When You Are in a Hurry and Looking for Just the Right Expert Witness to Win Your Case.

Vocational Rehabilitation Wage Loss Spousal Support Product Liability Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Vocational Educational Evaluation, Rehabilitation Consultant, Disability management, testing, ergonomic evaluations
Wage loss, spousal support, product liability, workers compensation, catastrophic injuries, Life care planning

Expert 1933


AMERICAN PACIFIC UNIVERSITY, Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, HAWAII 2000
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Master of Science in Educational Psychology, HAYWARD 1988
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, NORTHRIDGE 1983

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Certified Brain injury Specialist
Certified California Community College Instructor, Psychology

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals

Private Company; Sherman Oaks, CA
Rehabilitation Consultant /Contractor

Under contract with the SSA providing testimony as a vocational expert 

Under contract with Department of Mental Health providing support groups within the Los Angeles County area     

Under contract with the VA providing vocational evaluation consulting  services including but not limited to the following:

Interviewing disabled individuals and evaluating medical /psychological reports 
Counseling services to individuals with physical and psychological disabilities                       
Researching and conducting labor market surveys and TSA
Conducting Academic, Career and Behavioral Assessments
Ongoing case management to assure successful rehabilitation
Evaluating the strengths and limitations of individuals to manage disabilities
Developing and implementing a rehabilitation plan in order to help the individual become independent and employable
Ergonomic work place evaluations
Provide expert testimonies
Return to work planning

University; Los Angeles, CA                       
Graduate level

Instructing graduate level courses in School Psychology:
Ethics in School Psychology, Program Evaluation, Behavioral and Emotional   
Assessment, Social Psychology, and Special populations’ assessment
Giving assignments and administering examinations                 
Assisting individual students in special or remedial work
Monitoring Academic Progress and attendance 

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Provided expert testimony for workers compensation cases    
Provided educational and vocational counseling to injured workers and Veterans
Administered Scholastic aptitude; interest, personality, and vocational tests
Interpreted such tests for educational and vocational planning
Interviewed and evaluated strengths and limitations of individuals
Developed viable rehabilitation plans.
Provided Job placement services

Special Skills: 

Provided over 500 expert testimonies in disability and vocational rehabilitation fields,
Broad background in vocational rehabilitation, labor market research and Transferrable skills
analysis.  Excellent management and communication skills. Thorough knowledge of Educational and
Psychological testing and assessment. Extensive disability management experience.

Persian (Farsi)