Transportation Highway Pavement Engineer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Public and Private expertise in Transportation, Pavement, Highway, Traffic Engineering, Highway Geometric Design, Materials, Repairs, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Friction-Skid Resistance, Construction Quality Control-Assurance, Dispute Resolution, Failure Investigations, Safety, Sight Distance and Roadside Hazards, CALTrans

Professional Summary

Expert Witness that has successfully assisted legal entities on a variety of cases. He is a registered professional engineer in California, and is currently the president of a private engineering firm since May 2010. In this position, he directs the engineering operations, performs pavement studies and investigations and conducts presentations and seminars on various pavement engineering issues.

Expert Witness has extensive highway and transportation expertise. The following is a list of major categories for his expertise:

•    Highway and Transportation Engineering
•    Highway Safety, Surface Defects, Roadside Hazards, Obstructions and Work Areas
•    Traffic Engineering, speed requirements, driver behavior and reaction
•    Motorcycle safety and dynamics in relation to highway characteristics and defects.
•    Roadway surface characteristics such as roughness, raveling, potholes, friction, skid resistance and loose gravel
•    Roadway geometric standards including highway alignment, sight distance requirements, curvature design criteria, superelevation, clear recovery zone and braking distance
•    Pavement and Geotechnical Standards, maintenance and repairs
•    Concrete Materials
•    Asphalt Materials
•    Soil and aggregate Materials
•    Highway Construction
•    Construction Defects
•    Construction Quality
•    Construction Disputes
•    Highway Maintenance standards and safety procedures and manuals
•    Engineering specifications, standards and manuals
•    ADA requirements
•    Forensic/Failure investigations
•    Construction materials characteristics and testing

Expert Witness received his Ph.D. in civil engineering (Transportation/Pavement Engineering) from the University of Arkansas (1990), and received his M.S. in civil engineering (Construction Engineering and Management) from San Jose State University (1985), and B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from California State University, Sacramento (1982).

Expert Witness has over 27 years in professional engineering experience encompassing public agencies (Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), academia and industry with over 200 technical publications. He taught at California State University and at National University from 1993 to 1999 various classes such as transportation and highway engineering including geometric design standards, traffic engineering and safety hazards as well as statistics. He taught university graduate and undergraduate students as well as advised graduate students through their research studies.

Expert Witness served as a principal investigator on multi-million dollar projects. While working for Caltrans from 1991 to 2010, he was involved at various high level engineering capacities such as being the Chief of Pavement Research, the QC/QA program manager, the chief of the Pavement Design and Rehabilitation and the chief of Pavement Preservation, and served as the Caltrans State Pavement Engineer. He directed Caltrans’ Pavement Program as a Division Chief and oversaw over 50,000 lane miles with a budget of over $200 million in pavement maintenance and over $500 million in pavement rehabilitation.

Expert Witness has been providing expert witness services, expert testimony and litigation support to attorneys and legal entities on cases related to accident reconstruction, analysis, design standards, construction specifications, guidelines, policies, public agency practices, transportation, roads, pavements, airports, materials, highway geometric design, drainage, asphalt, concrete, soil, repairs, maintenance, inspections, rehabilitation, construction quality control – quality assurance, construction claims, inspection, settlement, dispute resolution, pavement surface conditions such as friction, skid resistance, surface discontinuities, cracking, rutting, defects, potholes and roughness, failure investigations, forensic engineering, traffic, safety standards, construction work zone accidents, construction safety, safety operating procedures, roadside hazards, signage, sight distance requirements, ADA requirements, code violations, and engineering analysis.

Expert Witness’s education and experience demonstrates a wealth of engineering knowledge stretch in transportation and pavement analysis, design, rehabilitation, materials and construction in concrete, asphalt, soils, earth structures and foundations.  As a recipient of many acknowledgements from the government and industry, Expert Witness has an impeccable reputation within the industry for his significant professional contributions.  As an expert orator, he frequently shares his knowledge at major conferences. 

Professional Achievements

National and International Leadership
•    Envisioned and co-chaired the First International Pavement Preservation Conference in collaboration with Caltrans partners (industry, local agencies and FHWA). The conference drew over 300 attendees from many countries.
•    Envisioned and established the California Pavement Preservation Center (CP2 Center). The Center became the focal point for innovation and promotion of pavement preservation.
•    Envisioned and established the California Pavement Preservation Task Group (PPTG) in collaboration with Caltrans partners. The PPTG grew to 22 subtask groups with over 250 members.
•    Envisioned and established the annual California Pavement Preservation Conference in collaboration with Caltrans partners.  This annual conference started in 2004 with over 300 attendees every year.
•    Championed and co-chaired the International Asphalt Rubber 2006 conference in California while working closely with industry.  This conference started in 2000 with over 300 attendees every year.

Technical Leadership

•    Led the Caltrans Pavement Program as the State Pavement Engineer responsible for over 50,000 lane miles and $500 Million budget in roadway maintenance and pavement rehabilitation.
•    Led the technical efforts during the initiation and the implementation of the long life pavement program including the I-10 long life rigid pavement project and the 710 Freeway long life flexible pavement project.
•    Led the development of key performance tests with the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) technology; including developing a cyclic reflective cracking device and a repetitive fatigue device.
•    Directed and led the development of the Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide in 2003 for Flexible Pavement and in 2007 for Rigid Pavement.  This document was adopted by FHWA and became a national document.
•    Led the evaluation of the SHRP Superpave technology in California.
•    Coached and mentored over 500 of Civil Engineering professionals over the last 25 years.
•    Authored and published many publications.
•    Led the Caltrans Accelerated Pavement Testing Program.

Honors and Awards
•    Received the Leadership in Transportation and Quality Pavements in 2010.
•    Received the Individual of the Year Award in 2008 for outstanding contribution to pavement preservation activities in California.
•    Received the Director’s Superior Accomplishment Award in 2006 for outstanding accomplishments in pavement preservation.
•    Received the Director’s Award in Innovation in 2004 for outstanding contribution to pavement warranties.
•    Received the Excellence in Transportation Award in 2003 from District 7 Director for outstanding contribution to the first long life rigid pavement project on I-10 near Pomona and the successful use of fast-setting hydraulic cement and dowel bar retrofit.
•    Received the Long Life Pavement Award of Excellence in 1999 for outstanding contribution to the 710 long life pavement projects
•    Received the Dwight Eisenhower Transportation Research Fellowship, 1989-1990

Selected Publications
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