Aerospace & Aviation Expert Witnesses

Aerospace and aviation expert witnesses are individuals who specialize in the fields of aerospace and aviation. This could include a wide range of expertise, such as airframe and power plant mechanics, aircraft design and engineering, avionics, aerospace safety, piloting, and more. These experts are typically employed in the legal field to provide testimony in court cases involving crashes, mechanical issues, and other aviation-related incidents. Aerospace and aviation expert witnesses are typically highly educated and experienced professionals. They may have degrees in fields such as aviation science, aeronautical engineering, and other related fields. Additionally, these experts may be required to have a certain amount of experience in the areas they are testifying on, such as a certain number of flight hours or a certain number of years working in the aerospace industry. Aerospace and aviation expert witnesses are also expected to stay up to date on the latest technological developments in the field. This includes anything from new aircraft designs to the latest safety regulations. This ensures that the expert witness is able to provide accurate and up-to-date information to the court. Additionally, the expert witness is expected to remain objective and unbiased in their testimony in order to provide the court with an unbiased opinion.