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Telecommunications Computer Consultant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Telecommunication, Computer System Architecture, Computer Networks, Wireless, Wireline Networks, Communication Protocols, Project Management, Ventures, Electrical Engineering, Network Management, Internet Marketing, Computer Hardware Software, Data Communications, Telephony, Enterprise Management, Information Systems, Wireless Networks, Wireline Networks, WAP, AMPS, IS 634, IS 41B, SS7, TCP IP, NAMPS, ETACS, iDEN, PCS, IS 136, ReFLEX, Network Management SNMP, Network Management CMIP, Network Management TMN, Operating Systems Windows, Unix, VxWorks, Computer Architecture Digital Design, Computer Architecture Logic Design, VLSI Intel Architecture, VLSI Motorola Architecture

Business Management Experience

I am a founder of a management consulting organization that focuses on business and technology of high-tech corporations, media and government agencies and institutions, as well as providing expert consulting services for legal and venture capitalist firms. I have been involved in all aspects of the organization since its beginning, while establishing relationships with numerous commercial and government customers, as well as several distance learning universities, where I teach online courses in business and technology and serve as an advisor for MBA candidates (strategic planning of technology, mergers & acquisitions, project management, network management, Internet marketing, computer hardware and software, data communications, telephony, enterprise management, information systems, etc.).

I am also a founder of a small high-technology company that focuses on development and manufacturing of telecommunications equipment and software. Since its incorporation in 1995, the company has developed an extensive list of customers and highly competitive products. I served as its President for three first years of operation. During these three years, I was responsible for corporate oversight, mission, vision, strategic planning, strategic alliances, market research and penetration, public relations, definition of product requirements, design and development, product launch and operations. I have gained a unique experience in the whole product cycle with very limited capital resources – from the idea inception, concept evaluation (writing business plan), prototype definition and design, pilot production, until the successful commercial product launch, mass production and customer support. I have also been actively involved in all corporate financial, administrative and legal aspects, including: incorporation, organization and participation in the Board of Directors and Shareholders meetings, annual financial reviews with one of the “Big 5” accounting firms, proposals, negotiations with customers and suppliers, contract definitions, human resources, strategic alliances, corporate litigation and arbitration, and intellectual property management (patents, trademarks, protection of trade secrets, copyrights and branding).

Industrial Experience

I have more than 15 years of product-oriented industrial experience in the area of telecommunications and computer systems. It is a combined technical, management and corporate experience. During this period of time, my technical experience has included commercial hardware/software development, theo ­retical work as well as applied research. I have a particular experience in wireless and wireline networks, communication protocols (WAP, AMPS, IS-634, IS-41B, SS7, TCP/IP, NAMPS, ETACS, iDEN, GSM, PCS, IS-136, ReFLEX), network management (SNMP, CMIP, TMN), operating systems (the most recent: Windows-95/98, Unix, VxWorks), as well as in digital and logic design of new computer architectures suitable for VLSI implementation (based on Intel and Motorola architectures). My management experience includes a leading position of a software team that built the first wideband base station in 1995. My corporate experience is outlined in the paragraph above.


My education includes highest business and technical degrees that are closely related and in increasing demand in high-tech industry. I have an MBA degree, a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Master’s degree in Computer Science, and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. To achieve each of these degrees, I had to complete both theoretical and practical parts of my thesis. Practical parts were prototypes, which I designed, implemented and tested to support and prove my thesis. I completed my graduate studies part-time while working full-time in industry.

Author of Four Patents

Hybrid radio transceiver for wireless networks
Wireless communication system with dynamic channel allocation
Apparatus and method for improving cellular communication by associating users on a mobile platform with a common platform identifier
Fixed wireless terminals with network management method and apparatus

Work with Customers

I have had numerous opportunities to work with various types of customers in order to respond to their requirements and provide products according to their needs. I have always expressed interest to learn about the way they operate and think, and what they require from products. With such motivation, responsiveness to their needs and high-quality, as well as cost-effective products delivered on schedule, I have gained customers’ confidence in the products, the company and me personally. I have established excellent relationships on all corporate levels throughout the telecommunications community.

Communication Skills

I have had numerous successful corporate and conference presenta ­tions, customers training experience, as well as teaching experience. I have also had significant experience in giving interviews, statements, and press releases to journalists and other representatives of world-wide reputable professional magazines (“Microwave Design & Development”, “Wireless World”, “Telephony”). I have also promoted the company and its products at numerous industry shows, such as CTIA and PCS Show.

Writing Documentation, Proposals Papers

I have a lot of experience in writing various kinds of documentation including: proposals, business plans, technical and marketing documentation. I have also published a number of technical papers at various conferences, journals, and edited books.

Other Activities

As a member of IEEE and active participant in the telecommunications society,I have been a reviewer of papers for various conferences and journals.


University of Phoenix, AZ- MBA2001
University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia –
Ph. D. E.E. “Performance Analysis of Multi-Domain Packet-Switching Networks”, May 1990
Master’s-“RAMs with Marking Access”, April ’86
Computer Science
B.S.E.E. “Interface Between Computers Nova 1220 and Honeywell Level 6”, Sept. 1983


Private Corporation 2000 - present
President & CEO, Founder

Provided management consulting for commercial, media and government customers in the areas of: strategic planning, total enterprise management, corporate restructuring, re-engineering, technology management, optimization of corporate R & D and product portfolio, integration of supply chain, optimization of information systems, B2B, e-commerce, strategic alliances, marketing intelligence and research, product launch, promotions and advertising, pricing, total quality management (TQM), intellectual property management, contract negotiation, activity-based budgeting, target costing
Provided technology consulting for commercial and government customers in the areas of: network design and management, voice over Internet, Internet for wireless, mobile users, telecommunications, computer systems, protocols, standards and patents
Provided corporate consulting, expert witness legal services, venture capitalist expert consulting and seminars.  Created and delivered online graduate and undergraduate programs and courses for several distance learning universities (MBA, CIS, TM programs)
Served as an advisor for MBA candidates of several distance learning universities

Syntek Systems Corp., Bethesda, MD 1998 – 2000

Principal Consultant

Consulting services for Hughes Network Systems in the area of satellite and wireless telecommunications

Dynamic Telecommunications, Inc. (DTI), Germantown, MD1995 – 1998

President, Founder

Actively involved in the creation of DTI’s business profile
Actively involved in identification of the current telecommunications industry trends. Definition of DTI’s product lines and strategic planning to position DTI at the top of the highly competitive market.
Actively involved in all DTI’s corporate decision making (strategic alliances, high-level relationships with customers, investors and vendors)
Responsible for day-to-day operations of the company, including the engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance and administration
Identified many potential customers and their requirements, established excellent long-term business relationships, and gained their respect and confidence in DTI and its products through numerous presentations, demonstrations of DTI’s products, timely feedback and flexibility.
Wrote winning proposals for numerous customers
Actively involved in definition and negotiation of DTI’s contracts with customers
Established relationships and coordinated efforts with numerous international sales representatives
Wrote marketing and technical brochures about DTI and its products
Promoted DTI at the most respectable international conferences with invited presentations
Promoted DTI and its products at numerous trade shows (CTIA’96, CTIA’97, CTIA’98, PCS’97)
Established relationships with numerous editors and writers of the most prestigious professional journals (Wireless Week, Wireless Design & Development, Telephony). Gave interviews to the journalists to promote DTI and its products.
Actively involved in identifying and recruiting highly qualified and motivated people to join DTI team
Actively involved in writing DTI’s patents. Cooperated with DTI’s patent attorney in filing patent applications

The George Washington University, Washington, DC, Spring 1997
Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Taught a graduate-level course on telecommunications networks

Watkins-Johnson Company, Gaithersburg, MD, 1994 – 1995
Head, Software Engineering Section, Wireless Telecommunications Operations

Managed the technical team of Software Engineering Section in WTO. Evaluated the need to hire technical human resources for all WTO projects, identified the necessary skillsets, interviewed candidates, and made decisions for hiring based on the available WTO budget.
Estimated the scope of work and projected the software engineering efforts for all WTO projects. Worked closely with all WTO Project Managers on coordination of the project schedules and availability of the software engineering team.
Evaluated equipment and software packages from different vendors. Responsible for technical inputs and recommendations to WTO’s corporate management in the planning of strategic alliances with external partners/vendors.
Lead a software engineering team in design and development of first wideband digital base stations for cellular networks.
Designed and implemented overall software architecture of base stations, including: initialization, VxWorks-based multi-tasking embedded system environment, implementation of the TIA/EIA-553 standard protocol for communication between mobile units and base stations, implementation of the IS-634 standard protocol between base stations and mobile switching centers (MSC), PCMCIA interface, RS-232 interface, and network management applications.
Designed and implemented overall software architecture of a digital cellular network system, consisting of mobile units, base stations, MSCs, HLRs, VLRs, and a network management system. Implemented the IS-41B standard protocol for communications among MSCs.
Designed several algorithms for dynamic channel allocation in cellular networks, created simulator of a cellular network, tested the algorithms, made their comparative analysis, and applied for patents.
Gave numerous successful technical presentations to potential customers (major telephone operator companies and system integrators) and MSC providers.

GTE Laboratories, Inc., Waltham, MA 1991-1994
Member of Technical Staff

Designed and evaluated a hardware device for adaptive channel allocation in cellular networks with the ability to select the best available channel allocation algorithm according to current traffic demands and interference constraints
Developed an algorithm for traffic load balancing within three different types of Signal Transfer Points (STP): AT&T 2ASTP, DSC MegaHub, and Northern Telecom DMS, which are used in the GTE SS#7 network
Developed a generic integrated information model of the GTD-5 switch, as a basis for a network management system
Developed populated information models (according to the generic model) of the GTD-5 switches for five GTE locations
Created and organized the implementation of the integrated information model of the GTD-5 switch into a real database within the network management system
Supervised a summer student on the implementation of the information model into a real database
Developed a methodology for damage assessment in the GTE network, based on the integrated information model
Designed and implemented a Management Information Base (MIB) for GTE customer access facilities (CAF)
Designed and implemented a set of interprocess messages for a system used to detect CAF-related failures in GTE network
Wrote and implemented man-pages for procedures which define interprocess messages for a system used to detect CAF-related failures in GTE network
Developed an interface via Telebit T2500 modem between an IBM R6000 and a remote system (Pressure Map)
Cooperated with clients in GTE Telephone Operations on various topics related to the network management project

Contel Technology Center, Chantilly, VA 1990-1991
Member of Technical Staff

Developed a strategy for design of a digital cellular network
Developed a model of a cellular network
Developed and analyzed three index-vector-based algorithms for fast channel allocation in cellular networks with single-user platforms
Developed and analyzed an index-vector-based algorithm for fast channel allocation in cellular networks with multi-user platforms
Designed a hardware device for fast channel allocation in cellular networks with single and multi-user platforms
Improved the algorithm for data compression in facsimile transfer in wireless networks
Supervised a student on the design and performance analysis of multiple-access schemes for cellular networks

Polytechnic University, Computer Science DepartmentJan 1990 – July 1990
Long Island Campus, Farmingdale, NY
Visiting Lecturer
Taught courses: Switching Theory and Logic Design (graduate and undergraduate studies), Microprocessors (graduate studies), and Computer Laboratory I (undergraduate studies)
Initiated design and analysis of index-vector-based VLSI (embedded) components. Designed the architecture of a 4-level index vector as a peripheral on Intel Multibus, and analyzed its performance

Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, Belgrade, Yugoslavia1987-1990
Senior Researcher

Analyzed, developed, implemented and evaluated hardware and software for a multi-domain (wireless/wireline) packet-switching network
Implemented software for high level layers of a protocol for remote ISDN terminals
Analyzed performance of prioritized access to the ISDN system bus

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1986-1987

Research Engineer

Developed and implemented hardware and software for a customized computer system

Energoprojekt Co., Belgrade – 1983 - 1986

System Engineer

Developed, implemented and maintained hardware and software for computers in business applications

Professional Training

National-Louis University
WebCT Certification – Faculty Training, August 2001
Baker College Online
Blackboard Certification – Faculty Training, June 2001
Capella University
Learning Center Certification – Online Faculty Training, May 2001
Blackboard Software Online Faculty Training, April 2001
Royal Roads, Victoria, BC, Canada
Online Faculty Training, January 2001
University of Phoenix, AZ
Online Faculty Training,August 2000
University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
Web Tycho Certification – Distance Learning Faculty Training,July 2000
McGraw-Hill, March 1998
“36-Hour Course of Finance for Non-Financial Managers”
Dunn & Bradstreet, Frederick, MD, February 1997
“Understanding Financial Statements” Seminar
GTE Laboratories Incorporated, Waltham, MA, July 1993
“Object-Oriented Programming in C++” Seminar
Contel Technology Center, Chantilly, VA, September 1990
“Writing and Managing Winning Proposals” Seminar
Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY – Visiting Scholar, Spring 1989
Analyzed performance of a multi-domain packet-switching network station
Intel Co., Technical Training Center, Santa Clara, CA, June 1985
iAPX 86, 88, 186 Microprocessors Seminar

Honors and Awards

Research Fellowship granted in 1989 by the Yugoslav NSF
Industry Fellowship granted in 1983 by Energoprojekt Co.
Second Award in Solid State Physics at the 20th Yugoslav Meeting of Electrical Engineering Students awarded in 1980


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