Engineering Expert Witnesses

An engineering expert witness is an individual who is qualified to offer their technical expertise in legal proceedings relevant to the field of engineering. The expert has a detailed knowledge of engineering and the methods used for completing tasks, as well as specific experience applicable to the area in question. The main role of an engineer expert witness in court cases does include providing technical analysis and evidence that support one party’s position over another. This includes offering interpretations of established engineering principles, additional insight into physical laws relevant to a specific accident or situation, and explanations outlying cause-and-effect relationships. Examples may include construction or design errors that led to injury or property damage, product failures due to dangerous designs or poor manufacturing methods, issues related to medical devices, property insurance claims involving structural integrity assessments, downgrading recommendations pertaining to faulty safety equipment on vehicles or machinery. In cases where someone has suffered damages due to technical error by another person (such as an automobile manufacturer who failed their duty of care), it is important for an engineer experienced with the technology involved in that case be able provide answers around causation and potential negligence. A good engineer expert witness can lend credibility with thorough reviews of facts which often bridge gaps when definitive answers are otherwise hard come by through other means. In some instances this can be used not only within litigation but also during pre-trial negotiations which are often essential in securing settlements without resorting more costly step beyond simple discovery processes.