivers.  Hardware design and test of all hardware necessary for highway callbox.

MIPS, x86, ARM, PPC, DSPs, MSP430, 1750, and others.  Have developed digital hardware using Verilog and several schematic capture packages.

C, C++, C#, assembly, and other languages.  Very experienced with layered/modular design and understand the concepts/goals of object oriented design and C++.

DOD Secret (no longer active)