Vocational Rehabilitation Wage Loss Spousal Support Product Liability Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Vocational Educational Evaluation, Rehabilitation Consultant, Disability management, testing, ergonomic evaluations
Wage loss, spousal support, product liability, workers compensation, catastrophic injuries, Life care planning


Knowledge of ADA, Section 504, disabilities and appropriate methods of accommodation, including assistive technology and adaptive equipment as well as creative programmatic adaptations;
Formal training and hands on experience in Scholastic Aptitude, Personality, Career tests and counseling of adult students with special education needs. Six years of teaching experience as an Adjunct faculty in School Psychology –undergraduate and graduate level courses. Training and experience working with individuals with psychological, physical, and sensory disabilities; specifically Veterans, students and employees. Experience developing accommodations for employees working in administrative, clinical, technical and clerkship settings.


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology- (APU) Kona University, Hawaii -2000
Master of Science in Educational Psychology- Research & Measurement, California State University,
East Bay- 1988
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology-California State University, Northridge- 1983


Community College Instructor: Subject area- Psychology (Lifetime)
Certified Rehabilitation Consultant (1995- 2015)
Certified Brain injury Specialist (pending renewal)


Vice Chair of UCLA Committee on Disability (UCOD)-2014 to 2016


UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
2013-Present: Disability Management Consultant

Providing short-term individual counseling to assist UCLA staff and faculty members in dealing with their disabling mental and physical health conditions. Conducting intake assessments for accommodation and serving as a liaison to the Human Resources departments and campus community. Regular participation in interdisciplinary staff and case review team meetings.,
Advising and training HR Representatives, managers and supervisors about UC policies and contracts, state and federal laws on return to work and reasonable accommodations that protect individuals with disabilities and of the University’s obligations to accommodate
Formulating verbal and written information to influence department’s decisions to accommodate injured/disabled employees
Coordinating wellness and employee benefit programs
Mediating conflicts among individuals and groups in relation to disability issues and reasonable accommodations
Advocating to increase support of the community for disability related issues
Serving on the University committees

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Los Angeles, CA 2006-2012 (Part-time)
Adjunct Faculty (Undergraduate and Graduate level)
Prepared and provided all lecture and instruction according to the required curriculum for graduate level courses in School Psychology: Research Methods, Ethics in School Psychology, Program Evaluation, Behavioral and Emotional Assessment and Social Psychology ,undergraduate online courses in Research methods
Gave assignments and administered examinations
Assisted individual students in special or remedial work
Monitored and reported Academic Progress and attendance to the Administration officials
Communicated with Program chair on all issues related to students
Attended all scheduled meetings

2010-2012: Expert Witness: Under contract with the Social Security Offices of disability and adjudication review
Provided expert testimonies for Social Security Disability hearings as it related to Medical and Psychological aspects of chronic illnesses and disability, limitations, wage loss, labor market data, accommodations, and eligibility for Federal and State services.

VA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA:
2005-2008: Rehabilitation Counselor-Volunteer
Provided short-term individual and group counseling. Conducted intake assessments and served as a liaison to the VA benefit Administration offices.
Assisted Veterans and family members in dealing with their disabilities and referrals to community resources.
Recruited, trained and coordinated facilitators for the “peer to peer” support group program for Veterans with mental disabilities.
Conducted workshops and seminars for the VA organizations on a variety of topics (Relaxation, enhancing Self-esteem, Career development).
Assisted with the development of a strategic long-term fund raising plans.
Took on additional tasks directed by the Executive Director.

VA Benefits Administration, Los Angeles, CA:
2000-2012: Rehabilitation Consultant: Under contract with the VA
Provided rehabilitation counseling services to disabled/injured Veterans
Interviewed disabled Veterans to assist them in educational decision making
Evaluated the psychological strengths and limitations of student Veterans
Identified Veterans’ needs and educational objectives
Supervised clerical staff and case managers (2-6)
Administered Scholastic Aptitude, Personality, and career tests
Interpreted test results and behavioral information related to learning disabilities
Coordinated, and developed plans to support access to courses, programs, facilities,
services and activities on campus and via Department of Rehabilitation
Determined eligibility for disability services and coordinated access to accommodations and services for students with disabilities
Reviewed medical, Psychological and technical evaluation reports of Veterans
Advocated to increase the understanding and support of the community
Advised counselors and administration bodies on ADA, FEHA, and other disability related Laws
Presented and disseminated pertinent information to the VA counselors / Officers
Conducted support groups for Veterans with physical and mental disabilities
Coordinated and provided referral resources for disabilities to Veterans

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Provided educational and vocational counseling to injured workers and Veterans
Administered Scholastic aptitude; interest, personality, and vocational tests
Interpreted such tests for educational and vocational planning
Interviewed and evaluated strengths and limitations of injured workers/veterans
Developed, implemented and monitored State required rehabilitation plans (RU-190)
Conferred with college/university officials, medical providers and attorneys

Dean of Student Services/Instructor
Provided daily administration, direction for student services and supervised clerical staff.
Provided counseling and guidance to college students towards their educational goals.
Monitored academic progress and attendance.
Designed and developed curricula and instruction methods.
Instructed classes in Personality development


Thorough knowledge of disabilities; State and Federal Laws. Excellent communication and computer skills including online teaching. Formal training in Brain injuries and cognitive disabilities. In-depth understanding of work place Ergonomics.