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Vision Simulations, Vision Damage from Stroke, Vision Damage from Traumatic Brain Injury, Prepare Simulations for Attorneys, Prepare Simulations for Ophthalmologists, Vision Damage from Injury, Vision Damage from Disease, Vision Damage from Refractive Surgery, Vision Damage from Pharmaceutical Drugs

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1990, Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude), Saint Louis University

1994, Master of Science, University of Miami

1996, Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, University of Miami


President Psi-Chi, Southeast Missouri State University

University Fellow, University of Miami

Postdoctoral Fellow, IASPP

Research Network Director, IASPP

Research Activities

1991-1993, Research Fellow, Worked with a doctor at the University of Miami. Responsibilities included all aspects of psychological instrument design, including item generation, statistical analysis, and the design of internal and external validity studies. Participated in the construction of the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory, and the Millon Index of Personality Styles.

1994-1999, Director, Research Network, Coordinate and direct Research Network of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Personology and Psychopathology. Responsibilities include design and coordination of multisite validity studies for newly developed Millon inventories and revision of past inventories. Review proposed studies submitted by network members related to the personality disorders. Construct external validity studies for the Millon instruments and liason with National Computer Systems, the test publisher.

2000-2001, Director of Research, Surgical Eyes Foundation, Design research and write up research studies assessing the psychological damage caused by the complications of refractive surgery, particularly LASIK, including suicidal ideation, depressive disorders, adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders (particularly PTSD), as well as the psychosocial consequences of complications, including relationship difficulties, induced self-esteem problems, and occupational difficulties.

2001-present: Vice President, Behavioral Research,, Patented consumer-driven pricing concept for technology startup in digital media area. Analyzed market trends in record industry, developed White Papers and multimedia presentations for executives at record companies across the United States. Coordinated with RIAA to leverage’s technology expertise for maximal profit and public relations value.

Dissertation and Thesis

Foundational Studies in the Creation of Short Forms of the MCMI-III

The Construction of Content Scales for the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory

Patents And Computer Programs

Vision simulation program allowing realistic reproduction of many conditions, diseases, and optical aberrations afflicting human vision

Variable Pricing Platform

Skinnable, tabbed-browsing replacement for Microsoft Internet Explorer, competitive with Firefox and other major browsers

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